Multiple myeloma case report by Dr. Hulda Clark

Terminal plasma cell cancer in full remission?

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Readers new to Dr. Clark's approach to healing cancer and other diseases will find an introduction in these Excerpts from Dr. Hulda Clark’s The Cure For All Cancers

In the above book, Dr. Clark included the remarkable case history of a multiple myeloma sufferer who apparently was put into full remission under her natural "alternative" cancer treatment.

This patient (in contrast to a number of other cases documented by Dr. Clark) had not only received an "official" diagnosis (and was not expected to recover), but also did follow-up blood and other screenings.

Prior to falling ill, the patient, a woman in her early fifties, had been a very active and busy person. When first consulting with Dr. Clark, she was hardly able to move and considered in the terminal stage of her disease. In fact, she was in so much pain she had to remain seated in her car while her husband went to see Dr. Clark in her office to tell her the details of the case.

Her illness had started half a year earlier when she was diagnosed with arthritis which had worsened in the following three months.

Six weeks before coming to see Dr. Clark, she had started to have great pain walking. In spite of beginning to use a walker, she soon could not walk at all. She was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and prescribed a steroid drug (which did nothing to alleviate her pain).

Shortly thereafter, another examination revealed her true diagnosis — multiple myeloma (confirmed via MRI on January 2, 1992). Four days later, she submitted to surgery (involving the placement of a steel reinforcement in one of her legs and surgical removal of a cancerous part in her other leg).

These interventions were followed by a week of radiotherapy sessions, with a second one scheduled immediately after. Her husband had been told by her doctors that the very best they could hope for was a short remission, if any at all. The couple were considering to see an oncologist in another city who offered megadose intravenous chemotherapy.

After learning the above from the patient's husband (while the patient was still seated in her car), Dr. Clark explained her approach while clarifying that she would not try to dissuade them from having conventional treatment.

Reassured, the husband consented to bringing in his wife for having her checked for parasites (removing parasites is an essential part of Dr. Clark's approach to healing disease[1]). Supporting herself on a walker and in visible pain, the patient was brought into Dr. Clark's office.

Using her synchrometer, Dr. Clark determined the presence of the Fasciolopsis parasite in the patient's liver and colon and immediately put her on her parasite killing program[2] as a first and foundational therapeutic measure.

When four days later, Dr. Clark retested the patient for the presence of toxic elements in her body, she was found testing positive for tin, lanthanum and zirconium in her bone marrow. She was also found to carry kidney stones.

The patient was told to discontinue the use of all deodorants, toothpaste, lotions and body products / cosmetics and to exchange her watch against one made of plastic.

To help remove the kidney stones, she was started on kidney herbs.[3]

Six days later, retesting the patient showed that she needed to continue the kidney herbs and parasite program.

Three days later (i.e. thirteen days after the first consultation), the patient came in reporting feeling much better. She was still using her walker, moving "rather laboriously", and to avoid discomfort, had to sit on a pillow, with another one supporting her back. She still had pain in her thigh, rubbing it more or less constantly.

Dr. Clark retested her for various parameters (markers she used to gauge both the stages of disease and the progress of healing) and according to her test results, the cancer was receding.

The patient was advised to continue "cleaning up" her body and life of environmental and other toxins. For example, she carried a metal partial denture in her mouth which she had to change to plastic[4]. She used to clean the denture with a commercial cleaner but now had to use grain alcohol[5]. Her shampoo had to change to the natural DIY product recommended by Dr. Clark and she had to switch to citric acid as a hair conditioner. Even her walker had to be wrapped with masking tape to prevent her from touching aluminium.

The only supplements prescribed for the patient were magnesium (at 300 mg) and Vitamin B6 at 500 mg (both taken once a day) as well as a course of vitamin D (50,000 IU) once a day for thirty days to help against the pain and further the healing process.[6]
The patient having no appetite, she was additionally put on dairy food (three cups of 2% milk or plain yoghurt a day).

Another three days later and the patient's legs were less painful although she still used a walker and needed a pillow to sit on a chair. She reported feeling "like her old self" again which she ascribed to using the kidney herbs. She was able to dress by herself again and actually planned to go on vacation. The day before, she had seen her surgeon. According to Dr. Clark's test results, her cancer and other parameters had continued to improve.

Three weeks later (i.e. a bit over five weeks after her first consultation), the patient returned to see Dr. Clark. Back from her vacation, she was walking better and now able to take a shower without assistance.

Retested for various parameters (including presence of the Fasciolopsis parasite and ortho-phospho-tyrosine[1], Dr. Clark advised to continue on the parasite program and additionally start taking 100 mg of thioctic acid (a metal chelator which acts "where the cancer is at work") three times a day.

She had done 20 days of Vitamin D (50,000 daily) by then which would be gradually reduced to eventually just two capsules per week to be taken indefinitely.

Another month later (i.e. about ten weeks after her initial consultation) the patient was walking totally unassisted and able to comfortably sit on a chair without the aid of a pillow. She had been traveling and appeared to be "rather well". Dr Clark's testing revealed the presence of some remaining parasite infestation so the patient was given adjustments in her dosage of wormwood and black walnut tincture.

Since she still tested positive for toxic tin, she was asked to stop using the "health brand" deodorant she had been using. The only allopathic drug she continued to take (at a rate of two tablets about once a week) was Tylenol™.

Another week later, the patient appeared to have the energy and health of a normal person. Testing showed other parasites to be present and the wormwood dosage was increased for three days. Toxic PCB and tin, apparently from some body care products
she had been using was discovered and discontinued while she kept taking thioctic acid three times a day.

At this point, the patient was started on a liver cleanse[7] as well as "07" (a commercial chlorine dioxide preparation[8]) and peroxy (17 1/2 % hydrogen peroxide).

Another three weeks later, the patient reported feeling wonderful. She had had a complete blood count done with all values found to be in the correct range; her doctor had told her she was "doing great."

Her MCV (mean corpuscular volume) was slightly in the higher range and Dr. Clark advised to add (500mg) B12 lozenges. Her lymphocytes were slightly low which Dr. Clark ascribed to the presence of toxic tin, PCBs, and nickel in her bone marrow.

The patient was advised to increase the intake of calcium, magnesium, zinc (60 mg once daily) and manganese as well as eating more salmon or sardines.

Another month later, the patient continued reporting feeling wonderful and "great" — "much better than even before surgery". Her energy was back which she had not had for a year. She stated that she would see her oncologist in a few days.

Dr. Clark tested her positive for toxic nickel and vanadium so the patient was asked to no longer use candles (these toxins could also stem from gas appliances which the patient didn't have in her home).

Some further small adjustments were made to the patient's regime and lifestyle according to further test results and she was prescribed another liver cleanse.

Dr. Clark commented that this patient promptly and willingly complied with the (quite demanding) treatment (requiring her to adopt "a whole new way of life"), and did not quit in spite of having a harder time than others in killing all the parasite stages she harboured.

She had received moral and hands-on support (such as with cooking and transportation to the office) from both her husband and friends. Her enjoyment of life (aka will to live) apparently made the effort involved worth the while.

When Dr. Clark last saw that "terminal patient", she was back to being her former vibrant self.

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