Near-Death Experience Followed by Terminal Leukemia Healing

Frank Breido's NDE

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Frank Breido is a German Christian who at age 27 — virtually overnight — was diagnosed with terminal leukemia.

Growing up in a Pentecostal Christian family, Frank Breido early on decided to let Jesus Christ be the Lord of his life. While he knew the Bible fairly well, he had not yet truly accepted its promises.

Working as a technician for Telekom (a German telecommunications company and by revenue the largest telecommunications provider in Europe), Frank had also been actively involved as a Scout leader. He supervised a troop of Christian boy and girl scouts during summer camps and organized various outdoor activities for them.

When during camps talk turned to the Bible's miracles, the teenagers wanted to immediately try out the promises made in Luke 4:40 and other places "... laying hands on the sick, and healing them..." .

"You are the leader", they would say, and when once one of the group sprained his foot and developed an egg-sized swelling, they demanded he lay on his hands and pray to heal it. They started to pray and as he reluctantly laid on his hands, the egg vanished — to his great astonishment.

Another incident involved a camp which was about to be called off due to a deluge-like downpour which was miraculously stopped by the children's prayer while all around the rain continued to pour. Still, these modern-day miracles came as a surprise to Frank's still doubting heart.

Just after Christmas 1991 — Frank had not celebrated his 27th birthday yet, he suddenly fell ill with what seemed to be a cold accompanied by fever, chills, and nausea. What was somewhat unusual was the initially light rash on his neck, also his leg hurt a lot without any discernible cause. They prayed and the symptoms got better, but returned. When in the new year his state continued to show no improvement, he had so see his doctor.

Then came the shocking diagnosis: "chronic leukemia". As Frank was unaware of what that meant, he needed an explanation — it meant blood cancer. And the doctors hardly held out any hope for recovery.

Devastated, Frank instantly threw in the towel and resigned himself to his death. From one day to the next, he had been torn from a life that had barely begun in earnest to face what seemed to be his end. He called his mother and essentially said his goodbyes. Although he had seen many healing miracles in others that had been prayed for, he still doubted God's Word — which would have helped him to simply refuse the verdict of the doctors.

As he stated in one of his (later) lectures, it is much easier to pray for others but when oneself is concerned one needs the help of others.

Frank was taken to the university hospital. Blood cancer being aggressive, it first erodes the bone marrow and then the blood system. When the marrow is gone, one can't make blood any longer, and when one can't make blood, one's protein balance collapses. Without protein balance, the immune system dies which is an open invitation to any disease.

After 48 hours of testing, the doctors gave an even more devastating diagnosis: He had no bone marrow left, his blood was eroded, the cancer ran riot in his veins, and he didn't have chronic leukemia but acute terminal leukemia. To the best of their knowledge, they thought he had three weeks left.

They would try the strongest chemo they had for six days straight to destroy all his blood and marrow hoping to thus simultaneously destroy the cancer.

But his chances were slim at best. The doctors themselves were surprised at the speed at which his cancer progressed. It normally was slow to develop, with the illness only gradually worsening.

At this point, Frank didn't even pray any longer, he was just terrified. Why all of this? What on earth had happened?

When his mother entered the hospital room where Frank had been placed together with three other sick men who lay there apathetic and intimidated, she immediately felt a satanic atmosphere — as Frank says, all born-again Christians are able to discern a satanic as well as a divine atmosphere. She shook her equally apathetic son who refused to close his eyes and asked what was going on.

He replied that when he closed his eyes, he could see satan in person standing before his bed, an ugly terrifying figure. Laughing, Satan was pointing at him and saying he would kill him for what he had done to him. He didn't even care that Frank would go to heaven.

This happened before Frank had received any morphine for pain or chemo, i.e. while his mind was still crystal clear.

Frank says that you have authority over Satan once you have a relationship with Jesus since Satan was vanquished by Jesus Christ. And endowed with this authority, Satan will flee. Frank himself at this point was so debilitated that he couldn't help himself — but his mother could. Commanding the power of darkness to leave in Jesus' name, she added "This is not your kingdom here." Instantly, the entire atmosphere lifted and peace returned to the room. The doctors who had actually refused to enter the room with his mother came back and the senior physician himself remarked to the patient how much the feel of the room had changed for the better.

Another doctor confided in Frank: "There are two powers fighting for your life — we don't know who they are". While this doctor was aware of the negative atmosphere surrounding a person who is dying, he never before had encountered the fight he felt being waged around Frank.

Frank was started on the chemo, not as is usual in cycles but for six days in a row. When relating his experience in his lectures, Frank speaks highly of the doctors' dedication: he needed supervision around the clock and saw some of them putting in 36-hour shifts.

Due to the lack of blood and circulation, his right leg began to die, starting with the nerve endings, which created unspeakable pain. He was started on morphine against the pain.

A large prayer movement was initiated on his behalf — from his mother to the boyscouts to congregations all around the country praying for him.

His mother commenced an intense search of the Bible for what it had to say about this kind of situation. Many of his Christian brothers and sisters felt that God's will was sacrosanct, that God was sovereign and that there was nothing man was able to do.

Frank strongly insists that this is wrong! God's Word as expressed in the Bible says what his will is: He wants you to have a long life, He wants you to be well in spirit, body and soul. Jesus not only died for our sins but our illnesses too.

So Frank's mother came to sit by his bed, up to 14 hours a day, and started to proclaim the Word of God. Again and again she reminded Frank of God's grace (Psalms 139:3: "You scrutinize my path and my lying down, and are intimately acquainted with all my ways") and particularly God's promise in Psalms 118:17: “You shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.“

When he was under both chemo and morphine against the pain in his leg, he went into acute respiratory failure — no heartbeat detected. He went into ICU and was administered artificial respiration (he was not believed to come back). Fully conscious, he suffered a torture that repeated itself day and night and left him terrified: every 15-20 minutes his lungs filled with phlegm so the machine had to be switched off to allow the lungs to be cleared. This led to choking and a feeling of suffocation until the machine could be switched on again.

As the doctors kept checking his body, they detected multiple organ failures (no spleen, kidney and liver activity, his only kidney from birth was burnt as it were from all the medication); admirably, his heart was still beating. He was connected to twelve machines to keep him alive.

After the six days of chemo were over, Frank's body had reacted to the chemo but the cancer had not, remaining unchanged. Herpes started to cover his body, fungus began spreading in his throat (this is very dangerous since it can enter the lungs which can kill a person).

His mother still sitting by his bed continued proclaiming the Word of God: "I am the Lord your doctor. I died for all your illness." "And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name (Jesus), that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son." (John 14:13) "You shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD." (Psalms 118:17)

Frank's doctors who overheard her wanted her to stop. They pointed out that a simple look at her son could confirm the absurdity of her words. After all, he would always be on dialysis, his right leg was dead and his left one beginning to die off, and with long-term machine ventilation, his larynx would be unusable.

His mother's fight however was no longer the fight of a mother for her son. It was the fight of a Christian who wanted to know if the promises of the Bible were real or if she had simply fallen for some crazy ideas.

She even challenged God saying "You are bound by your Word, we have often enough prayed for a cold or a flu, but now we want to experience the miracle".

As she prayed up to 14 hours by his side, she was watching his body fall apart. Due to the chemical onslaught and the constant blood transfusions he needed, his veins and intestines had become porous, so his inner organs started to bleed. This meant certain death (the reason why people die from a shotwound is inner bleeding, when blood reaches the heart the person dies). So his body started bleeding from the inside, blood welling up all the way into his eyes and trickling from all of his orifices.

The herpes covering his body turned crimson from the bleeding skin, black blood blisters formed on his arms and neck, weals appeared all over his body which burst, with old blood running out.

Doctors were called from afar to study and photograph this body that refused to die with only the heart continuing to beat.

All feeling had gone from his legs in spite of unbearable pain. Running a constant high fever, Frank lay there just covered with a thin sheet. In spite of the fever, he felt terribly cold.

His mother later confessed that she only looked at his head since his entire body offered a horrific sight.

Doctors expected him to die at any moment. But his mother continued to proclaim that he would not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.

The fungus entered his lungs, herpes was covering his body, both legs had died. No organ functioned any longer, no food was absorbed, the inner bleeding that had to go somewhere continued to come out of his skin and each bodily crevice — the ears, the nose, and the eyes. The doctors said it would destroy his eyesight, he would remain blind.

Frank's lungs started oozing blood and water. They were pumped out and air was pumped in. Since the alveoli would stick together from the bleeding, his doctors were amazed that air was still accepted. They stopped cleaning him since they expected him to go into coma at any moment.

As his mother was praying, he suddenly noticed that he was rising — which made him wonder since he was strapped to the bed in order not to rip out the tubes that were fastened to him. The ceiling came closer — then he turned around and saw his body, his praying mother and two doctors nervously pacing the room.

He was glad realizing he was dead. He quickly rose through the ceiling. Fully aware, he noticed he was in a completely different dimension. He moved towards a mountain and in the distance, saw a bright gold-coloured city and knew this was heaven.

In a flash, he remembered what was written in the Word of God: this was the New Jerusalem. Happy and elated, he felt finally at home. Then he stood before the sea of glass like crystal (he had only heard of it from his grandmother), a wonderful scent rising from it. (Revelation chapter 4:6 and 15:2). He had made it.

Running towards a gate that looked like a huge pearl, shining in a million colours wonderful to behold, not a moment did he think of the people who had been praying for him for three weeks. The gate opened, he saw Jesus and ran towards him radiant with joy: "Here I am".

Jesus smiled at him with eyes full of love, and lightly shaking his head replied: "It isn't your time yet. Your mother has been praying for you so you have to go back once more."

Frank says he doesn't wish this experience on anyone. He was petrified.

When his mother saw him dying — she had seen it before with her own grandmother — she called out: "Hey stop, this is not the Word of God, in the name of Jesus you are coming back. I have not been praying for three and a half weeks for you to leave. No, the Word of God says you shall not die but live and declare the works of the LORD!"

The doctors thought she had lost her mind. They closed his medical records. In heaven someone grabbed his shoulders, lifted him slightly and turned him around (Frank believes it was the spirit of God). As he turned around, he again was looking out through his broken eyes, he was not healed — but his mother's prayer had forced him to come back.

While his mother smiled, his doctors thought he would die for good soon after. They still had to change his tubes once more for which new stitch holes had to be made and he also started bleeding from them.

His mother left. Some 24 hours later, when the nurse on duty came to check whether Frank had finally been delivered from his sufferings, she could not believe her eyes: Where formerly his body had been covered in weals, bloody herpes, blood blisters and inflamed stitch holes, a brand new clean pinkish skin covered him from head to toe.

The doctors were dumbfounded: this could not be. When it was discovered that his body had started making urine again although previous x-rays had shown his one kidney to have been destroyed, multiple tomographies revealed that a brand-new kidney had grown in where his original one used to be. They also revealed that there were no more pools of blood between his organs. His body started making the first 100 red blood cells, and on 14 February 1992 one amazing news followed the next: Although he still had no blood marrow, in 36 hours his body made 5 liters of cancer-free blood (normally it takes 5-6 weeks to make one liter), and all his organs worked normally. His immune system was fully functioning again, the kidney regenerated. His lungs were free of blood and working perfectly.

Frank describes a somewhat humorous episode that followed:

At this point the senior physician addressed him with the words: "Your organs are back to functioning but you are blind and can't speak with your damaged larynx and I am not sure whether you can hear me but we will pull your ventilator tubes now. Rest assured that you have enough oxygen and air." Frank struggled hard to try breathing on his own again after several weeks, and finally uttered in a hoarse voice: "I'm alive." To which the professor replied: "You can speak!?" and Frank responded: "Yes, and I can see you as well!"

But Frank was anything but pleased to be back on earth. He wanted to go back home.

The rest of Frank's story as told by himself

"If I had known then what I now know, I would have immediately left the hospital. But at that point I was unaware of my rights and so I had to spend another 12 weeks at the clinic. They ordered another chemotherapy which destroyed everything my body had rebuilt. When in March the doctors were surprised to find sufficient and perfectly healthy bone marrow, I begged to be allowed to leave: 'Jesus has healed me completely!'

The doctors were aghast at my demand and ordered yet another cycle of chemotherapy which nearly killed me. Then they wanted to do a maintenance chemo. And then a bone marrow transplant which would give me a 27% chance of survival. I declined. I finally was released — and quite abruptly so — on 5 May 1992.

What was most unsettling however was the response of my fellow patients. I told them my story and offered: "You can be healed, may I pray for you?" They didn't want to hear of it and I saw nine men die beside me.

God heals even today. He heals your problems and worries and needs. That's what he died on the cross for, for the love of us."

Frank Breido has been lecturing on his experience before packed audiences all over Europe including at medical congresses. His important mission is to bring the Gospel to the people and to let them know that there is life after death. He bears witness to Jesus Christ being alive and working miracles even today. So that we humans recognize the true path to the heavenly goal!

Some pertinent Bible quotes

Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give. (Matthew 10:8)

And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. (Mark 16:20)

And were beyond measure astonished, saying, He (Jesus) hath done all things well: he maketh both the deaf to hear, and the dumb to speak. (Mark 7:37)

... this happened so that the works of God may be revealed through what happens to him. (John 9:3) ...

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it. (John 14:12-14)

Something for "nonbelievers" to ponder

As I created (formulated, translated and published) this page while alone in my apartment on March 11, 2020, the affirmations flasher I constantly run on my screen suddenly showed only hieroglyphs rather than affirmations. As I checked what file it was displaying (normally I set it to run a file like "affirmations.txt") it (inexplicably) showed it was running a file ending on "diable.zip" (diable = French for devil). I did have a French nonfiction book in zip format ending on "diable" on my desktop (whose subject matter had nothing to do with the devil) but how the display file could have suddenly changed BY ITSELF and on top to the word DEVIL is only explainable supernaturally... This was very scary and later I went to bed leaving the lights on...

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