Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Why Dr. Hamer registered the designation German New Medicine®

This text was originally part of an article published by germannewmedicine.ca (which since seems to have been removed or changed).

In response to the ongoing corruption of his findings and the growing number of unauthorized versions of Dr. Hamer's discoveries in different parts of the world, particularly in Canada, Dr. Hamer has legally protected his research under the new and now only official English name: "GERMAN NEW MEDICINE®" (registration date: 27/05/2004). The term ”New Medicine“ could NOT be registered.

The new name "GERMAN NEW MEDICINE®" (German: Germanische Neue Medizin®) allows health practitioners as well as those seeking information about Dr. Hamer’s discoveries to differentiate the authentic research material from the dubious versions that are sold to the public as ”(Dr. Hamer’s) New Medicine“ or under completely different names.

To ensure that you learn the accurate and most up-to-date research of Dr. Hamer, we suggest that you ask to see a "Certificate of Participation", which Dr. Hamer issues to German New Medicine® teachers and therapists who regularly participate in his training sessions.

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