Why Alternative Cancer Treatment

Helping a Loved One With Cancer See

the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, diet & alternative therapy

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The following advice is owed to a woman who was trying to convince her loved one to look into naturopathic approaches to cancer treatment since the conventional road he followed held out little hope.

It's my experience, through observing many cancer patients through conventional medicine support discussion boards, that they show up, stick out their veins and "do" a lot of things like vomit, diarrhea, hair falls out, lymphedema, brain fog, fatigue, nausea, impotence, depression, chills, weight loss, wasting, etc.

What they often don't/won't do is eat more nutritiously, take control of their disease by educating themselves, exercise, mind/body work, take stock of their lives, and all the other things that weren't there in the first place.

I'm NOT saying that when we become ill, it's our "fault," but that we have a responsibility, when we do fall ill, to assist our bodies to heal. (Perhaps you could suggest that your loved one "lurk" at some of these discussion boards to observe what's in store for those who "do" only what their doctors tell them to do. But be forewarned, those boards are a parade of human misery.)

Allow me to give you some further guidance on this vital issue because you may find yourself experiencing "carer terror" when your obviously loving interest in your loved one’s welfare meets with resistance.

Understand that the hold that conventional medicine has on the populace is substantial. I was a regular visitor to a discussion board where the type of cancer that my [own] friend has was discussed all day, every day.

The degree to which natural healing methods were summarily rejected was appalling to me. On some discussion boards, for example, the "culture" is complete--that is, if you suggest complementary healing modalities, you're "forcing it down our throats" or you're "bashing conventional medicine."[1]

Your loved one may perceive you as doing the same thing. So if you hope to keep your relationship with him or her intact, I recommend that you tread very lightly even when, while doing so, their disease progresses and you go half out of your mind with worry.

Remember that within each human being, the need to be "right"[2] often overshadows the need to survive. As difficult as this is to understand, it's been shown that, psychologically, once a person establishes an opinion or takes a position, it's difficult for them to retreat from that position EVEN IF THEY'RE DYING.

A discussion of how this applies (in business) can be read in a book titled "Driven--How Human Nature Shapes Our Choices." The drive to be right applies in all areas of living.

I cannot state emphatically enough that unless you examine every single word that comes out of your mouth regarding an alternative therapy for tenderness and tact, you risk losing your loved one’s esteem for you. Am I speaking from experience? Yes, unfortunately, I am. For carers, particularly those who embrace alternative healing methods, the slope is slippery indeed. The health care environment for anything other than conventional medicine is not yet ready for prime time.

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1 Without trying to be paranoid or spreading "conspiracy theories", it's not totally unheard of that self-help groups "are nothing but the extended arm of the pharmaceutical industry" (see Insider proves pharmaceutical industry puts money / profits before patients' health — and life). In other words, comments as those quoted could actually be posted by paid agents which have infiltrated the discussion board.

2 Regarding the attitudes humans tend to have towards new facts and ideas, also see On Life, Truth & Philosophy Quotes and Facts.

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