Can cancer be transmitted via blood transfusions?

Some evidence from medical doctors and scientists

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Numerous researchers have detected particles in the blood of cancer patients that they found to be associated with their specific malignant disease. Many of these researchers are not household names, others such as Royal Raymond Rife and Dr. Johanna Budwig are.

Eminent cancer researcher and physician Prof. Dr. Dr. Gyula de Szilvay observed in his book "Grundlagenforschung über Krebs und Leukämie (Basic Research into Cancer and Leukemia) on page 26 (translated by Healing Cancer Naturally):

"According to experiments done by Wilhelm von Brehmer, Clara Jolles-Fonti, Ernest Villequez, Angelhoff and others, patients receiving blood from seemingly healthy donors but which actually were in a precancerous state, can themselves develop cancer. Thanks to their specific cancer test, these researchers were able to prove in numerous instances how a blood transfusion could give someone cancer. These are the findings of serious scientists. Clara Jolles-Fonti (Milan) reported on this topic in detail before the 6th International Congress for Preventive Medicine in Wassenaar, Holland, in 1957. Whoever claims that cancer is not transmissible has long since been disproved."[1]

A related discovery was reported by German doctor E.F. Scheller MD PhD[2]:

On the Seventh International Cancer Congress held in London (July 6–12, 1958), Cole and staff (of Chicago University) reported that cancer cells were found in circulating blood. They were detected by centrifuging the blood (blood fractionation) and then drying and staining the cells according to the cytologic technique developed by George Papanicolaou (or Georgios Nikolaou Papanikolaou).


1 But see Footnote 2 under The Moerman cancer cure diet. Whether "cancer agents" injected into the bloodstream may cause cancer may very much depend on the body's ability to fight off the invaders.

2 Author of "Krebsschutz durch Früherkennung und Ursachenbehandlung" [Cancer Protection By Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Causes] and many other books.

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