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continued from Part 1: Alzheimer's Disease Suggested Causes

Alzheimer's frequently seems to be the eventual product of toxic inner and outer environment and deficient and toxin-laden nutrition & tap water — there are purported links of Alzheimer's to heavy metals like mercury, toxic agents such as aluminium, aspartame, glutamate, cysteine (all three „excitotoxins“), sugar, lack of basic physiological necessities like omega-3 essential fatty acids, vitamin D, water and more.

A number of these and more proposed causative agents reportedly inducing or contributing to the deterioration of the nervous system as seen in the physical pathology of the dementias are discussed in Part 1: Alzheimer's Disease Suggested Causes. If you haven’t perused this list of possible Alzheimer’s “culprits” yet, please do so first since they have a direct bearing on the treatments and approaches suggested on this second, follow-up page addressing suggested Alzheimer’s cures. In fact simply avoiding the mentioned factors should or could be of help.

The major success reports with Alzheimer’s disease I’ve seen so far seem to point to the central importance of chelating mercury deposits from the body and brain. Holistic physician Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, for instance, centers his approach to healing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, MS, autism etc. around mercury chelation.

I am also impressed by Edgar Cayce’s holistic treatment suggestions (featured on this page together with a link to an Alzheimer's healing testimonial based on his approach).

Personally I think a combination or holistic approach would be optimal — applying Edgar Cayce’s advice while doing a thorough mercury etc. detoxification[1] plus optimizing one’s diet and lifestyle along similar lines such as those suggested by Dr. Budwig: her Budwig diet focuses on an abundant supply of easily assimilable omega-3 fatty acids, is rich in sulphurated amino acids (which act as a powerful internal detox squad) and live organic nutrition while shunning processed foodstuffs and damaging foods in general and avoiding detrimental lifestyle agents and toxic environmental influences to the extent possible.

Healing Cancer Naturally’s pages on Alzheimer's Disease: Causes, Cures & Prevention are a work in progress and continue to be expanded, please check back occasionally.

Suggested Alzheimer's natural treatments & prevention

Most importantly, avoid possible causative agents and deficiencies

See Part 1: Alzheimer's Disease Suggested Causes

Detoxify and chelate heavy metals from the brain

For both health maintenance and healing, keeping (or getting) the internal body clean, i.e. free of stored toxins, seems generally essential, such as via juicing, fasting, colon, liver, kidney and parasite cleanses etc. See Detoxification.

In fact for Alzheimer’s patients, mercury (plus aluminium etc.) chelation and avoidance via optimised diet (perhaps incl. herbs and homeopathics) seem to be something crucial to look into. The aforementioned Dr. Klinghardt (see Part 1: Alzheimer's Disease Suggested Causes) has developed a natural chelation protocol based on cilantro, chlorella and wild garlic that can be self-applied, though with more serious cases (such as Alzheimer's and other illnesses involving the brain/nervous system), it is better/advised to do this under his supervision (which may include additional care such as DMPS injections etc.) or if available, a doctor trained by him.

I’ve read and listened to some of Dr. Klinghardt’s lectures in German and was impressed with what seems to be extensive experience and a thorough holistic approach to healing. It is possible that Dr. Klinghardt no longer accepts clients but if he does, consider seeing him with a loved one affected by Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or other illness involving the nervous system.

For much detail on Dr. Klinghardt’s approach, see On Effective Holistic Heavy Metal Chelation (Removal): definitions, diagnosis, neurotoxins, heavy metal toxicity & symptoms, risk factors, detox methods & side effects, natural chelation agents, secondary infections, etc.

Remove dental amalgam fillings

If you have your amalgam fillings taken out (which I recommend), it is crucial to have this done under the care of a specialized dentist who follows a safety protocol which minimizes your renewed exposure to mercury. See The importance of safely removing (mercury) amalgam "silver" fillings. John Switzer MD reports the case of a woman who had all her amalgam fillings removed at once, with the dentist administering no mercury chelation protocol afterwards. One year later, she developed Alzheimer's, a likely consequence of extreme mercury toxicity.

Mercury-free dentists
A directory of mercury-free dentists can be found at Among other precautionary and protection measures, the clinic must have a vacuum machine which sucks out mercury vapours from the patient's mouth during amalgam removal, all dental personnel must wear a gas mask etc. Apparently it will cost nearly US$1,000 to have 4–5 amalgam fillings removed and replaced by porcelain fillings, with insurance covering some of the costs. Also compare Beware of fake alternative and/or holistic dentists and Dangers of dental fillings.

Dental autonomy
If you want to go a step further, consider having the mercury “silver fillings” taken out but not having your teeth refilled with anything. Instead work at naturally strengthening your teeth to the point that a new enamel layer is formed allowing your teeth to be virtually normally used in spite of large remaining "cavities" in the molars. It can be done with determination and the right foods, see my own and others' in-depth experiences with dental autonomy, self-treatment and regeneration.

Re going for artificial replacements (dentures, implants etc.) instead, I think what with all the chemical substances, glue, foreign metals etc. going with their use, that this “solution” is far from health-promoting for your body — to put it mildly. See for instance Potential risks of dental implant surgery and generally Drilling & filling teeth: an unwise choice?.

For more about mercury detox and the link between amalgams and Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig's Disease (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS) and other diseases, also read

Eat fresh, raw, organic with plenty of omega-3s,
for instance the Budwig diet

It is very important to use organic foods and drink clean water, the number or various toxic agents in conventional food (and tap water) is staggering. Also, nonorganic foodstuffs don't offer a balanced nutrient spectrum (trace elements, minerals etc.). See nutrition and Suggested Alzheimer's Causes: Lack of omega-3s (a diet high in the Omega-3 fatty acid DHA helps protect the brain against the memory loss and cell damage caused by Alzheimer's disease).

A study trying to determine the link between dietary patterns and Alzheimer's disease risk published in Archives of Neurology in 2010 had followed the diets of 2,148 healthy people over 65 for an average of four years, 253 of which developed Alzheimer's.

A 40 percent reduction in Alzheimer's risk was found in those individuals who consumed less red and organ meat or high-fat dairy products while eating more olive oil, nuts, fish, tomatoes, poultry, fruits, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli etc.) as well as dark and leafy green vegetables. Study director Yian Gu who researches Alzheimer's disease at New York's Columbia University commented that diet was probably the easiest way to lower the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.


Dr Reg McDaniel MD tells an amazing story of recovery from Alzheimer's thanks to glyconutrients on (starting at about 15:00). For background see the introduction to glyconutrients at On Natural & Commercial Glyconutrients as well as Natural Dietary Sources: Which Foods Contain Glyconutrients? and Natural Glyconutrients Recipe: How to Make Your Own Glyconutrient Powder & Jam.

Tip: the easiest and cheapest way to include major glyconutrients into your regimen is adding fresh aloe (which additionally has helped to achieve numerous cancer cures, see Native cancer therapy & prevention formula: Aloe, honey & rum).

Coconut oil for Alzheimer prevention and as a potential remedy

According to a number of articles, coconut oil has benefits against Alzheimer's. Compare the peer-reviewed overview The role of dietary coconut for the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's disease: potential mechanisms of action printed in the British Journal of Nutrition (2015).

(Organic virgin) coconut oil in any case is credited with numerous health and healing benefits and even makes a great all-natural cosmetic for hair and skin.


Apparently both Alzheimer's and autism are related to a deficiency of glutathione, an important chelator for mercury (compare Parkinson's link to mercury). In his book "Better Brain", neurologist Dr. Nathan Perlmutter recommends a combination of vitamin C and glutathione.


Toxicologist Dr. Max Daunderer calls caffeine a miracle treatment for Alzheimer's and writes that "coffee is the only effective while nontoxic, supercheap and DIYable medication against Alzheimer's". He reports on the use of caffeine injections to calm down agitated elderly dementia patients who couldn't sleep (due to decreased brain circulation) and who after a good night's sleep, woke up mentally clear and cooperative.

Daunderer adds that the injections have to start at very low doses. According to Dr Daunderer, caffeine works as an enzyme stimulant, enhancing the excretion of all long-term toxins such as mercury from amalgam fillings, but it requires the concurrent ingestion of lots of water.

Searching the PubMed database for alzheimer+caffeine and alzheimer+coffee yields a number of studies indeed pointing to a beneficial effect of coffee or components thereof including for prevention. Quote: "Lifelong coffee/caffeine consumption has been associated with prevention of cognitive decline, and reduced risk of developing stroke ... and Alzheimer's disease.... daily coffee and caffeine intake can be part of a healthy balanced diet" (from

Please note there are also studies showing a possibly negative effect, compare Chronic dehydration and caffeine (which may mostly be due to coffee drinkers failing to take in sufficient amounts of water).

Blood electrification

„We have had Alzheimer's patients regain their memories when their brains were oxygenated using this technology.”


From Ozone Home & Medical Uses (III):

„Medical Ozone has saved the lives of millions of people suffering from cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's, herpes, hepatitis, and more. ... This treatment has also been found to successfully treat hepatitis and even Alzheimers, in which ozonating the blood has been shown to precipitate the aluminum buildup, which is thought to be a factor in the disease. German doctors have had similar success with Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, and other nervous system diseases.”

From Interesting medical ozone facts:

„Ozone with EDTA has produced excellent results in cerebrovascular insufficiency, ... intracranial arterial occlusions, Alzheimer's disease and senile dementia, and cerebral atrophy. ... Ozone is an effective treatment for multiple sclerosis, optic neuritis, encephalomyelitis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson's disease, essential tremor, tardive dyskinesia, dystonia, supranuclear palsy, striatonigral degeneration, Tourette syndrome and Huntington's chorea.”


From Chronic Unintentional Dehydration Causes Pain and Disease, Including Cancer:

”Prevent Alzheimer's disease. Regain your memory, even in old age. THINK! The brain is 85 percent water. When water in the brain becomes insufficient, the brain shrinks. The plum-like cells become prune-like. Only in their natural fully hydrated state are brain cells able to connect and ‘talk’ to one another, and we are able to remember things. This is why my research indicates that Alzheimers disease is caused by chronic dehydration of the brain cells. When dehydrated, many brain cells die. Unlike other cells in the body, new brain cells are not produced to replace the dying ones. Learn to prevent brain cells’ early death. Learn to even partially reverse some of the damages of dehydration of your brain.”


Gingko (Gingko biloba)

”Gingko is an excellent platelet anti-clotting nutrient. Studies show that gingko is helpful for Alzheimer’s disease, for poor memory and impaired circulation. The usual dose is 40 t0 80 mg two to three times daily.” (excerpted from The Bob Livingston Letter, August 2006)

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)

A nightshade plant used for a number of afflictions by Ayurvedic medicine, Ashwagandha root extract was found to reverse "Alzheimer's disease pathology by enhancing low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein in liver" in mice. (Animal experiments are not endorsed by Healing Cancer Naturally, see further down.)

Turmeric / Curcumin

Reportedly, this spice (also available in capsule form) has been used for a variety of diseases and conditions, including cancer (compare Ginger and turmeric fight cancer), rheumatoid arthritis, and Alzheimer's disease.

Apparently, there is a low incidence of Alzheimer's in India and South East Asia which studies have attributed to the frequent consumption of turmeric (which most curry spices contain). The study Incidence of Alzheimer's disease in a rural community in India: the Indo-US study found one of the lowest ever reported incidences in the rural community of Ballabgarh in India.

It was found that in animals with amyloid beta plaque deposits in their brains (which have been associated with Alzheimer's) and who were given turmeric root and its extract curcumin, the plaque deposits were reduced.[2]

Curcumin exerts neuroprotective effects by increasing antioxydant levels, by its anti-inflammatory activity and its ability to stop protein aggregation.

A small-scale study (three patients) showed very positive Effects of turmeric on Alzheimer's disease with behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia which were significantly improved. The patients who suffered from irritability, agitation, anxiety, and apathy were given 764 mg of turmeric (curcumin 100 mg) a day in capsules.

Generally, curcumin's major handicap is its low bioavailability which can be improved, however. The benefits of one such improved formula were tested on 40 persons not suffering from dementia. 21 of them received 90 mg twice daily for 18 months. Result: better performance in verbal memory and attention tests than the placebo group and less Amyloid and Tau protein deposits in their brain.

Some researchers after reviewing a number of scientific studies even concluded that turmeric has the potential of becoming a promising Alzheimer treatment.

Author Kelley Eidem adds in one of his newsletters that it is paramount to use non-irradiated turmeric (or non-irradiated curry, respectively). While the turmeric available in India is non-irradiated, the turmeric on sale in the US is typically irradiated. Irradiation changes the herb by rotating one of the hydrogen atoms on its fatty acid compound by 90 degrees. "This rotation turns the turmeric from an active oxygen transporter into an active oxygen blocker. ... it's important to use non-irradiated turmeric and non irradiated spices". Ask in your health food store or online to make sure the spices you buy are non-irradiated.

Swedish Bitters

Swedish Bitters is a time-honoured herbal remedy composed of aloe, myrrh, saffron, senna leaves, rhubarb roots, manna, angelica roots, zedoary roots and other ingredients and said to exert powerful healing effects, including on a person’s brain funtion/memory.


The neuroprotective effects of ginseng are attributed to its active compounds named ginsenosides of which there are several types. Numerous animal studies have confirmed these effects, ginsenoside Rg1 for instance improved mental performance and reduced amyloid deposits in mice. More likely to have relevance to humans, 30 patients with moderately severe Alzheimer’s disease were given ginseng (heat-treated to increase ginsenoside content) at different dosages for 80 weeks, with 10 patients receiving placebo. The treatment group showed enhanced cognitive function, with best results seen in the group receiving the highest dose.

Sage oil — a memory booster

In the 17th century, herbalist Nicholas Culpeper wrote that the herb sage could ‘heal’ the memory, while, ‘warming and quickening the senses.’ Sage has always had that reputation, but no one knew why. Researchers from the Medical Plant Research Centre (MPRC) at the Universities of Newcastle and North Umbria in the UK have possibly uncovered sage’s ancient secret.

An enzyme called acetyl cholinesterase (AChE) breaks down a chemical called acetylcholine that is typically deficient in Alzheimer's patients. According to a 2003 study at MPRC, sage inhibits AChE. Researchers gave 44 subjects either sage oil capsules or placebo capsules containing sunflower oil, and then conducted word recall tests. The group that received sage oil turned in significantly better test results than subjects that took the placebo. Sage can be found in health food stores and from many Internet sites. There are no known side effects." (quoting from a book by Andreas Moritz, who also authored Cancer is Not a Disease! It's a Survival Mechanism)


In a number of studies on neurodegenerative diseases, astaxanthin, a carotenoid with potent antioxidant activity, has been shown to protect neurons. Astaxantin can lower the accumulation of phospholipid hydroperoxides (a compound accumulating in the brain of persons with dementia or forgetfulness) and slow cognitive decline (additional benefits may concern cardiovascular, immune, and inflammatory diseases).

In contrast to other antioxidants, astaxanthin even at high levels never turns into a pro-oxidant (mostly thanks to its particular molecular structure). No side effects from taking natural astaxanthin have been observed (chemically treated astaxanthin however can be toxic). Since astaxanthin is fat-soluble, for proper absorption take with some fat.

Edgar Cayce’s holistic treatment suggestions

(The following are excerpts from
Copyright 2004 A.R.E.®,Inc. Edgar Cayce Readings © 1971, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation.

“...Cayce explained that the various organs of assimilation and elimination are important in the cause and treatment of dementias such as Alzheimer's dementia. Cayce also emphasized the importance of ‘drainages’ and nervous system coordination.

Edgar Cayce also recommended the use of electrotherapy to stimulate nerve regeneration. The use of psychological techniques such as hypnotherapy was suggested. Finally, the spiritual aspects of treatment were also strongly emphasized.

... Edgar Cayce provided numerous readings describing the pathological process and giving recommendations for the treatment of dementia. In general, his approach was to assist the body in cleansing and nurturing the nerve tissue in the brain by a variety of physical, mental and spiritual therapies. In fact, Edgar Cayce even provided a "formula" for rebuilding the brain in cases of dementia.


In reading 1800-16, Edgar Cayce laid out the basics of a treatment approach for dementia.
The key elements are:

  • Electrotherapy with gold and silver "vibratory" solutions.[3]
  • Spinal manipulations to improve nervous system coordination and eliminations.
  • Suggestive therapeutics (a form of natural hypnosis).
  • Patience (a key spiritual attribute).
  • ‘Other activities in the system, including improved assimilations, circulation and eliminations.
    Edgar Cayce's approach to Alzheimer's disease and dementia is described in a book titled ‘Alzheimer's Disease and the Dementias: An Alternative Approach Based on the Readings of Edgar Cayce’ written by David McMillin. Cayce's approach to nervous system regeneration is discussed in detail in ‘Principles and Techniques of Nerve Regeneration.’ Both books are available from A.R.E. Press.”

A case history of Alzheimer's disease healed can be read at Quote: “The Edgar Cayce 'Wet Cell' treatment [wet cell battery or radial appliance] and massage following it on a daily basis is the absolute backbone of our regime.”

"BioAnue Memory Mender" (CDP-choline)

“Memory mender” is a nutritional supplement. Quote: “We are so convinced that you will see a difference after using Memory Mender that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If after one month of using BioAnue Memory Mender you are not satisfied for any reason, simply send us the empty bottles and a written explanation of why you are not satisfied.” (Healing Cancer Naturally has no connection with the seller.)

Dr. Hulda Clark’s suggestions as to how to tackle Alzheimer’s disease (excerpted from “The Cure for All Diseases”)

Continued from Alzheimer's Disease Suggested Causes (Part 2): Parasites in combination with the solvents toluene or xylene.

“Whatever the answer, your job is clear. Remove every bit of aluminum from the food and environment. Throw out the pots, the aluminum foil, the cookie sheets, the tea ball. Throw out the kitchen salt, the pickles, the baking powder. Buy things made with baking soda (not baking powder), use a plastic salt shaker, buy salt without added aluminum. Stop using commercial soaps and lotions. Make the soap recipes in this book. Finally, tape over all aluminum handles in the bathroom and elsewhere (e.g. the walker) with masking tape. Then find a chelating doctor to help remove aluminum from the brain. Also use thioctic acid (100 mg; take 2 three times a day).

Kill the four common flukes with the first frequency generator or zapper you can get your hands on. Prevent reinfection from meats and pets. Stop all commercial beverages, including water. The processing has left xylene and toluene in them. They are not put in intentionally. For the same reason, health food beverages are similarly polluted. Only milk is safely bought from the store. You must still sterilize it, however. Make your own fruit juices. Select beverages from the list of recipes given. Drink water from your cold water tap, filtering it with a small pure carbon filter as in a filter pitcher (see Sources).

As much as xylene and toluene are brain-seeking solvents, Shigella is a brain-seeking bacterium. The symptoms it causes are not always the same since they depend on the location of infection. Sometimes they cause tremor, sometimes loss of balance, sometimes speech problems. But they are very serious problems. Kill Shigellas every day at bedtime with your zapper. Start the Bowel Program (page 546). When improvement is lasting you know you have stopped reinfecting from your own bowel or from polluted dairy products.

Remove dental metal and use thioctic acid as a help to clear tissues of metal. Use vitamin C (3 grams) and B2 (300 mg) to assist the liver with detoxification. Use B complex (2 a day) to assist the liver generally. Avoid food molds; ergot especially has strong mental effects (see Moldy Food, page 381).

Start a kidney cleanse (page 549) as soon as you can. Follow this with a liver cleanse (page 552). Clean up environment and diet. Your beloved family member or friend with Alzheimer's can regain her or his mental function to a considerable degree. Most important is stopping the mental deterioration before it is not reversible.”

From four cases that she quotes:

“...Her brain had intestinal flukes and their eggs and was toxic with aluminum (cooking pots) and aluminum silicate (salt). ... She was also toxic with benzene so reinfection was occurring. In addition she was toxic with bromine (from brominated bread?), chlorine (chlorinated water?) lithium, bismuth, vanadium, and tungsten, all known to have strong brain effects. She was also toxic with moth balls and iridium. She harbored Naegleria, another brain parasite.”

“...She was on ClanopinTM medicine, did not try to speak and needed total care, including feeding... had intestinal flukes and their stages in her brain (the cerebrum) as well as intestine. She also had isopropanol solvent, aluminum, chromate and high levels of arsenic in her body...”

“...She was started by medical doctors on EDTA chelation to remove aluminum from her brain. My tests showed aluminum, toluene, sheep liver fluke, asbestos and Shigella bacteria. The parasites and bacteria were zapped immediately and her husband began the difficult task of excluding non-sterile dairy products from the diet provided.

In four days she was able to walk by herself, knowing where she was going. She could finish a short sentence and comply with directions to sit down and get up. Then she had a set back—she had acquired Salmonellas in the brain from a bit of dairy food that had slipped by his attention. She was given Lugol’s and she improved further.

In ten days she was a new person; an interview of twenty minutes length did not reveal Alzheimer symptoms. Will she be able to hold on to her gains? Only if the aluminum and asbestos are removed from her home environment, his vigilance with dairy food keeps up, and she stays on a maintenance parasite program. But her husband appeared intent on her recovery. She is a person again. And there seems to be a delightful companionship."

“... The first day he arrived, the intestinal flukes in his brain were found and killed. He was started on EDTA chelation. They were warned about non sterile dairy foods. His Shigella was zapped. Four days later he spoke his first meaningful sentence: it was three words long. He could pay attention to the appointment proceedings. Two days after that he was reading a newspaper. This was utterly shocking to his wife.

In another three days, he could hold a conversation consisting of very short sentences. Larger ones became hopelessly garbled. He was started on ornithine (4) and valerian capsules (6) at bedtime: this produced a beautiful night’s sleep (especially for his caretakers!) and his days were less agitated. There were still setbacks later but his wife was determined to get him well.”

Also compare kidney cleanse, liver cleanse and Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark’s Detoxification Protocols.

GRAZOPH TEMUNA, a herbal Alzheimer's cure?

In April 2012, I received the following email:

"There is one known cure for Alzheimer's: GRAZOPH TEMUNA, GRAZOPH TEMUNA has cured 5 people of Alzheimer's, 6 people of dementia, and 200 others of dust caused diseases. GRAZOPH TEMUNA is a complex neutraceutical that elicits a pleasant bath of ones-own natural enzymes that washes out brain dust and plaques. We ask that this not be reviewed by any doctor who is not knowledgeable about Heart Enzyme Chemistry — lunatic doctors who know nothing are our worst problem.

Alz charities are murderers who have misled people, saying there is no cure in order to collect money to find a cure, which we have already found. Any doctor who has heard about the cure for Alzheimer's but refuses to try it also murders their patients. Any journalists who hear about the cure but do not bring it out are big murderers."

According to another source dated September 2, 2008, the maker of Grazoph Temuna (HEALING REACTIONS) has offered up to 80 free treatments per month of its herbal compound Grazoph Temuna to testify to its effectiveness as a significant Alzheimer's cure.

continue to Alzheimer's Disease — More Preventative Action

Treating Alzheimer’s with drugs?

Alzheimer's breakthrough?

Appeared in the Spring 2004 edition of Open Eye.

A BREAKTHROUGH by the Open University's ( Brain and Behaviour Research Group may change the lives of people with Alzheimer's disease.

The team led by OU Professor Steven Rose (Director of the Brain and Behaviour Research Group) has discovered a way to boost short term memory and alleviate many of the early symptoms of the condition.

They have found a small molecule in the brain that actually restores memory and protects against the effects of the disease a find seen as so significant that it recently beat 650 other submissions to win the prestigious Medical Futures award for the Best Innovation in Mental Health.

Now it is hoped the honour will help fast track a partnership between the OU, which has patented the discovery, and a pharmaceutical company that can turn the findings into drug form.

'We are thoroughly delighted," said Professor Rose, who headed the research team with Dr Radmila Mileusnic and Chris Lancashire.

"But more significant than the award itself is the opportunity it has given us to work with drug companies to turn this into a treatment."

Professor Rose and his colleagues were experimenting to discover the properties of a "sticky" substance which links brain cells together to improve memory. If they lose that substance, animals forget," he said.

"We broke down the substance to see if we could discover the exact property that does this. When we found it, and realised that by restoring it artificially, it rescued memory that had been lost, that was certainly a 'Eureka!' moment."

The Edinburgh Medal, an annual award which honours scientists for their scientific work and their wider contribution to society, was presented to Professor Rose in April this year.

For more information on biological research at the OU see:

Personal note
Drugs mostly serve to mask symptoms while the underlying unhealth is worsened by their toxic side effects. “Drug side effects are the fourth leading cause of death in the industrialized world.” See On Drugs incl. background on the workings of the pharmaceutical industry.


Controversial and expensive, a new treatment for Alzheimer's still in the experimental stage and involving an anti-inflammatory drug called etanercept (usually used in the conventional treatment of rheumatoid arthritis) has been making headlines, incl. with a recent pilot study carried out by LA researcher Edward L Tobinick on 12 persons with mild to severe Alzheimer’s disease. The study, published in the biomed Central MBC Neurology journal, has found an improvement in verbal fluency following the perispinal administration of the drug.

Etanercept apparently has induced "miraculous awakenings" from the disease (look on YouTube for "before" and "after" videos by the family of Alzheimer's victim Walter Skotchdople).

Deadly or ineffective drugs: Aricept

“March 17, 2006 — There were 11 deaths in vascular dementia patients taking the Alzheimer's drug Aricept in a clinical study — and no deaths in patients taking inactive placebo pills.”

“Popular Alzheimer's Drug Found to Be All But Worthless in Independent Study” .

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1 Under the guidance of an experienced naturopath since the brain is involved, compare Dietrich Klinghardt M.D., Ph.D., On Effective Holistic Heavy Metal Detoxification.

2 Remember however that animal experiments are not necessarily transferable to humans and Healing Cancer Naturally opposes them on both ethical and scientific grounds. See the dedicated section Cancer Research, Toxicity Testing & Animal Experimentation: an Unholy Union?.

3 ”Edgar Cayce’s ... readings stated that these metals acted to stimulate the glandular system to rejuvenate the nervous system.” (Meridian Institute)

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