Midlife Meaning: Finding Purpose During a Midlife Crisis

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During our middle years, it’s common to feel adrift. By our 40s, it can often seem like we’ve experienced most of what life has to offer or that there’s no greater meaning to our life’s actions, but a change in routine is often enough to spark renewed vigor, as is the realization that our life’s meaning can be whatever we ascribe it to be. Here is some guidance on how to deal with a midlife crisis.


As you begin to address your circumstances in midlife, you may come to realize that your current living situation is unsatisfactory. If you decide to move, first shop for the best mortgage rates today in order to maximize your budget. Interest rates have been trending up recently, so you want to find the best offer you can. You’ll be able to explore rates for various mortgage types in order to find one that serves your needs.


One of the key stressors for those between the ages of 40–60 is work or, rather, feelings of work stagnation. When you’re sinking the majority of your time into someone else’s dream, your own existence can begin to feel in vain. Fortunately, there are growing opportunities to opt-out of this arrangement - consider using your experience within the working world to form your own business. It’s easier and more affordable than ever to do so, especially when you make use of free online tools for lead generation, social media marketing, or logo design.

It’s also easier than ever to shift to a new industry. With the advent of remote learning, you can earn a degree that will open doors, all whilst still working full-time or tending to family obligations. Take some time to browse the available options and make sure, before committing to a decision, that your chosen institute is accredited and offers competitive tuition.

Healthy Habits

There is a possibility that your existential crisis may in fact just be a build-up of stress or a lack of basic subsistence. Take the time to address this in your free time by developing healthy habits that release tension, cater to your needs, and refocus your mind. Keep a healthy home by adding some plants, decluttering, and allowing more natural light in.

As clichéd as it might be for us in our mid-years, taking up a hobby can provide a much-needed escape from daily monotony and give you renewed purpose moving forward. Consider writing your first novel, producing music, new forms of exercise, or even plant care as a way to redirect your energy in a positive, constructive direction.

It’s also important to continue to satisfy our social needs, especially if they’ve been neglected recently. You might have kids who are growing beyond your supervision or a partner who has directives of his/her own. After spending years dedicated to others, it can be rewarding to reach out to old friends, neighbors, and colleagues and organize activities in a fresh social setting for the sake of enjoyment.

Mental Health

Sometimes, a mid-life crisis is brought on by issues of the past. If you have unresolved trauma or if you’re simply feeling emotionally overwhelmed, there’s no shame in turning to therapy. Virtual services have made doing so much more straightforward, as many providers offer a convenient, secure, and private space to discuss your mindset. You may even be able to receive a free consultation to ensure they are the right match.

Another strategy for improving mental health is meditation. There are a number of techniques that can help you to organize your thoughts or come to terms with matters of personal existence. Options include Zen meditation (seated meditation), which is focused on controlling the body’s breathing and posture for improved concentration, or Vipassana meditation (insight meditation), which helps the individual to practice mindfulness and work towards ‘inner freedom’.

A mid-life crisis is a common and sometimes necessary rite of passage in most of our lives. It is often in this period of internal chaos that we make our most profound self-discoveries. Just be sure to calmly accept and address your feelings of concern, rather than push them away for another time.

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