Cancer Pain Management & Relief

Natural Approaches Compatible With Dr. Johanna Budwig’s Protocol

"[To eliminate in the Budwig approach] are items such as the wrong fats, cytostatic, i.e. growth-inhibiting chemical (chemotherapy) and physical (radiation) treatments as well as ... cortisones, hormones and many painkillers. ... anything that slows the natural vital functions is to be avoided, such as barbiturates and analgesics (painkillers).”
Dr. Budwig in Der Tod des Tumors, Bd. 2 [The Death of the Tumor, Vol. 2], p. 121 & 143, translated by Healing Cancer Naturally

Introduction by Healing Cancer Naturally © 2007

As can be seen from the above quotes, Dr. Budwig warned against “many painkillers” as interfering with her oxygenating and restorative diet’s healing effects. Dr. Budwig notes in her “Inaugural Disputation” on the subject of her approach’s effect on pain: “As a matter of fact, the practical application of the oils both on the inside (via flax oil/quark) and on the outside (via Eldi oils) allows to largely eliminate all narcotic substances.” And she comments in her major work "Das Fettsyndrom" [The Fat Syndrome] (p. 150) on the use of wine for overcoming pain and sleeplessness: "Often a glass of wine is more valuable and bio-logically more beneficial than the pill." (credits for wine tip ;-): Michael B. of oel-eiweiss-kost.de).

For those who need more help, here is an extensive listing featuring numerous pain medication alternatives that can reasonably be assumed to be compatible, i.e. non-interfering with the Budwig protocol.

Isabelle Moser MD observed that a shrinking tumor can create more pain than a growing one, i.e. that pain can actually signify that the body is winning its fight against the cancer.

Special attention also is drawn to the strong warning against the use of morphine emitted by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer: “[Dr.] Hamer says that one of the most horrific things about present medicine is that most people with cancer, even with mild pain, are treated with morphine in some form. During the critical EC [‘Epileptic Crises’], one morphine injection can already be fatal. It changes the brain, paralyzes the intestines and completely disables the restoration functions, well, disables the whole person. He becomes lethargic and doesn't realize that he's in fact being killed, just when he was in the recuperation phase, on his way to health. The pain of the second stage is actually a very good sign of recovery, but modern medicine doesn't understand this at all, and instead interprets it as the opposite; a sign of impending death. These substances are thus administered in order to ‘make the end easier’, and sure enough, the person soon dies, but it's not of the cancer, it's of the medication...”
(Anette Stahel in German New Medicine: A Revolutionary Biological Paradigm) Also compare the similar warning emitted by the National Cancer Research Foundation and referenced in my complete list of Natural Cancer Pain Management & Relief Medication Alternatives.

Budwig-Compatible Cancer Pain Management: Natural Alternatives to Pain Medication

by Leonard (leonardleonard1 at earthlink.net), published with permission, edited and complemented by Healing Cancer Naturally © 2004 to 2020

(CAPITALIZED items are reportedly most effective.)

Foods for managing & healing cancer pain

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Herbs & supplements for managing & healing cancer pain [Budwig-compatible when organic or wild-crafted]
  • ALOE,particularly aloe arborescens as in the Native cancer therapy & prevention formula: Aloe, honey & rum (Father Romano Zago)
  • Wheatgrass incl. as an enema is a major anti-inflammatory and helps against pain (10-15 oz a day), compare Healing testimony: terminal breast cancer and generally, Wheatgrass as a cancer cure
  • Maria Treben's herbs
    have surely both prevented and eliminated a large amount of pain due to cancer. Examples can be read in Maria Treben's "miracle" herbal cancer cures & treatment (I) (prostate cancer surgery followed by intractable pain, male breast cancer causing stabbing and twinging pains, and skin cancer) as well as in Maria Treben's "miracle" herbal cancer cures & treatment (II) (leukemia with strong pain in the spleen).
  • Petasites / Butterbur leaves (Petasites hybridus / officinalis)
    Petasites has powerful pain-relieving properties (compare the story of the man who had a tooth extracted without anesthesia).
    The book "Die Heilkunst von Morgen" [The Healing Arts of Tomorrow] reports the experience of a cancer carer with three patients already on morphine who were freed of all pain by Petasites leaves application (the leaves were always collected fresh). Additionally Petasites leaves extract (home-made) can be administered (the seriously ill are advised by the same source to take three teaspoons a day).
  • NONI JUICE [rather expensive]
  • Mushrooms: MAITAKE (alleviated pain in 83% of patients), CORDYCEPS, shiitake & reishi
  • Medicinal hemp oil/natural THC/medical marijuana/cannabis/cannabinoid oil [probably Budwig-compatible]
    The official database PubMed of biomedical and related studies refers to scientific research showing that medical marijuana inter alia controls chronic non-cancer pain and alleviates chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. A search on the internet also yields results of individuals using its analgesic effect for controlling cancer pain, and former oncology nurse Valerie Warwick who after seventeen years walked out on the conventional cancer industry since she could no longer support it calls cannabis oil a great painkiller and an indispensable part of any (alternative) cancer treatment.
    In addition to the long history of medical marijuana extract as a treatment for various diseases, medicinal hemp oil/natural THC even has been successfully employed as a cancer cure, see Free cancer cure videos (scroll to "Hemp [Cannabis/Medical Marijuana]").
    Both pain AND the tumor vanished thanks to the above combination, see Colon cancer cure testimonial — on Sutherlandia frutescens against cancer.
  • D-PHENYLALANINE (an amino acid) [possibly Budwig-compatible]
    A clinical trial carried out by French researchers G. Donzelle et al. (Curing trial of complicated oncologic pain by D-phenylalanine, published in Anesthésie, analgésie, reanimation, 1981;38:655-658) showed D-phenylalanine to be effective enough to even alleviate the pain often associated with late-stage cancer. D-phenylalanine works by blocking those enzymes that would otherwise break down the body’s own pain-killing compounds.
    Other studies/trials on chronic pain patients showed that phenylalanine reduces chronic pain from migraines, MS and fibromyalgia, strengthens the pain-inhibiting effects of acupuncture (particularly with dental and low back pain), and even increases the effect of habit-forming pharmaceutical opiate drugs.
    Note: persons with the rare disorder called phenylketonuria (lack of an enzyme the body requires to use phenylalanine) must not use phenylalanine.
  • Tian Xian paste
    Tian Xian Liquid and pill is a well-researched Chinese herbal preparation which has apparently shown many cancer-healing benefits by strengthening the immune system and enhancing various bodily functions. Used topically etc., it is also used as a pain reliever. See www.tianxian.com and www.tianxian.com/scientific-reports-tian-xian/.
  • YAN HU SUO (Corydalis yanhusuo)
    Yan Hu Suo is the rhizome of the Chinese herb, Chinese Fumewort. Said to contain the active principles dihydrocorydaline, protopine, corydaline, corybulbine, coptisine, corydalmine. Yan Hu Suo apparently has been used in China for centuries for its anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxing, pain relieving properties. DOSE: For mild pain: Take 3-4 capsules every 4-6 hours. For severe pain: Take 5-8 capsules every 4-6 hours. (Pregnant women should abstain.) This herb has no known side effects and is not addicting. Quote: "HAS BEEN COMPARED TO MORPHINE", but another report states five tablets at a time brought “no relief”.
  • LOBELIA (for both see e.g. theherbfinder.com/index)
    A testimonial: “Another excellent product is lobelia tincture. My brother in law had his mover turn over on him and bruised his spine and the doctors gave him some pain pills but said it would be quite sometime before he was over it. The pain pills did not work so ... we gave [him] some lobelia tincture. He had suffered for three days with pain so bad he said he could understand someone thinking about suicide. We told him to put two dropperfulls of the tincture in his mouth and hold it under his tongue. [My sister] was in the kitchen and she said in about two minutes she heard him in the bathroom and when he came out he came into the kitchen and asked if he could have some breakfast for his supper. From then on he carried a bottle with him and he was out and about the next day without pain. In about two weeks he was over the problem.”
  • Angelica
  • Pau d'Arco "Three weeks is too short a time to really see the benefits of the tea. Normally you should simply feel (and look) better after a week or so." (pau-d-arco.com, now defunct)
  • Goldenseal root poultices
  • Echinacea (PURPLE CONE FLOWER)
    (said for instance to be antibacterial, antiviral, anti-parasitic, to combat infections and to be an excellent herb to stimulate lymph flow.)
    Also compare Echinacea for radiation burns testimonial.
  • Mistletoe (e.g., Iscador)-- use only under medical supervision.
  • Chaparral--check with a practitioner on hazards before using it.
  • Pain caused by inflammation can be reduced by anti-inflammatory herbs (e.g., turmeric/curcumin, burdock, ginger).
    Boswellia, white willow bark, ginger, green-lipped mussel extract: these anti-inflammatories working against pain triggered by inflammation inhibit pro-inflammatory mediators, particularly leukotrienes.

    Also see bromelain/pineapple tip.
  • Oregano Oil
    “Oregano oil with a high Carvacrol count at therapeutic dosaging will be helpful as long as it is always taken on a full stomach and with food. According to Cass Ingram oregano oil can have the same effect on the body as morphine without being addictive.” (Loretta Lanphier MD)
  • SINUSBUSTER (a nasal spray)
    Reportedly helpful even with severe cancer pain, Sinus Buster was originally designed to help improve nasal congestion and quickly relieve sinus symptoms and pain. The spray contains capsaicin (derived from cayenne pepper), as well as eucalyptol, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), rosemary extract (antimicrobial and antifungal) as well as other natural ingredients and is available online and in health food stores. The pain-relieving action may be due to the capsaicin travelling through the bloodstream to other places in the body where it exerts its well-known medicinal effects. While relief may not be instant, it does seem to be provided. When the pain returns, respray each nostril. A web page dedicated to the subject and which gives important updates re usage instructions and results can be found at http://kelleyeidem.hubpages.com/hub/cancerpain . Example: "I'd use one puff in each nostril once a day. Once my pain was gone, I'd stop. If my pain returned that day, I'd still wait until the next day to use it again — once a day until the pain stopped and then I'd discontinue it again. If it is used this way, it should avoid any pain rebound. Typically the pain rebound is pain in other parts of the body rather than the same old pain. It often includes the left shoulder..."
    Compare Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper and Habanero peppers plus garlic cancer treatment.
  • Hot chili pepper powder in water
    Probably the hotter, the better. If you live in India, you may try half a gram of Naga Bhut Jolokia powder, an extremely hot chili pepper with a Scoville rating of 330,000 to 1,000,000, in a sufficient amount of water. A testimonial reports that a woman with cancer who used this three to four times a day quickly achieved an 80% reduction in pain and after just three days, felt better than she had in two years. Compare Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper and Habanero peppers plus garlic cancer treatment.
  • Habanero peppers, garlic, ginger (see Habanero peppers plus garlic cancer treatment):
    A woman with cancer spread to her lungs, breast, arm and lymph nodes had thought two nights prior she would die due to severe pain and breathing problems. After reading about the above recipe, she tried it immediately on bread and reported that after about five minutes she felt good and actually normal within seven hours. Everything else she had been trying was not working quickly while the above worked within minutes and provided 12 hour pain relief.

DOCTORS BAFFLED — "My cancer is gone!"
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Vitamins for managing & healing cancer pain

Mind-body approaches to managing & healing cancer pain

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) [recommended]
    A do-it-yourself method of tapping with your index and middle finger tips on energy meridian points [acupoints] of your body to stimulate and reestablish interrupted energetic flow, effect or facilitate various (sometimes miraculous-seeming) healings (both emotional and physical incl. cancer), (often) erase pain and more. In fact particularly with intractable pain, it is highly recommended to look into EFT since it is frequently reported to provide extremely effective pain relief, even in cases presenting apparently great physical damage. Click here for an article on Cancer Pain Treatment with EFT and an Introduction to EFT. A very detailed free EFT Get Started package used to be provided but I don’t know if it still is. Otherwise you can buy the EFT Manual which enables you to immediately start applying it on yourself and others.
    Compare Energetics.
    Even mainstream medicine has incorporated meditation as a method for cancer patients to deal with pain issues without resorting to drugs, and numerous studies have been carried out into the various physiological and physical effects of different meditation techniques.
  • Laughter
    See Can Laughter Reduce Pain?
  • PAIN CONTROL and SURGICAL SUPPORT series audiotapes by Hemi-Sync (hemi-sync.com/catalog)-- I've been told they can be powerfully pain-relieving.
  • Influence & power of mind
    See “Terminal” Cancer Patient In Constant Pain Heals After "Changing His Mind" About Pain.
  • Prayer
    Compare Spirituality.
Energy approaches to managing & healing cancer pain
  • Earthing (or grounding), a recent rediscovery of an ancient and apparently essential "health tool"
    The earth's electrons (to which we naturally connect by walking barefoot outside or "technologically" by being connected to the ground via conductive leads) have been found to effect multiple and significant physiological changes and measurable health benefits. These include better sleep, reduced pain and chronic inflammation, thinner, less viscous blood, and a shift from sympathetic to parasympathetic dominance. While to my knowledge the pain-reducing effects so far described in the literature concern the musculoskeletal system, regular earthing which infuses the body with free electrons with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects seems such a foundational health and healing practice that it appears unlikely not to have benefits in the area of cancer pain as well.
  • Isopathic autologous serum treatment for cancer pain treatment
    Complete freedom from pain achieved in every case!
  • EFT
  • Tai chi or chi kung (aka taiji or qigong) — not only relieve the pain but lower the fever within fifteen to thirty minutes, sometimes up to two degrees, in our experience. (Elena Berezetsky)
    Compare Curing Cancer with Chi Kung [Qigong] Self-Healing Therapy.
  • Foot / hand reflexology and massage
    A search of the medical database PubMed in September 2020 yielded 15 results for the terms foot reflexology cancer pain and showed good effects in patients suffering with cancer pain. Other studies show benefits for nausea, vomiting, anxiety, pulse rate, fatigue, mood and general quality of life.
    Some of these studies were done using a combination of foot reflexology with other modalities such as guided imagery, aromatherapy and foot soak. One study even researched the effect of partner-delivered reflexology treatments on patients with metastatic cancer pain and reported a resulting immediate decrease in pain intensity and anxiety. So with minimum training, this treatment can be easily applied at home (or even as a DIY treatment).
  • Acupuncture
    A comment from a Budwig healing support group reads: “I am using acupuncture for my dog and it really is helping. I don't want him on the strong steroids and narcotics. Acupuncture in no way interferes with the diet. I also do Reiki on my dog — right at the spot of the tumor and it seems to help too.”
  • Orgone Accumulator Therapy
    Two thirds of patients considered terminal experienced a clear reduction in the need for painkillers and in some cases even freedom from pain after using the accumulator 20 times on average. See Orgone Accumulator Therapy of The Very Ill.
  • Polarizing treatment (GKI)
    "Dr. Robert Rowen in his newsletter Second Opinion, wrote about the remarkable results obtained by simply exerting a slight pressure on the edge of a muscle or tendon...applied in a 90 degree direction perpendicular to its line of force. This results in a relaxation of the muscle or tendon....originated by Tom Bowen....can be used for [a wide variety of] problems and even organ dysfunctions....Bowen Registry...866-862-6936....USBR at bowtech.com)”
  • Reiki & other energy healing
    Compare EFT, Energetics and Healing the Body Through Understanding and Healing the Human Energy Field.
  • Bioptron light therapy
  • Kinesiology
    “[W]e have had success with Kinesiology and Bioptron light therapy. Kinesiology and Reiki seems to go hand in hand (energy healing) in pain management, and I would most certainly include these modalities as part of a pain management program. ...
    Interestingly, a lady in our Budwig diet cancer healing group had her ovaries removed and had excruciating pain in her fallopian tubes — she tried almost everything including Reiki, but only found relief after only 4 sessions with a Kinesiologist.” (A cancer carer)
  • Biotape (Darrell J. Stoddard) [possibly Budwig-compatible]
    Darrell J. Stoddard is the author of Pain Free for Life: How to Heal Yourself Naturally Without Drugs or Surgery (partner link to Amazon, commissions earned) and Founder of the former Pain Research Institute. According to Stoddard, pain results from broken, cut, or suppressed electrical signals between cells, similarly to Traditional Chinese Medicine thinking which posits that pain is caused by the blockage of life energy (Chi). Stoddard invented the Biotape as a solution for people suffering from pain.
  • Therapeutic LEDs [possibly Budwig-compatible]
  • TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) Therapy
    [possibly Budwig-compatible]
    Reportedly providing effective pain relief, TENS is administered in health care facilities. Using a TENS generator/stimulator unit is not recommended for people with heart problems/pacemakers/epilepsy. Caution is required (carefully follow doctor's instructions) in case you have been given a portable TENS device (upon doctor’s prescription).
  • Papimi pulsed magnet field therapy device (devised by the Greek mathematician and physicist Panagiotis [Panos] T. Pappas). Cancer researcher Lothar Hirneise reports that especially with bone pain, sometimes very quick improvement has been obtained.

DOCTORS BAFFLED — "My cancer is gone!"
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Detoxification approaches to managing & healing cancer pain
  • Honey packs
    See entry “Honey poultices eliminate medical radiation damage including bone pain“ under Radiation burns treatment: Natural remedies for radiation damage to the skin.
  • Fish oil [For details re Budwig-compatibility see Budwig FAQ.]
  • Homeopathic remedies-- particularly Aconitum (1M or 10M dose)
    (apparently “there have been wonderful stories of pain relief using these methods”)
  • Protease (bromelain & pancreatin)--reduce inflammation if taken on empty stomach
  • Exercise (creates endorphins “said to be 50 times stronger than morphine”). [For details re Budwig-compatibility see Interview with Dr. Budwig.]
    Compare Activate Your Lymphatic System and On cancer prevention and exercise: scientific research studies into protective effects of physical activity & training on cancer incidence, risk & mortality.
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsZeApSuqTU
    10 tips for natural cancer pain management
    Body Detox Tips-The #1 Natural Method for Pain Reduction
  • MSM
    “We have found MSM to be very helpful.” (A cancer carer)
    “I would highly recommend taking 2 to 8 grams (2,000 to 8,000 milligrams) of MSM a day, in 2-3 divided dosages, depending on gastrointestinal tolerance. It is recommended that you begin with smaller amounts and gradually increase as needed. Please note that taking MSM at amounts greater than your body's ability to absorb it may result in loose stools. If this should occur, cut back the amount you are taking.” (L. Lanphier MD)
  • Dr. Emanuel Revici's cancer pain remedies
    (for background on Dr. Revici's approach to cancer, see here)

    Revici found sulphur to be the key missing ingredient in what he termed "anabolic" types of cancer, while cancer patients with a "catabolic" imbalance were found to benefit from added phosphorus.

    Dr Revici developed his own medicines based on his discoveries. For targeted pain relief for cancer pain due to an anabolic imbalance, you can simply try supplying extra sulfur eg by eating some freshly grated horseradish with oil (or a spice such as Wasabi) or organic mustard (all of these foods are rich in highly bioavailable sulphur). People with a catabolic imbalance might wish to try raw pumpkin seeds (one of the richest food sources of phosphorus) to fight cancer pain. (The above-listed MSM of course is also a great source of sulfur.)
    An explanation why these elements have worked can be read under http://newsletters.getresponse.com/archive/afformations/-Two-foods-that-can-kill-your-cancer-pain-116786203.html .

More advice and suggestions for natural pain relief for cancer and other pain compatible with Dr. Budwig’s diet & protocol

National Cancer Research Foundation www.ncrf.org:

Spinal alignment/adjustments: “Many people are told that their pain is due to cancer progression. ... we find that the pain from the cancer or condition causes muscle spasms, which in turn can cause a vertebra to turn, which will cause a pinched nerve or other spasms, and could ultimately lead towards other problems to cause pain. ... In a large percentage of cancer patients, the pain is due to muscle spasms pulling a disc out of alignment, relative to nutritional deficiencies affecting nerves and muscles, resulting in pinched nerves. The spine is never attended to and the pain is treated as though it were cancer-related, spurring a vicious circle of incorrectly treating pain with incorrect treatments, causing a snowball effect in severity without correcting the problem. We have seen patients who are receiving pain management go for a spinal alignment and walk out with reduced or no pain. Proper nutrition and spinal adjustments cause good results.“

Elena Berezetsky:

"During an inflammatory phase of Hodgkin's disease, most of the remedies on the above list, with a few exceptions (a few of those we didn't try) didn't work for us; some or many of them might work better in other situations though).
The following empirically determined recipes did prove helpful:
Cayenne-lemon drink (in hot water, and very strong, with enough cayenne to make it almost on the "impossible" side but still possible to sip, with great caution. This will require some experimenting.) I used to mix it and hold the cup in one hand and the doctor's prescription for prednisone in another and tell the person suffering from pain, "if you drink it and in twenty minutes it doesn't help, I'm going to fill in this prescription." I had to do it many times. I still have the prescription.
LBG [Light Beam Generator, a device from the vibrational/energy medicine arsenal] was very efficient the first two or three times, then the effects gradually tapered off." [possibly Budwig-compatible]

Dr. A., a naturopathic physician:

Taheebo eliminates the pain associated with cancer and it multiplies red blood corpuscles. If pain persists, drink approximately 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. each of Lobelia and Ginseng powder in water.
A Garlic enema at the onset of pain will also bring relief. Another pain reliever is a poultice of one part Mullein and three parts Lobelia placed on the area of pain.
A Castor oil pack on the liver area will relieve the pain there. Make sure that you bring heat to the top surface by a hot water bottle or heating pad. Keep the pad in a refrigerator when not in use. A plastic pad will prevent soiling other things like the bed.

A cancer carer (looking after a Budwig diet support group in Africa) on bone and other pain relief:

Inflammation seems to be the main reason for severe bone pain and one needs to address the inflammation in order to ease the pain. Top on the list I have discovered is omega-3s to ease inflammation. You need omega-3s and this is where the Budwig protocol is so wonderful.
Next to the Budwig protocol is omega-3s in the form of a good quality Fish oil. Some people have a problem converting plant sources of omega-3s that contain the shorter-chain known as LNA, but the body can only convert five to 10 percent of it to the long-chain omega-3s (EPA and DHA) that exert beneficial inhibitory effects on inflammation. This may also be the reason why the Budwig protocol might not work as well for some people as others.......I honestly wouldn't know, but from experience we have learned that people who do not benefit from the Budwig protocol alone, adding omega-3s in the form of fish oil might be what they need to ease their pain. (Note by Wilhelm H.: I like to add nutritional yeast to the diet since it contains good amounts of the vitamin B complex as well as other nutrients that are required for better conversion of LNA to long chain omega-3 fatty acids.)
Then following the above, Dr Rath's theory on inflammation and collagen production also makes a lot of sense. The combination of Vit. C, Lysine and Proline with the good qualities found in green tea seem to have some mild effects. You don't need to add these in the form of supplements because you can simply choose healthy foods containing optimum amounts of Vit. C and as we all know, flaxseeds already have the amino acids Lysine and Proline in their natural form as nature intended (Note by Wilhelm H.: It would be in lower dosages as in pill form, but perhaps less is required since in food it comes in its natural complex.).
Then last but not least, we have found that supplementing with MSM also brings relief. [as separately listed above]

Added comment by Wilhelm H:

Fish oil or rather cod liver oil was not recommended by Johanna Budwig because it is heat treated and harmful as she said. Udo Erasmus [author of Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill] agrees with that. There is [at least] one that is not heated and unprocessed. It's called 'Olde World® Icelandic Cod Liver Oil' which I use sometimes. See gardenoflifeusa.com/detail_cod_liver.shtml (I don't know how it stacks up for heavy metals content.)
One of my favourite anti-inflammatories is Bromelain, a substance found in pineapples. Instead of taking pills, one can eat raw pineapple [not cooked or canned]). The combined use of Bromelain (pineapple) and MSM may be more effective in pain relief.

Rick M on the pain relieving effect of sunlight and prostaglandins:

If a sick person floods the body with sunlight, health is much improved and pain is considerably diminished if not eliminated. The amounts of sunlight needed are far greater than is believed and tanning lamps (sperti.com) or sun beds also work. It seems the Sun also has the ability to overcome/overwhelm toxins in all forms — even external radiations like microwaves and cell phones. This might also be the reason why some whose diets consist mostly of processed foods or hydrogenated oils but who are out in the Sun a lot have no health problems.
Another way to achieve pain relief is to affect the prostaglandin pathway = create series 1 & 3 prostaglandins naturally. Read "Tripping Lightly Down the Prostaglandin Pathways" by Dr. Mary Enig & Sally Fallon found at westonaprice.org/knowyourfats/tripping.html.
To do this requires about 3-4 tblsp. (one each hour) of high quality cod liver oil, but the pain relief takes 3–8 hours to 'take effect'. Not fast like drugs but far safer. I've done this several times. Flax oil may work the same way — I don't know how much it takes, a guess would be 2–3 times as much...
Compare Healing with Light and the notes on fish and cod liver oil in Budwig diet & protocol: tips & frequently asked questions.

From alkalizeforhealth.net/cancerpain.htm:

Enzyme Therapy: "Enzymes substantially reduce the occurrence of metastases and the recurrence of cancer. They make cancerous tissues more sensitive to radiation, and at the same time, reduce pain and other side effects of radiation. When used in conjunction with surgery, they reduce postoperative pain and hemorrhage."

Compare Biopsies can spread cancer, Combatting radiation poisoning tips and Radiation burns treatment.
More on enzymes: “I would highly recommend enzymes along with eating pineapple before every meal. Enzymes help tremendously with inflammation and pineapples contain a good supply of enzymes.” (Loretta Lanphier MD)

Gazing at leafy trees

Hospital patients gazing at green trees rather than a blank wall were likely to need less pain medication and suffer less postsurgical complications. See Forest bathing.

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) as pain reliever

Sodium bicarbonate is an easily available alkalinizer and has been used for many applications, including cancer treatment. To quote from Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment by Mark Sircus Ac., OMD:

"Sodium Bicarbonate has attractive and potent analgesic qualities. Dr. Tullio Simoncini recommends that his cancer patients, undergoing his bicarbonate protocols usually via IV administration, take 1 tsp. of sodium bicarbonate mixed in water per day, for pain control as well as to assist in keeping an alkaline internal environment.
We are of course dropping the IV administration as a general recommendation. Though, for some cases it might be appropriate.

Many people have found bicarbonate to be significant to relieve unrelenting headaches as well as pain relief due to physical injury. Within minutes headaches begin to subside and are often completely gone within 30-60 minutes. ‘After suffering from a 4 hour long blinding headache for which nothing I took brought any relief. I tried the sodium bicarbonate with 1 tsp mixed in a glass of water. Within a few short minutes I could feel the headache abating and within the hour it was completely relieved! I tried this again when another headache occurred, and it worked just as miraculously.’

‘After suffering a shoulder injury that caused so much pain after even a few minutes of computer typing, and with none of the natural pain relieving methods providing much relief, sodium bicarbonate was suggested at the 2 hour dosing schedule.’”

Since each half teaspoon apparently contains 616 mg of sodium, this is only for short-term treatment, see Mark Sircus' book Sodium Bicarbonate — Full Medical Review (Rich Man's Poor Man's Cancer Treatment) for more information. An extract from his book can be read at Prostate cancer testimonial with osseous spread: oral baking soda and blackstrap molasses therapy has helped wipe out bone metastases and reduced PSA to 0.1. [probably Budwig-compatible]

Compare Destroying Tumors w/ Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate): Is Cancer “Just a Fungus”?

Edgar Cayce on “quick relief of continuous pain” [probably Budwig-compatible]

Help with painful adhesions after abdominal surgery

Click here.

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