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More Thoughts on Dr. Hamer’s GNM

Some critical comments & suggestions by X.Y.

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The author of the following critical notes prefers to remain anonymous since, as he wrote to me, "some of the GNM people would get upset and will 'excommunicate' me ;)".

Please note that the ideas expressed in the following are neither endorsed nor not endorsed by Healing Cancer Naturally but presented as more grist for the mill and in the spirit of open discussion and challenging of ideas rather than repetition of dogma.

Cases mentioned to illustrate the link between DHS and diseases are often very simplistic while every patient is a very complicated accumulation of many experiences. Ten people can have the same DHS and can react to it in ten different ways.

First of all if a person has multiple DHS, if they are located on opposite sides of the brain they cancel each other out and instead may produce an emotional problem. For example a girl was sexually molested and then as an adult raped. She developed frigidity and paranoia rather than a physical illness.

Depression, unpleasant as it is has a protecting effect on the body. Depressed people have fewer heart attacks and urinary system problems (not including the kidneys).

Dr. Hamer misses some very important points in his theory. These have been brought to his attention but he vigorously resists the principle that traumas, attitudes, and mental illness can and are passed down though the family tree. This principle being part of the rift between Dr. Sabbah and himself.

Also Dr. Hamer is beginning to accept "tracks", that is small related conflicts can add up to a constellation conflict which can cause disease without the big DHS.

Some possible causes and explanations for the rising cancer rates have been postulated in the past and I'm agreeing with some. First is the breakdown of the family. Divorces and broken families used to be a rare thing 100 years ago, but today it is normal. This creates huge stresses and unhappiness with everybody concerned.

The increased use of illegal drugs among children and husbands creates much stress and worry for wives and mothers, thus increasing the risks of breast and ovarian cancers.

The general moral decay occurring all over this planet creates terrible suffering and misery and science totally fails to take this into account.

Diagnostics have greatly improved and many cancer victims in the past have been unaware of cancers coming and going.

Life expectancy has increased, the longer we live, the greater the accumulation of shocks, traumas and conflicts within our bodies and psyches, especially when one adds in the above factors of general decay of civilization and morality.

So somebody overcoming lymphoma by special diets, oleander tea, rife machines or spinning prayer wheels with the left foot will all work, because lymphoma is a healing phase cancer and the attitudes of faith to overcome, loss of fear because I'm going to fight and win!, and various other positive attitudes all contribute to healing.

A DHS is a conflict. A conflict is an argument with reality. Simply accepting things as they are does not make the unhappy circumstances go away. But accepting things as they are, stops the argument with reality and the DHS.

Eating a good high protein diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits help the healing process. The less toxins the better the body can concentrate on the illness.

New German Medicine is not as simple as a cursory study of the books or websites. About 50% of the cases have a simple DHS, but other cases require extensive questioning and even checking into the client's genealogy and gestation period.

Some of Dr. Hamer's followers propose that no medicines or antibiotics are required, I strongly disagree. Advanced cases of cancer or other illnesses in the healing phase can overwhelm the body and even be fatal. This is a sorry mistake that some of the pratitioners continue to make and it gives the modality a bad name These people should be stopped.

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