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How Can I Help End the Pharmaceutical/Medical Industry’s Cancer Profiteering

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The following article was penned by an American citizen who formerly ran a website which went offline around mid-2016. Since I have reasons to assume that he took it down due to being persecuted for denouncing powerful vested interests I won't mention his name. I fully agree with his assessment and suggestions, so I am sharing them with you below in a slightly updated form.

“If you keep on doing what you have always done. You will get what you have always got.”
(More dead family and friends...)

Some people are disillusioned by the facts.[1] They say, "If it’s as bad, we can never defeat an adversary as powerful as the medical complex."

But some 230 years ago we went to battle with a foe far more powerful than today’s medical complex. It didn’t take hundreds of thousands of people to make it happen either, but only a handful. In fact, a quote from Samuel Adams spells it out.

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds..."

Some of the rebellion’s leaders were Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin and James Otis. They took on the most powerful nation the planet had ever seen, England, at that time the superpower of superpowers. Everybody knew that we had no chance of defeating them in a war. They had all the weapons, the experience, and the resolve to easily defeat us.

Things looked very bad at first and soon became far worse. Defeat after defeat, followed by more defeat. But although England kept winning the battles, they couldn’t ever win the war over an ideal. That ideal being freedom.

We never quit, and in the end, it became one of England’s most humiliating defeats.

Our fight today against the medical dictatorship is very similar to our war for independence; in both instances it is about freedom. Back then it was freedom from a foreign despot, today it is freedom from a medical monopoly controlled by the drug companies. We must have free access to all holistic/allopathic medicines and the right to choose whatever medicine we want.

Let me say this. The pharmaceutical companies/medical complex will never stop trading the lives of our family/friends for money.[2] If you think for a minute that they will ever give it up without a fight, you are wishing for what never was and never shall be. We are fighting the most destructive and mendacious of human traits.

The people running things (primarily men) are all consumed with their own personal and professional agendas. Their predominant character trait is narcissism driven by avarice. Their sole motivation and way of measuring success is not healing the sick, but how big their boat is, how many undeserved awards they’ve snagged and how many sycophants drool over them.

They have a rapacious, unquenchable addiction to money, power and personal glory[2], all else be damned!

It's high time that we put a stop to them profiting from the deaths of our family and friends.

Never doubt that we will win. For all the power that the medical/drug company industry has, they also have several fatal Achilles heels.

They desperately rely on your continued ignorance and apathy about this situation in order for them to continue. Their greatest fear is what is happening. Your understanding of what they have been doing for generations; exposure is what they dread most.[3]

One of the medical complex’s greatest weaknesses is the pitiful character of the people running it. They are shallow, cowardly, venal men hiding behind the medical cartel's smokescreen of lies and marketing gimmicks. When the wind starts to change, watch them run, tails between their legs, confessing all.

Last but not least, our greatest strength is you, the reader, because when good men and women put their hearts and minds into something, the mightiest walls of oppression can and will be overcome.

Some Ideas About Getting the Word Out: Utilizing the Internet To Its Fullest Capabilities.

  • Email. If ten people tell ten people, everyone will know within a week.

    If you can give a minute a day to send an email you’ve achieved something and that always feels good. Maybe that one email triggers fifty more. Maybe it lands on somebody’s computer who has more time and they email a thousand people. Who knows?

    Here is one example of the distribution power of email. A few months ago when gas prices were at $2 (in Chicago area) a gallon, I received the same email from several sources urging an embargo on Mobil gas stations. Hundreds of thousands (probably millions) of people received that email. Let us do the same thing in exposing the cancer racket. Some email ideas are below.

    Write a standard message that can be cut and paste into all emails. Email everyone you know a link to this website, not just people you know that cancer has touched his or her life. This involves everybody.

    When emailing more than one person you can use the Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) facility so as to keep people's email addresses confidential.

    Post a link to this website to discussion forums/message boards.

    An email signature is a few words or sentences that is automatically attached to every email that you send. Most email programs offer this option. Place a link to this site with a few words describing it.

    Many offices in America use "Microsoft Outlook" as their email system. It is very easy to email your whole company a link to this website.
  • Use the Internet's search engines to find health/cancer message boards and people to help spread the word.
  • Use chat rooms, e-groups, instant messaging, Usenet.
  • Use local newspapers and alternative media.
  • Use radio. Email talk radio stations online about this issue.

Please contact me with your ideas and I’ll add them.

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.


1 The facts alluded to are being exposed in articles such as The Cancer Racket.

2 The true depth of the literally death-dealing practices reigning in the pharmaceutical industry has been poignantly exposed by someone who worked for 35 years in leading positions in this business, see Insider proves pharmaceutical industry puts money / profits before patients' health — and life: Massive Big Pharma corruption exposed by whistleblower.

3 Indeed. Personally I believe we are dealing with a psychopathic mindset and exposure is truly one of their few Achilles heels.

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