Ionizing radiation burns treatment

Padutin (kallikrein) for radiation damage to the skin

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The enzyme and hormone Padutin (kallikrein) was successfully used in 1965 by Belgian doctors on some 100 patients to heal radiation burns until then considered incurable.

In 1926, German surgeon Prof. Emil Karl Frey discovered that urine injections remarkably lowered the blood pressure in dogs.[1] Intense research efforts revealed that the active ingredient responsible for this effect was an enzyme named kallikrein. Kallikrein is also formed in the pancreas, salivary glands, lymph glands, and spleen. Since the discovery of its action, this remedy has been used to increase blood flow particularly in the capillaries of the skin.

In 1965, Belgian doctor A. Massart served as physician at the European Atomic Energy Community in Brussels. A young technician under his care began developing a serious radiation burn on one of his fingers — a year after the original accident had occurred — and in a particularly serious form. None of the treatments applied would change his condition for the better. Doctor Massart finally tried kallikrein, the vasodilator he had already occasionally used with normal burns. And it helped!

After the astounding success of this treatment, Massart and his staff went on to treat some 100 radiation burn cases with kallikrein, 80 percent of which experienced complete improvement.

The above was reported by physician and cancer researcher Prof. Dr. Dr. Gyula de Szilvay in his book "Grundlagenforschung über Krebs und Leukämie [Basic Research into Cancer and Leukemia] on page 167 (translated by

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1 See inter alia [A review on the development of Kallikrein (Kallidinogenase)] and Insulin-Free Pancreatic Extract and the Circulatory Hormone (Kallikrein of Frey and Kraut).

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