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Those unfamiliar with the above notions will find the necessary background under Geopathic Stress & Cancer. If you "take away" and implement just one piece of advice from that page, minimizing (pseudo)geopathic stress definitely would be the one to follow.

Metal in one‘s bed distorts beneficial earth radiations and increases noxious ones. This phenomenon is not only measurable by dowsing (where a human “detector” is required) but also ascertainable via an “objective” FM/VHF field meter. In addition, the steel wires of innerspring mattresses exert an antenna effect.

If you‘ve found or feel that your bed is positioned over a geopathic stress zone but are unable to shift it to a safer place (which would be strongly recommended), it is possible to at least attenuate its noxious impact.

Do not use spring interiors or any other metal in your bed, but hair mattresses and other natural materials such as wool and wood instead. Incidentally, this also tallies with Dr. Johanna Budwig‘s and other naturopaths’ advice re using only natural non-metal materials in your mattress and bedding to support optimal health.[1]

There are numerous devices purported to be effective neutralizers of geopathic stress influences (but they ain't necessarily at all).

Dr. A., a naturopathic physician, has this to say:

“The cancer patient needs to relocate — FAST! As early as the 1930s, world-famous German surgeon Professor Dr. med. Ferdinand Sauerbruch told all his cancer patients NEVER to return to their habitual sleeping place.

For centuries it has been known that certain houses have a much higher incidence of cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and many other degenerative diseases.

Only in the 1970s was a satisfactory answer found; these diseases are due to geopathogenic zones, which usually are caused by a conversion of gravity field energy from radioactive radiation, electromagnetic phenomena in the neighborhood of subterranean streams or even high power lines or color TVs.

Many times, a good dowser can locate these anomalies and appropriate measures can be taken to correct the situation.

As a first step, avoid the use of electric blankets, water beds, hair dryers and any electric influences that generate an electrical field of 60 hertz (cycles per second). Only if the patient is removed from these potentially damaging zones, does he/she have a maximum chance of permanent and speedy recovery in conjunction with diet, lifestyle and psychological modifications.

It may be a bit presumptuous to say that the above-mentioned geopathical zones CAUSE cancer, however, it is possible that they CONTRIBUTE to the causation of cancer.”

Some of the easiest and most ingenious remedies against geopathic stress from underground veins can be found in the highly recommended books written by the late Father Thomas Häberle (1912–1997), two of which thankfully have been translated into English. Titled "Helping & Healing" and "Counselling & Curing", with a bit of luck you will find these books somewhere.

How to minimize pseudogeopathic and technopathic stress

(for the definition of pseudogeopathic and technopathic stress click here)

While it may sound like a "nature nut's" simplistic advice, it seems imperative to avoid all plastic and metal materials in one's proximity. In other words, to the extent possible, only use wool, cotton, silk, linen, wood, bamboo and similar natural materials in your bedroom and workplace and shift all objects made of or containing artificial/metal materials from your immediate surroundings to somewhere further away.

In this context (if you read German), Berta Eggersberger's book "Die Wahrheit über 'Erdstrahlen' im Wohnbereich — Entstehung und Abhilfe" is a must-read as well. According to Eggersberger's research, most buildings nowadays no longer allow "earth radiation" through. Instead it is what we put into our rooms (particularly objects made of metal and plastic) that "recreate" the various types of earth radiation.

Pure wool (such as a woolen blanket) laid over "offending" objects seems to be a particularly "protective" substance.

The same of course goes for what we put directly on and into our bodies: avoid all metals and artificial (plastic) materials (in fact this is one of the reasons why metals in teeth or the mouth in general are not advisable).

In addition to minimizing (pseudo)geopathic stress, the second major concern is minimizing your exposure to EMFs (part of "technopathic stress").

You will find ample information under Electromagnetic fields and radiation (EMFs and EMRs) (critical protection and avoidance measures), Smart meters (on serious health hazards and protective measures for your health) as well as On electromagnetic fields (EMFs) (sources, suspected link to cancer or other health concerns, detection and protection measures).

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1 Dr. Budwig also repeatedly pointed to the importance of the electromagnetic field (or in a worst-case scenario, electrosmog) surrounding the person.

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