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Liver tumor vanishes, blood work improves under chemo

Two examples of the potential of spiritual healing

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The following reports provided by a medical doctor who also works as a healer testify to the power of spiritual healing. They are translated from the book "Sanfte Medizin — Wege aus der Krebskrise" [Gentle Medicine — Ways Out of the Cancer Crisis] by German parson Jürgen Fliege.

(excerpted from an interview with healer and physician Dr Wolfgang Bittscheidt MD)

Dr Bittscheidt, an orthopedist, was introduced to the subject of spiritual healing after contracting an intractable illness with which only a spiritual healer was finally able to help him. As time went on, Dr Bittscheidt discovered his own healing gifts and gradually began introducing spiritual healing into his own practice. Regarding cancer he had the following experiences to share:

"In September 2004, a 64 year old woman came to see me with a liver tumor. She had received chemotherapy and her tumor markers were disastrous. Another round of chemo was scheduled after a break, as well as another MRI to assess the development of her tumor.

I talked to her about her life and her fears, her feelings of loneliness and what made life worth living for her. I laid on my hands, said a prayer, and meditated with her.

She came to see me three more times. In October she reported 'no new findings' and in January 2005 'no more tumor visible in my liver, all lab tests in the normal range'.

I have many patients who come to see me before, during or after chemotherapy. One of them told me a week ago — she was doing her second round of chemo and had come to see me six times: 'The outpatient chemotherapy department was overcrowded, with everyone receiving infusions. The oncologist on duty came over to me and said: 'Everyone's blood counts here are dangerously dropping, yours are getting better. How do you do it?'"

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