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Earthing and Vata - a little caveat from an Ayurvedic perspective

against using conductive wiring to connect to the ground (earth)

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Ayurveda, as you may be aware, (together with Siddha) is the most ancient holistic nature-based healing system known to humanity. One of its central pillars is the theory of the three fundamental doshas or bioelements (named Vata, Pitta and Kapha) which in various proportions make up each person's bodily constitution. Health is said to flow from those three elements being in balance.[1]

Earthing is one of the foundational health and healing practises warmly recommended by Healing Cancer Naturally, see Intro to "Greatest Hits". It basically involves seeking bare-skin contact with "mother earth" as much as possible such as by walking barefoot on grass or soil.

There is also a "technological" version of Earthing suggested and used which involves conductive wiring, pads and sheets which are connected to the ground (earth) and which are used for sleep and work.

In a world heavily polluted with EMFs[2], some have raised (likely warranted) concerns regarding this technological type of Earthing. Similarly, the following interesting observations were sent in by a site visitor.

"I would like to share my experience of 'Earthing'. It is presented as a panacea without any side effects but it does not work for everyone. Since I have knowledge of Ayurveda, I can make a proper analysis about what can cause what. Those with excess Vata (like me) and for the elderly[3] and weak (like me), earthing increases Vata and aggravates their situation. It is my own experience.

My explanation is that the electron current through the wires further increases Vata (e.g. winds, traveling and everything with speed will raise Vata). Since nearly all diseases involve high Vata and Vata rises with advanced age[3], I would not recommend earthing via cables and devices to people who are elderly and sick. These people will benefit from earthing by walking on grass and on the beach etc., i.e. by earthing the natural way [which is also the only way that Healing Cancer Naturally can wholeheartedly recommend]."


1 Also see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dosha .

2 Compare Studies on electromagnetic fields and radiation (EMFs/EMRs) & cancer risk: research on the effect of cell & DECT phones and mobile phone towers on cancer incidence and related pages.

3 The terms "elderly" and "advanced age" are of course relative, under certain (privileged) circumstances a person can be physically quite young (and certainly healthy) at age 100.

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