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In his Newsletter #11 (February 16th, 2007), internationally-known health journalist Samuel Biser discusses causes of both psychological and physical illness which go far beyond what can be addressed by either conventional or naturopathic medicine.

LIKE AN ORCHID, human beauty is easy to crush.

The easiest time to crush the bloom is when the bud first appears — or in the case of the human being, before he is born.

I want to help you solve a health mystery, but to help you solve it, I have to take you back, way back, to where I think many of your health problems began — and that’s in the womb, before you were born.

What could go wrong in our mother’s womb that could cause this kind of damage?

The answer is your genes, which are a mix of blessings and challenges. We know how genes control your appearance and your tendency toward this or that disease. I believe they do much more. I believe genes carry your parent’s, grandparent’s, and great-grandparent’s emotional histories into your body. You inherit the joys of their big victories and the pains of their defeats. The emotional essence of what they went through becomes a basket of family experiences they hand on to you. They ARE a part of you; their lives are blended into YOUR body.

I inherited my Father’s torment. As long as I can remember, I have always feared that catastrophe could come out of nowhere, and I’ve lived in a constant state of unexplained anxiety.

My immediate ancestors were slaughtered in their own homes by a band of murderers on horseback who went silently from house to house so as not to alert anyone. They started at dawn and by 1 PM, they had killed six hundred men, women and children in my father’s village, including many in my family. One of the locals urged his neighbors to let their pigs out to feast on the Jewish bodies laying in the streets. The date was February 18th, 1919. The place was the tiny town of Felshtin in the Ukraine, where my father grew up, in the wheat-producing region of Russia. It was called the Felshtin Massacre. I inherited my father’s pain — and the kidney weakness he got from his fight to live.

His mother made him lie in a snow-covered ditch and pretend to be dead, to save his life from the horsemen who were searching for more Jews to kill. My Dad almost died from the exposure to the cold; he got uremic poisoning, went unconscious into a coma — and his mother had to keep pricking his forehead with a needle to wake him up and keep him from passing over.

My father was an angry man, and I understand why. It’s not a normal childhood to have horseman ride into town and kill everyone you love. I inherited that too. I am not just upset over the injustice done by one man to another. I feel rage. One man called me, ‘The angry rabbi.’ I have always tried to turn my rage into a blessing for others, by being a champion for underdogs, and a voice for the voice-less. For me, that turns my anger into a smile that I got victory for someone who couldn’t get it for themselves.

My mother’s tough past added more anxiety into my mix. She grew up in Nazi Germany and remembers having to stand at the side of the road and salute, ‘Zeig Heil’ as Hitler drove by with his storm troopers. Nothing horrible happened to her, and she got out just in time, before she would have been loaded onto a train bound for a concentration camp, but as a young woman, she had to live with total fear because 'they' could come for you — at any instant.

Every one of us gets this mixture of good and bad in our genes, happiness and suffering. But in many souls, there are too many problems and not enough joy coming down the pipeline. There is so much anguish being passed on that the unborn child passes a tipping point — and breaks. He is defenseless and unable to deal with the inherited pain he feels, and it breaks his spirit and that in turn immediately breaks his physical body, before life has ever begun.

Being damaged before birth is like a new building being hit by a major earthquake while the foundations are still setting up. It’s the absolute worst time for your body to take a hit, because everything is forming — your brain, nerves, and organs. If they get damaged now, you could have problems for a lifetime — and that’s what happens when a baby 'breaks' in the womb.

Readers keep looking for common causes for their health problems, like, ‘My immune system is weak,’ or something else; they never ‘get-it’ that they may be broken before birth, and that they can’t fix it with a liver cleanse, because it’s not a disease, it’s a body damaged all over, in a way no 'therapy' can cope with.

Years ago, the late herbalist Dr. John Christopher told me, ‘To cure the sick, you have to find the cause behind the cause behind the cause.’ You say to me, ‘Sam, my colon is clogged and my system is full of poisons, and I say to you: ‘I’m not surprised. If your body is broken, why would you expect ANY of your major organs to work properly?’ You think you’re looking at the cause of your diseases, but if you are, how come nothing is ever getting fixed?

The longer you have suffered, the deeper you must go to find the true cause of what ails you. If you broke before birth, like I did, I absolutely guarantee that you’ll never fix your problems with what’s out there in the natural health field. The only way out, and there is none other, is to cure the broken condition of your body -- and you can do that. You CAN reverse the brokenness. I did.

The physical answers I needed couldn’t be found from natural healers. I had to learn them from a Higher Power, who gave them to me to save myself (and they surely did, for I am stronger than ever), and to put them on paper to save my brothers and sisters all over this world, who — like me, were broken from burdens they could not bear, dropped onto them at a time when they could not fight.

To thrive, to display your flower for the first time since you were born, you need what I have given the world in ‘Resurrection, for souls in broken bodies.’

To be happy, I need you well with me, free of that condition that has kept the world from ever seeing how beautiful you really are.

Note by Healing Cancer Naturally

One therapeutic method which specifically attempts to unveil unrecognized dynamics that span multiple generations and to resolve their deleterious effects is known as Family Constellations (aka Systemic Constellations).

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