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You may have been approached by someone who had great health improvements from using a Kangen™ Water Leveluk SD501 Ionizer machine. While the person may be genuine, you personally may still see no benefits. That is why this page is dedicated to 14 testimonials found on the internet (mostly) from long-term users who did not benefit.

Note however that these no-positive-results reports are probably more than matched by hundreds or (more likely) thousands of positive results reported, some of them sounding near-miraculous (for finding some of them, go to youtube or to many comment sections under articles discussing ionizers).

One of the major reproaches levelled at this type of water is the health effects long-term since at least animal experiments indicate there could be eventual untoward side effects from regular ingestion of alkaline/ionised water (see Water Alkalizers/Ionizers: possible side effects & controversy).

A number of people have reported such effects as well (although relating to the use of water ionisers of unspecified brand which could or could not have been Enagic's machine).

1 I was fooled and duped into buying one of these machines, and two years later my health problems are exactly the same. I did everything the company said to do, like giving up soda and all "acidic" beverages like certain juices and other drinks. I thought at first I was seeing real results, so I bought a machine, but all I did was saddle myself with debt for the machine. After visiting the doctor, it was clear that my health had not improved.

The person who sold me the machine told me to be patient, that it would probably take me a full year for my body to become "alkaline". So I kept it up for two entire years, but nothing ever improved (and some things got worse).

I am an active person who eats healthy and tries to do good things for my health. I was very intrigued by the idea of Kangen's machines, but at least their brand is a scam.

2 You say the machine prevents cancer? You are lying. I got cancer two years after buying one. Also it did not help my arthritis at all.

Yes, they told me when I bought one it prevented cancer and would make my back pain reduce. They also said it was the "purest water on earth." Really? It does not filter out any more than two chemicals, which I came to find out AFTER I SPENT 4300 dollars on it, and read the fine print. Then they suggest I buy an additional filter. More money, after spending a fortune.

Note by Healing Cancer Naturally: The above statement obviously does not mean that drinking Kangen water has anything whatsoever to do with a subsequent cancer diagnosis. Cancer typically takes at least a decade to even reach a size that makes it detectable by conventional screening tests.

3 I bought a machine and have used it for months exactly like stated, and I haven't seen any results.

4 I am dumb enough to be fooled to buy this piece of crap. It doesn't work for what it's been claiming to do and it's so damn expensive. 4 months after using it I had to buy another filter for $120.00 and no I was not giving water to anyone it is mainly used for drinking.

5 If this is a SCAM, I would LOVE to start a Class Action Suit, and get my hard-earned money back, for believing this machine and the water it produces, have healing effects. (A reply to this review reads: "Totally Agree with you.. I'm so close to just selling it....")

6 I've had a Kangen water machine for two years. Before that my family and dogs were healthy. In the last 6 months my husband was diagnosed with melanoma and my 5 year old Maltese who gets Kangen water daily with mast cell cancer. I've seen no benefit whatsoever from this product.

[See the note under point 3 above.]

7 The problem with the marketing of all ionized/alkalized water machines is that they imply that drinking the water alone is going to prevent all sorts of health disorders. That is not true.

Although the alkalized water does make a marked difference in many health issues, one should not expect it to prevent all cancers or disease just by drinking the water. A diet rich in whole plant-based foods is absolutely necessary for optimum health and to prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. ...

If you will do the research, you will see that the Japanese Dr. Hiromi Shinya that Kangen promotes as using Kangen water to cure colon cancer actually puts his patients on a VERY restricted diet in addition to using the Kangen water, and the combination is curing colon cancer....but Kangen kind of plays that part down in order to sell the machines. ... Borders on dishonest.

8 I regret every minute of my life that I spent so much money on this useless machine. After getting duped into buying this piece of garbage which cost $5000 you would expect simple clean water from it. Well let me tell you it is complete GARBAGE.

A Brita filter for $20 bucks is better than this. The replacement filter for this Enagic machine cost ~$150 with tax and shipping. You have to replace it EVERY 6 months.

I found out after 1 year of using the machine that I have tiny particles on the bottom of my pitcher. I called the company and they told me it is just minerals. Okay, that is just to cover your ass. These are dark particles. It looks more like something that is coming out of the filter or machine since my own tap water has nothing in it. They tell me I have to clean the machine. Well I told the them I just cleaned it a week ago. So then they told me to bring the machine into their office for a deep cleaning. I did that and about 6 months later same thing again. I found particles in my water AGAIN. ... there is no refund ...

Total scam. .. I paid for a $5000 machine and $150 replacement filter to drink disgusting dark particles in your water...

The following comments are excerpted from

9 My mother has been giving me gallons of this Kangen water over the past two months, claiming it will cure an early-in-life arthritis. Although I cannot find any science to support her claim, I agreed to drink it and report to her. I haven’t found the water to be of any help at all, and when I tell her this, she tells me that my body is taking time to adjust, etc. The water did nothing for me.

I do wonder, however, why it is that she believes it has helped her with her arthritis and my dad’s Parkinson’s. Neither one takes their medication anymore, and it has been 1 year. What accounts for her and my father’s recovery? I am mystified about that. Any guesses? Could it be the water? Diseases like arthritis and Parkinson’s just don’t go away.

Note by Healing Cancer Naturally: The above testimonial might be an illustration of the power of belief. While the parents believed and got results, the daughter didn't and got none. On the other hand, I have seen several reports from formerly skeptical people who changed their opinion after indeed seeing results.

10 My friend is all over kangen and has been bringing me gallons of water weekly for about two months. Bottom line…total bullshit.

He tells me that he lost tons of weight because of the water. I think he lost tons of weight because at about the same time he was drinking the water he was 1. Doing Yoga in a hundred degree room 2. working on a farm and 3. Started eating tons of vegetables instead of fatty food….maybe that has something to with it. I have lost ZERO pounds of fat in the past two months…ZERO.

How about the Kangen brochure that tells you to give it your pets and let them decide? After all the brochure says there is no placebo effect. OK, I gave it to three of my dogs and guess what! NOTHING HAPPENED.

I have one dog that is a little obese, he lost ZERO pounds after two months. Another dog has diarrhea which my friend said the water would cure. Nope, still diarrhea coming out. He tells me that they would be naturally attracted to the water. Huh, I put two of the exact same bowls, one with tap water and one with FRESH kangen water, the dogs drank the tap water on a 2:1 ratio to the kangen. It was totally random.

Aside from that, every WEALTHY doctor that I have asked to look at it, comes back with the same answer…BULLSHIT. I say wealthy because Kangen tries to say that Doctors don’t want people to discover kangen because it would make the entire medical industry collapse.

Well,these doctors have more than enough money, they are doctors because they like to help people. I don’t think my cousin (doctor) is telling me not to buy Kangen water because he is worried that his industry will collapse. He could retire right now, and why doesnt his family have kangen or every other doctor in the world? Wouldnt they buy it for their families at the very least if it did work? I guess these doctors just don't understand chemistry as well as the Kangen guys (sarcasm).

Now the excuse as to why it has not worked for me is that the water has an expiration date of 48 hours. You might want to tell people that before they do the 30-day trial in which you don't have the machine to fill water up every 48 hours. Obviously I’m not buying a 4,000 machine that has not done anything to see if it will do something if I fill it up every 48 hours.

11 My wife borrowed one of these machines, and I drank this ionized water for 4 weeks. ph of our well water was 7.5 and with this machine it boosted it up to 8.6 . Final result, feel no better, no worse. Ordinary tap water as far as I am concerned.

The body is incredible! Found that using a CO2 meter, that the more acid you take in, the more CO2 you exhale, and the more alkali that you take in, like this magic water, the less CO2 you exhale in each breath. Body ph stays the same.

12 Wife talked me into buying one for $4000. If it was $400 it was overpriced. Total bullshit! I feel this sale guy and wife took advantage of my wife and I am preparing a small claims suit against them for false claims with no scientific data. FTC supports our claim.

13 I have tried Kangen water. The sales pitch is, we give you free water and you will feel so good you will want to shell out $4000 for a machine. ... The man who is selling this machine was in poor health to start with. He touts that he feels so much better. He now has cancer. Last year his girlfriend who was a Kangen water drinker died. Yet he is still touting the water as a miracle cure????????

The bottom line is these people need a downline so they can make MONEY. I feel predatory sales practices are used to sell these machines.

14 For a lot of people drinking this magic water will make them feel much better for a very simple reason. They stop drinking all the energy drinks, fizzy drinks etc. and just drink the water. If they had changed their lifestyle to even tap water only I think most would have achieved the same great feeling. This is just IMHO.

Note: Enagic no longer offers a 30-day trial. The refund is valid only if the box remains unopened.

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