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A lecture held by Dr. Johanna Budwig on 17 June 1966 during the Second Bio-Technical Week in Neviges, which she included in her book "Flax Oil as a True Aid".

...While my latest book: Kosmische Kräfte gegen Krebs (Cosmic Forces Against Cancer) was being printed, there had already appeared small hints in various journals, of how important solar electrons are. The book, Sonnenenergie und der Mensch als Antenne (Solar Energy and Man as Antenna), which has been announced, offers, as can be judged by the title, a theme for much discussion and pleasant anticipation. It appears that people do react very positively to the sun, despite the fact that many doctors today advise patients to avoid it.

Is the sun suddenly no longer of benefit to us? I do not believe that man's interventions in cosmic relationships, biological processes and our biological-dynamic balance, have gone so far as to negate the positive influence of the sun. That has to lie in the receiving antenna. It is quite possible that the human antenna for sunbeams is no longer functioning. Let us contemplate these relationships for a while, today. far man has followed various commercial interests and carelessly interfered with his biological-dynamic balance-thereby cutting off his own life-nerve...we are severing our own life-nerve by using pesticides.

...With special reference to the disease of cancer, I would like you to consider from the outset, that every interference or intervention which disturbs man's biological-dynamic balance, his place in the cosmic scheme of things, in the dipolar field current of electromagnetic powers which surrounds the world and its creatures and which govern the entire cosmos; that every interference with these far reaching relationships, promotes the disease of cancer:

The small section which I wish to address today, "What can we do to prevent and cure cancer?" is really only a partial extract from the enormous whole; as cancer itself is only the most advanced developmental stage of this interference in healthy life.

So, when I say that I wish to speak of the healthy vital functions in man, within the cosmic scheme of matter, radiant energy and electromagnetic fields, it then means the same as when I speak of the prevention or curing of cancer. ...

At the end of my little book ... Kosmische Kräfte gegen Krebs (Cosmic Powers against Cancer), in which I deal with sunbeams especially kindly, I wrote: "In the future, cancer research ... will become a very simple matter, clearly and easily understood by everyone."

... Max Planck, quantum physics' great founder, said: "When someone thinks he has discovered something new but he cannot as a scientist so express it that everybody understands, then he hasn't discovered anything new at all." This is why I am so firmly convinced that those who really have something to say which concerns all of us, can so express it that everybody understands.

What is all this connected with? Professor Wellenstein, the Principal of Freiburg's Forestry Zoological Institute has said of himself, as published, that he is one of those people, perhaps even the main one in Germany, who has done more damage than any other, but at last, his Saul has seen the light and become Paul.

He is horrified at how, when he says- he can no longer keep silent about the number of vintners who spray with calcium arsenic and are suffering from cancer, or about how many forestry workers who use DDT or Trinitrophenolin as insecticides are likewise suffering from cancer, the responsible authorities keep repeating that it is not his concern. It is the task of the Forestry Authorities.

Professor Wellenstein says he can no longer close his eyes while the forestry and farm workers in this country are given such deadly poisons-insecticides-to handle, when alone in Stuttgart (according to Eichhalz) there are 120 official deaths from this cause.

In larger districts for example ... where insecticide was used over an area of 25 hectares, all the nesting birds died and 30% of the larger birds moved to other areas or died too. Deer, game, foxes and the like, were all found dead. It was observed--note the connection-that these dead creatures had all stored in their body fat, a wide range of insecticides, whether trinitrophenolin, Cresolin, DDT, calcium compounds or other insecticides used against oak pests. They are also stored in our own body fat, and have been proved to interfere with the living body's ability to assimilate that fat.

A similarly harmful aspect is found in the fattening-up of stock. While Senior Consultant Expert for fats, I investigated the high temperature treatment of fish oils, for the purpose of making them keep longer, and killing their fishy taste. I came to the conclusion that these oils then do great harm to the entire internal glandular system, as well as to the liver and other organs and are therefore not suitable for human consumption.

This was my official verdict prepared, by the way, for the German Ministry of Foods in 1951. In 1955 I received the answer: Banning these heat-treated fish oils is "being considered" as tests in other institutes have now shown that these fish oils are very harmful to both human and animals, as they disrupt the functioning of the glands and poison the liver, which rapidly leads to death (Today, these fats are still commercially available!).

When, after 50,000 tonnes of the above mentioned fats had been bought by the margarine industry and, in this situation, selling these fats became difficult, a cattle-feed firm was quickly called into being for the production of so-called ‘high-energy' for fattening pigs. This feed cake contained large amounts of barley edible[1], heat-treated fish oils, together with bone meal. Later, 50% of the pigs fatted on the feed cake turned blue and died on the way to the slaughterhouse.

Furthermore, I also know of farmers whose young cattle have been harmed or have even died through such 'high-energy feed cake'.

Through my consultation work with cancer patients I have met many trades people such as butchers, poultry breeders and bakers and, because of the situations which brought them such distress, I have learnt even more of these facts. I know that many butchers who are real experts at their job, are themselves aware of the fact that the meat, in the condition it often reaches them nowadays, is no longer fit for human consumption.

If we, then, by the indirect method of such un-biologically fattened livestock, ourselves ingest these harmful substances which act as inhibitors on the fats metabolism, it should come as no surprise that this behaviour, based on a greedy addiction to "getting rich quick" boomerangs on us and we, ourselves, destroy our life-nerve.

How is it that these fats in particular are supposed to be so very harmful and wreak such havoc? In official cancer research, a book published by the well-known Nobel prize winner, H.V. Eider of Stockholm, states that if we were to reduce the many and varied forms of cancer to a common denominator, we would then have to say that the living body lacks the ability to assimilate fat. We have to discover the factors which enable the living body to once more cope with and integrate fat into the vital functions. The 'lipotropic substances' became a very topical theme in medicine.

At that time I was the Central[2] Government's Senior Expert (in the year 1952) both for fats and pharmaceutical drugs. As I had, in 1950, already developed new and sensitive methods, the very first of their kind, for detecting fats-before that time it had been impossible to differentiate between saturated and unsaturated fats-I was spurred on to investigate which fats had undergone testing in ‘lipotropic substance' studies.

'Lipos' means fat. 'Lipotropic substances' are intended to enable the living body to mobilize and activate fat again, to make it more soluble. I determined that the nature of the fats themselves had been completely ignored. It was mostly fat bacon which had been given in the animal tests.

My findings that: Fat is not simply fat, led to focusing on unsaturated fats. I succeeded in proving, on a small piece of paper, that those protein substances which had been used to reactivate the living body's ability to assimilate fat, possess a 'haptophar', an adhesive capacity for fats, a sulphurous connection.

Electrically, this has a positive charge and belongs to heavy matter. With this haptophar, the protein substances also have a corresponding haptophar in the fats. It is called the' electron-rich, double-unsaturated connection of fatty acids, e.g. linoleic acids.

I put a drop of linoleic acid-which15 years ago [since 1951] had become a household word--a minute spot of 1/1000th of a milligram, onto a piece of paper, and then allowed the various ‘lipotropic substances' to rise in the paper.

I compared the reactions of these substances, e.g. the linoleic acids in the seed oils, and the reactions in pork fat. The results showed that in the seed oils, there is always present, in varying amounts, the haptophor for the lipotropic substances. The lipotropic protein connections, e.g. Cystein, as they are found in Quark, cottage cheese or nuts are able to make water-soluble the biological highly unsaturated vegetable oils in seed oils. And that is what matters.

When you mix together Quark or cottage cheese and linseed oil in your blender the fat becomes water-soluble. If you prepare the same mixture with fat from a pig which has been fattened on totally wrong feed, the fat no longer combines with the protein. It separates.

You can see this as an illustration of chemistry, in vitro, of what, takes place in all the organism's vital functions, and in its capillary activity, or in the rising of a plant's sap, that fat and protein do combine. That fat does become water soluble-but only when protein is in combination with highly unsaturated fats. Those highly, unsaturated fats are, essentially, rich in electrons. This is clearly measurable, physically.

These electrons enable fats to be surface-active at capillary level. Capillary activity is, quite simply, enormously important. In the centre of the earth as in the centre of the atom, there is much heavy matter. In the sky and in the outer envelope of the atom there are active, orbiting electrons. When we eat, electron-rich foods tend to move towards the surface which is of extreme importance for all the vital functions for the secretion of mucous, for the capillary activity of both the blood, the lymph fluid, and also for excretion through the bladder and intestines.

I often take very sick cancer patients away from hospital where they are said to have only a few days left to live, or perhaps only a few hours. This is mostly accompanied by very good results.

The very first thing which these patients and their families tell me is that, in the hospital, it was said that they could no longer urinate or produce bowel movements. They suffered from dry coughing without being able to bring up any mucous. Everything was blocked. It greatly encourages them when suddenly, in all these symptoms, the surface-active fats with their wealth of electrons, start reactivating the vital functions and the patient immediately begins to feel better.

It is very interesting to ask how this sudden change is possible. It has to do with the reaction patterns, with the character of electrons. I will return to these electrons later. In the last two years I have come to be very fond of them. A friend of my work in Paris wrote to me how wonderful it is that you have discovered the original birthplace of the electrons in seed oils to be the sun. That's how these connections are made!

We must ingest these electrons in our food for the vital functions ... When patients of mine-even very sick cancer patients-have, after consultation with me; followed my "Oil-Protein Food Plan" for as little as only one or two days, they, these people who have never read a single book of mine, and without knowing my theory, come and quite spontaneously report: "I suddenly feel so light in myself, no longer so heavy."

How is it that electron-rich nutrition makes one so light? Why do we need it so urgently? Electrons consist of light matter. They take away weight from heavy matter, which drags us down. They lighten the pull of the earth and make us suitable for the heights.

Electrons have a great affinity for oxygen-they love it. That is why, in us, they thrust for the surface. They attract oxygen and stimulate our breathing-our entire being.

Electrons also quickly lead to decay in many foods, particularly when the natural preserving agent of the seed or fruit is damaged. The destruction of the light, activating, electron oxidation system is the reason behind preserving processes which treat food to make it keep longer, and change the nature of fats so that they can be stored for years.

Such food acts as if it were stone instead of bread. It loses the feature of being properly nourishing. Testing on animals and humans has shown that when these preserved fats, poor in electrons, are ingested, animals and humans eat six times their normal amount of food. According to this, as I often tell housewives, they could save 5/6 of their housekeeping money, if they chose the right kind of fat. ...

Man's hunger for meat is only proof that he has lost his instinct for the right kind of nutrition. I do not forbid patients meat, unless they are on the edge of the grave. I do not eat meat. Someone wrote to me from Switzerland that they know I do not eat meatmyself, but allow patients to do so, and he asks why? I answered: Kind-heartedness.

But it is better, especially nowadays, to live without meat. It is good to observe that people who eat the right kind of nutrition--electron-rich foods--tend to avoid heavy food, preserved food, and interestingly, these people gradually begin, of their own accord, to stop wanting meat, until they finally say that meatless nutrition does them more good.

What does such food consist of? The "Oil-Protein Food Plan" I have developed contains electron-rich oils, seed oils and beneficial protein which, in combination with the oils can activate the body's vital functions.

Additionally, this food plan contains large amounts of fresh vegetables and fruit. Anything can be eaten which has not, through man's chemical intervention, been blemished or 'deactivated', leaving only the food's heavy matter.

Why is this simple question of nutrition in connection with fats so important? In 1911 a Swedish researcher had already published: "Fats are the substances which govern all aspects of life". ‘Protein' is unjustly called ‘protein'. Proteos =I come first. A cell's living and dying are revealed in how fat and protein associate within it.

This is also known from narcosis research. All the poisons which harm the living organism narcotically or toxically, including the benzopyrin in cigarettes, are stored in the fat and divide the fat and protein association process.

The following animal tests are very conclusive: When animals breathe in relatively large amounts of cigarette smoke i.e. benzopyrin; it is proved that cancer does occur. In parallel tests, animals were concurrently fed with flaxseed or flaxseed oil. These animals did not become ill.

By that, I'm not telling you to take up smoking heavily. With this example, I want to indicate how important it is to recognize not only where harmful and poisonous substances affect us, but also how these effects can be overcome. The latter aspect seems to me more important than simply busying ourselves with the "toxic situation overall".

At present we can neither hinder radioactive fallout, nor make the margarine industry, with a yearly turnover of 21 billion deutschmarks, change its fats production methods. ... What we can do personally, for ourselves, our surroundings and environment, for our friends, is find a method which helps to overcome most of this harm and damage.

Today, just because it can mostly compensate for the above mentioned harmful influences, electron-rich nutrition is more important than ever before. I have explained in detail the reasons for these links between the detoxification functioning of the body, and the water solubility of electron-rich fats in the booklet Kosmische Kräfte gegen Krebs (Cosmic Powers against Cancer).

I already emphasized, 15 years ago (in 1951 & 1952), the limiting effect on breathing when there is a lack of electron-rich fats, in which case, all glandular functions are reduced, and the secretion of mucous in the body's upper and lower cavities, including that of sexual functioning, are choked.

This is also of importance in stockbreeding. It is worthwhile considering whether it is really profitable for farmers to give harmful feed cake in an attempt to make quick money, but which leads to infertile stock.

... couples too, can solve the problem of marital infertility by changing the foods they eat. A farming family in Buchau on Lake Federsee had been wanting a son for over ten years. Would you believe that ten months after they consulted me on food and nutrition, I received a photograph of their first son and heir!


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1 This is a mistranslation/spelling, what is meant is "barely digestible".

2 Corrected: Federal

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