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In fact, more likely and often, they are not.

However, allowing ads (provided by the third party "Google Adsense") to appear on this site has proven to be the only viable way[1] to derive some form of (modest and variable) income from this private initiative and effort which so far has involved an outlay of

  • the estimated equivalent of four to five years of unpaid full-time work (assembling, reading, sorting, collating, writing and translating information, designing websites)
  • incidentals such as domain/bandwidth fees, website maintenance fees, upgrades, research materials, etc.

(For the same reason, if you have an ad blocker installed on your browser, please deactivate it following these easy instructions How to Disable Your Ad Blocker [also see Support this site].)

So you may see ads for various conventional cancer centers and treatments, the "pink ribbon", "run for the cure", the HPV vaccine etc. (cancer treatment is an incredibly lucrative business[2]) none of which are supported by Similarly, you may see advertisements for various "alternative" cancer treatments but even those[3] may or may not be endorsed by

As a site visitor has pointed out: "If I were new to the concept and under stress [while seeing conventional ads on this site] I might buy into the idea that chemo/radiation/surgery coupled with 'natural health' was the best of both worlds, as that's the allopaths' most recent marketing approach."

While I personally do not know what is the best for you and simply offer this site's content for your own personal assessment and decision-making, please be aware that does not control the contents of the ads appearing on this site.

If you'd like to support this initiative, including ways which involve no cost to you, please see Support this site. Thank You.

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1 since other forms of assistance requested (donations and Amazon shopping, see Support this site) have been shown to yield only minimal response considering the millions of visitors received.

2 See e.g. On Cancer Business & the Cancer Industry: Quotes.

3 See Negative experiences in the alternative cancer treatment field On honesty & deception, money & manipulation, commercialism, theft of copyright, ego and "all that glitters is not gold".

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