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“Approaches all cancer patients should consider...”

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“Whenever I've asked a cancer patient who came to consult me whether there was a part of him or her which wanted to die, the answer invariably was 'yes'. They would tell me a number of reasons why dying would indeed be an easy way out. In such cases it's worth asking under what conditions the patient could wholeheartedly start embracing their life again. The therapist's task is to show the patient ways to arrange their life in such a fashion as to make living worthwhile again.”
Dr. Hans-Peter Zimmermann translated by © Healing Cancer Naturally

In the following, Swiss hypnotherapist Dr. Hans-Peter Zimmermann offers some sound advice to cancer patients based on his professional experience with people facing such a challenge. It provides some additional interesting viewpoints, insights and approaches to the healing of cancer from a holistic, psychological and energetic angle.

Cancer and naturopathy: approaches all cancer patients should consider...

by © Hans Peter Zimmermann www.hpz.com (original German version published in Power-Letter Nr. 53, 10/10/2001), translated version by Healing Cancer Naturally © 2007

I am frequently asked whether hypnosis could help in cases of cancer. My reply is that “hypnosis can’t help but YOU as a patient can. Hypnosis at best can be a means to an end.” To somewhat clarify my point, I’d like to mention several aspects which cancer patients tend to neglect or be unaware of.

1. Influences which can block any therapeutic measures and/or success

There are studies showing that more than 90 percent of all cancer patients suffer from geopathic stress, i.e. typically sleep in a spot affected by geopathic influences [in fact there are studies showing that 100% of cancer patients sleep in a geopathic stress zone, see Geopathic stress & cancer]. Additionally and frequently, such geopathic stress zones also make the patient unamenable to psychotherapy (which is however very much needed). In other words, geopathic stress works as a therapy block.

For me, the conclusion is self-evident: every cancer patient is, first and foremost, being sent to a good radiesthetist (dowser or geomancer) to get his bed and workplace location analysed.

Other therapeutic blocks can be heavy metals, fungi and parasites. See no. 2.

2. The "extracellular matrix", or ground regulation system according to Dr. Alfred Pischinger*

The second measure I recommend every cancer patient take is having his ground regulation system (extracellular tissue/fluids) “cleansed”. For one thing because it is suspected that toxins in the soft connective tissue are the cause of many cancers, and for another, because such toxins can also work as psychological blocks to therapeutic success.

See Detoxification for advice re heavy metals etc. as well as Home Parasite Cleanse, The Fungal/Mycotoxin Causation of Human Illness (particularly CANCER) and Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark's detoxification protocols.

3. Inner conflict

Working on the assumption that a person’s mental and emotional state plays a decisive part in cancer causation, we have an unconscious conflict in the cancer patient: one part of him wants to die (or he wouldn’t have developed the disease), another part wants to live (or he wouldn’t seek medical assistance).

I use the NLP tool of ”parts integration” to reunite these two parts. It is only when the patient’s subconscious desires to live, that one can start on the psychotherapy.
Compare On (subconscious) reasons and (conscious) remedies for self-sabotage.

4. Primary gain from the illness

Numerous cancer patients say that cancer is their only problem, and that otherwise they are fine. Frequently this points to some very traumatic childhood experience or to a deep feeling of being unwanted. In these cases, the cancer serves as a “substitute”, as it were, for the actual and true problems that the patient is subconsciously scared of looking at.

This possibility needs to be pointed out to all cancer patients. Unfortunately I’ve found that many patients are so scared of their deep-rooted problems that they prefer breaking off their therapy.

5. Secondary gain from the illness

As with any disease, in cancer we must consider the “secondary gain” and discuss it with the patient. The secondary gain is the additional “profit” the patient reaps from his surroundings due to his or her being ill.

For instance handing over responsibility, being given attention, consideration and not least money (pension!) are considered to be secondary gains.
Compare On (subconscious) reasons and (conscious) remedies for self-sabotage.

6. Beliefs

Before one can get rid of the mental and emotional causes, one must first do away with the negative beliefs.

Without wishing to go into the genesis of such beliefs, here is a list of the most important ones:

“I have no right to exist.”

“I am not allowed to be healthy.”

“I am not allowed to be happy.”

“I am superfluous.”

“No-one takes any notice of me anyway.”

”I am not needed.”

“I don’t belong here.”

7. Systemic component (family environment)

No need to be a pro to see that in many families with cancer patients, the entire family should receive therapy.

A family is like an organism. And just because a single organ only has fallen ill, doesn’t mean that by exclusively treating the sick organ, one reaches the desired goal.

A therapist saying such things will often make himself disliked.

“Now it’s us to be blamed on top”, they’ll say, overlooking the fact that it could be immature thought patterns such as these which were the very cause of the disease in the first place.

The "extracellular matrix", or ground regulation system according to Dr. Alfred Pischinger

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In studying health and disease, molecular medicine tends to solely concentrate on the cell, as if factors leading to disease were located within cellular confines only. By contrast, Austrian physician and professor of histology and embryology Dr. Alfred Pischinger (1899–1983) pointed to the extracellular fluids or matrix in which cells are embedded as being the key to health.

This "matrix" or ground regulation system, as Pischinger called it, supports, nurtures and detoxifies all cells and tissues by supplying them with vitally needed substances such as oxygen, nutritive agents, hormone messengers etc. and by removing cellular waste products, toxins and other residues.

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

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