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On 14th February 2000, the UK's Daily Telegraph carried an article on page 8 titled CORRUPTION WIDESPREAD by Liz Lightfoot. It stated that a survey carried out by the IPMS (Institute of Professionals, Managers and Specialists, a union) found extensive corruption among government-financed organizations (but which acted independently) and laboratories that had recently been privatised.

A third of the researchers working in these places admitted that they had been approached by the respective funder of the study asking them to either adjust their findings to his preferred outcome, in a manner to make him win further government contracts, or to refrain from publishing unwanted research findings.

Richard Smith, then editor of The BMJ (British Medical Journal, one of the world's oldest medical journals), cited the following examples of questionable research:

  • When studying third-generation oral contraceptives for potential blood clotting "side effects", research funded by pharmaceutical companies found no evidence of such risk, while independently-funded research did.
  • Investigation into passive smoking risks financed by the tobacco industry typically was unable to find any such risk.

While at least peer-reviewed research appearing in the major medical journals meanwhile seems to declare their source(s) of funding as well as any competing interests, research continues to be fraught with unethical practices.

This is evident for instance from a study published in "Perspectives in Clinical Research" in 2013[1] which speaks of widespread fraud in clinical research, calling the area "highly vulnerable" to committing fraud of various types.

With particular respect to cancer treatments and highlighting another angle of the above problem, it is easy to be deceived (and many are) by orthodox medicine's clinical trials "game". Looked at critically, it seems to be used as a stick to beat unapproved treatments with, repeating ad nauseam the erroneous charge of "it's untested, there is only anecdotal evidence to support the claims" — disregarding the fact that clinical studies are basically a number of anecdotal cases lumped together.

Drug trials (even double-blind) are not a magic formula for truth. They are run by scientists who are under pressure and financial incentives to provide positive results for pharmaceutical companies who spend millions of dollars for these trials. As the articles below show, corruption is rampant in drug trials and medicine as a whole. Unfortunately, a Harvard Ph.D. is not always tantamount to scrupulous ethics and honesty.

As shown in History of Alternative Cancer Treatment (2), it can truthfully be stated that pharmaceutical companies run medicine in America (and other countries). They have one all-consuming preocupation; to make as much profit as possible (see Insider proves pharmaceutical industry puts money / profits before patients' health — and life).

The more unhealthy the population, the more money they make. Their priority is diametrically opposed to the medical profession's which is to do what is best for the patient. Pharmaceutical interest groups have seen to it that doctors can only dispense drug company products approved by the FDA who has an unbroken history of corruption and conflict of interest with pharmaceuticals.

Natural or inexpensive treatments pose a major threat to the drug companies' bottom line. So they have devised a way to suppress them; by imposing "testing" that no one will pay for because you cannot patent natural products and thus will never make a profit.

The truth is that the wolf has been placed in charge of the sheep.

The best evidence that any cancer treatment works are the patients alive and side-effect-free because of it.

Articles on medical fraud and corruption

"The Ties That Bind"
A study of journal publications details investigators' financial interests in their research

"Scandal of scientists who take money for papers ghostwritten by drug companies"
"Scientists are accepting large sums of money from drug companies to put their names to articles endorsing new medicines that they have not written..."

"Drug Trials Hide Conflicts for Doctors"

Seeing Deception is Your Only Protection
About the misconceptions and realities of the causes of breast cancer and the fact that large companies seem to be far more interested in profiting from breast cancer than finding a cure.

Wishes, Lies and Profits

TAMOXIFEN "Cancer Causing Drug Approved For Healthy Women"

"Buying Science, Selling Drugs"
Steve Morgan, Morris Barer and Robert Evans explain how drug companies systematically manipulate scientific research in pursuit of profit.
(scroll to "Buying Science, Selling Drugs")

Most Doctors Who Set Guidelines Have Industry Ties
http://www.curezone.com/art/read.asp?ID=119&amp;C0=1 yes

Cancer doc admits giving patients unneeded chemo

Influencing Doctors
"How Pharmaceutical Companies Use Enticement to 'Educate' Physicians"

"Key Breast Cancer Study Was a Fraud"

"Falsified research identified in 30 cases" (Boston Globe)

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1 Fraud and misconduct in clinical research: A concern

2 The above compilation of articles documenting medical fraud, particularly in clinical trials, including its foreword has been expanded from an article originally penned by an American citizen whose website is no longer online. I have reasons to assume that he yielded to pressures exerted by powerful vested interests so I keep him anonymous.

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