Terminal cancer cured through emotional clearing

Testimonial: removing emotional roadblocks has healed a fatal illness

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The following real-life story is owed to eminent cancer researcher Ralph Moss Ph.D. and furnishes an outstanding example of how thoughts and feelings can destroy as well as rebuild a person's health.

At a convention held in the 1990s in Toronto, Canada, where Dr. Moss served as the keynote speaker, he was approached by an attractive woman in her mid-forties named Susan. She had driven over 150 miles just to get the opportunity to shake his hand.

A mere three years before their meeting, Susan had been diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma, originating in her leg. She underwent chemotherapy after which she "looked and felt near death" and her doctors told her there was nothing else that could be done — in essence advising her to put her affairs in order.

As if that wasn't enough, her marriage had been on the rocks in recent years. As her disease progressed, her husband had become withdrawn and unsupportive and their arguments never stopped.

It all came to a climax one day as he was assisting her to the car (by that time, Susan was walking unsteadily with a cane). Her husband suddenly began yelling at her, "I'm sick of this! You're so needy and you look disgusting. I wish you would just hurry up and die already!"

At that moment Susan had a flash of insight that was like a bolt from the blue — she HAD to live long enough to divorce that creep. She DECIDED not to die while still bearing his name.

She told her friends and family that she was seeking a divorce, and they all thought she had lost her marbles. A lawyer even advised not to bother with a divorce she probably wouldn't live long enough to see — upon which she changed attorneys and forged ahead. The day the divorce came through was a day of triumph.

Simultaneously she started looking for information on alternative treatments and became a client of Dr. Ralph Moss' in the process. Interestingly, ever since her decision to file for divorce, she had started to improve, to the amazement of everyone familiar with her case, and one year after her divorce, she even was officially in remission. At the time of meeting with Moss, she had been cancer-free for almost two years.

As seems to frequently be the case, her oncologists (although they had told her she had "failed" the treatment) attributed her astounding recovery to the chemotherapy "kicking in" belatedly. The alternative physicians she had consulted also wanted to claim credit for her cure.

Susan herself however was certain that the cancer had deep emotional roots, and only developed due to her painful marriage where she had felt trapped. Her body and soul had been looking for "a way out" and developed an illness that if unchecked would be fatal. The divorce set her on a new path allowing her to heal from the cancer.

With Susan's permission, Ralph Moss has continued to share her success story at conferences and there are always new "Susans" approaching him afterwards to share a testimonial of emotional cancer healing they themselves have experienced.

As Dr Moss concludes, healing reports such as these point to there being a clear connection between emotional and physical healing (at least for some people), so looking into resolving unresolved emotions, conflicts and experiences may be advisable for individuals seeking to heal from cancer.

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