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Rules of Past Life Healing

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"The Past is Still Present..."

Past life healing can be one of the most powerful experiences that an individual has in any given lifetime. For the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual problems which have been "plaguing" an individual for many incarnations can be released "in the blink of an eye"... for those willing to follow the rules of past life healing.

We live in a loving, compassionate universe. God wants us all to know the joy that is our birthright. All we need to do is let ourselves out of the prisons we have created for ourselves in the past.

Here's how Past Life Healing Works...


Past life healing can alternatively be described as the clearing of karma, the healing of karma, and the transformation of karma to dharma. It can NEVER be described as the escaping of karma. If you are on the Earth, you are subject to the laws of karma and reincarnation. You can be free of karma in the sense that if you obey its laws and live your contract, you can exist in peace.

Yet advance on the spiritual path and break a karmic law and you will be amazed by how quickly and strongly karma comes back upon you. The goal of past life healing — as with all experiences in life — is to help you unfold in Soul awareness so that you can live the path of Dharma in CoWorkership with God.

Compare Edgar Cayce: Cancer Is Sometimes A Karmic Pattern and Breast cancer case with bleak diagnosis healed after a single session of regression therapy.


Enforcing the evolution of each individual into Soul awareness is what the rules of Healing, Illness, and Recovery are all about. Those rules work to ensure that you stay on your path so that you meet your life contract. Past Life Healing works to expand and enrich your path so that you can accelerate in Soul awareness if you choose to do so (see "Hallmarks of the Spiritually Advanced").

Accelerating is much like peeling back the layers of an onion. The outer layers of past life problems are tougher and take longer to strip away while the inner layers are more compact and intense but easier to remove once they are reached. The purpose of working through the layers is to slowly realize the totality of your beingness so that you are not overwhelmed by the information.

That is why we agree to "forget" our past lives before we come here... so we can concentrate on unwinding intractable bits of our karma. Once our karma is "straightened out" we can begin the process of fully reconnecting with all who we have been. By leveraging our past and integrating it with the present, we thereby empower our future by evolving into total awareness of ourselves as infinite Soul beings (which is the "Kingdom of God within us", our Higher Self).


Past life healing comes down to this... The point of all power is in the present moment because this NOW moment is the only one you ever experience.

The Now that was present yesterday we call the past.

The Now that will be present tomorrow we call the future. If you cannot be at peace with a particular Now moment in the past — whether from a past life or from a past event in the present life — you need to heal that moment.

For what is unhealed from the past can keep you from being all you want to be now — physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. And what is unhealed from the past will continue to negatively influence your present until it is resolved.


The simple truth is the only way past your pain and problems is going through them. For "what is forgotten, 'unknown' and unhealed is always more frightening than what is remembered, 'known', and healed." It is this fear that attaches the painful past to you like a magnet.

Pushing through the fear, the problems, and the pain is what resolves them... avoiding them only increases their "magnetic" pull until they become so unbearable that they must be faced.

Amazingly when the light of truth dispels the darkness of the unknown the problem is never as bad as was feared. Time and time again when the fear is confronted, the person finds that they are in the place where they can handle the knowledge and resolve the issue. And when the pain is truly faced, it is then truly gone.


When we experience pain, we invariably ask the question of "WHY?" "Why am I having this pain?" "What is the point of it?" "When will it ever stop?"

Although the precise answers to these questions will vary in each individual case, the general answers to these questions are always the same.

"You are having the pain because you are forgetting, ignoring, or misunderstanding something very important that you need to remember about yourself."

"The point of your pain is to get you to the place where you are ready to listen and accept this very important thing."

"The pain will end when you finally do listen and accept this very important truth about yourself."


Often just facing past life pain is sufficient to release it for good. If you really have let the pain of the past go it will not return to you. Yet sometimes an individual is so "invested" in their pain that it returns to them as inevitably as a boomerang.

People can become invested in their pain for many reasons. Some like to be super heroes: "look at me, look at how well I overcome my adversity... when the going gets tough, the tough get going..." Others like to be martyrs: "poor little me, if only I did not have the cross of my pain to bear, what wouldn't I do..." A few are in it strictly for the narcissism: "I have real problems, my pain is the only thing that matters, focus on me, serve me, put up with me..."

The truth is there are better things to be invested in than pain. Yet if you want to keep your pain, it will be happy to come back to you and stay with you for as long as you need and want it to. Healers can help you lay down your pain but only you can let it go for good (see the Rules of Recovery for what it takes to get better).


The healing of physical problems is the most popular use of past life healing because it gives people the most immediate and obvious results. Often they have a specific problem — most often chronic pain — that conventional medical treatments or other alternative healing cannot address.

If the pain is "originating" in a past life, then it becomes very difficult to treat it using only present-day means. Using past life healing for past life problems produces results that are often immediate and dramatic.

The results are immediate in that the problem will cease altogether anywhere between the time the person makes a firm intention to keep their appointment to a month after the session is completed.

Compare Mind: The Power of Love, Gratitude, Words & Intention.

The results are dramatic in that presenting symptoms decrease in a way that is noticeable to the client. These range from restoring full function to previously impaired parts of the body to the reduction in the severity of the original problem. The good news is that physical problems do not have to be a life sentence for those willing to look deep inside themselves to heal their pain.

Compare Breast cancer case with bleak diagnosis healed after a single session of regression therapy.


Past life healing of emotional problems is particularly effective precisely because they force someone to look deep inside themselves for answers.

To understand this, look at the word emotion. It comes from the phrase "Energy in Motion". Everyone's emotions originate inside themselves as energy seeking expression. This energy is sent by our Higher Selves for our learning and unfoldment as Soul and drives us to take action and make choices. Our choices then either "work off" or "make more" karma for ourselves.

Past life healing gives us a unique opportunity to examine the karmic patterns which underlie these emotions. For once we see the emotional patterns that drive us we are free to transcend them and make different, more empowering choices.


Closely linked to our emotional patterns are our mental ones: otherwise known as attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors. Since these were formed through trial and error during the totality of all our experiences in many incarnations, they are often the most "treatable" by past life healing.

For disempowering mental patterns that cannot be explained by our lives now are virtually certain to have arisen in one or more past lives. Most psychologists do not realize just how true their maxim — "that on the inside, every attitude, belief, thought, and behavior makes perfect sense" — really is.


Of all the past life problems out there, spiritual ones are often the most difficult to heal. This happens because as we all make our solitary journey back home to God, most people become firmly attached to one particular religious path. Spiritual problems arise when we are asked to step beyond a path that no longer is advancing our learning or our unfoldment as Soul.

As we grow spiritually, we are like the mountain climber who sets out to scale the largest mountain he can see. The climber believes that once he has summited, he will have attained the greatest possible height. And yet when the climber gets to that summit, he sees that there is another whole range of mountains stretching on in the distance that are even higher and steeper than the one he has just conquered.

And so it is with the spiritual life, there is always more. There is more because God has created an infinite universe. And because there is more, it means that certain past lives must be healed at deeper levels... and so the journey continues.


If the process of past life healing could be summed up in a single phrase, it would be this one. "Those who do not learn from the lessons of the past are condemned to repeat them." (Santayana) Our failure to learn the laws of life in the Universe, to grow in Soul awareness, to expand in our ability to Love is what propels us along the journey through the worlds of karma and reincarnation.

Yet our experience — slowly but surely — does teach us the laws of life. As time goes by, we grow in awareness and we learn to love. We do this by "settling our accounts in true coin": by experiencing the "good" and the "bad" that we have done to others by allowing it to be done to ourselves.

Past life healing has the power to show us that everything that happens to us now is the effect of a cause that we ourselves set in motion in the past. For only when we can accept total responsibility for all that happens to us now do we become free of the past. This freedom is the final destination of all our past life healing for it allows us to live fully in the only moment we ever have: NOW!

To learn more about how Past Life Healing works through time, consult the FAQ on Past Life Healing to see how healing flows "back" through time.
Credits: from channeled information

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