Healing the Body Through Understanding and Healing the Human Energy Field

On Energy Healing

Excerpted from article by Ellen A Mogensen, Past & Now Forward Holistic Counseling, Copyright © 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003
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Understanding the Human Energy Field

The Human Energy Field is always receiving energy from the universe. This energy sustains your entire existence: body, mind, and emotions. Your aura is the energetic skin which holds all your inner energy bodies and outer body together. Your energy chakras are like the pores in the energy skin which regulate the flow of universal energy into and out of the body.

Your energy field is the instrument of wellness and the source of illness. Barbara Brennan said it best: "it is essential that we deal with the deeper meaning of our illnesses. We need to ask, what does this illness mean to me? What can I learn from this illness? Illness can be seen as simply a message from your body to you that says, 'Wait a minute: something is wrong. You are not listening to your whole self; you are ignoring something that is very important to you'.

A return to health requires more personal work and change than simply taking pills prescribed by a doctor. Without personal change, you will eventually create another problem to lead you back to the source that caused the disease in the first place."

Your Aura: Skin of Inner Energy Bodies
  • you are a vibrational energy being and composed of light and sound energy.
  • [your] aura surrounds your outer physical body in all directions.
  • it extends both internally and externally.
  • it interacts with everything around you.
  • it reacts to your every thought, word, feeling, choice, and action instantly.
  • it is electromagnetic and interpenetrates your physical body with energy.
  • your aura is the holographic, energy matrix for your physical (matter) body
The Nature of "Living Energy"
  • the flow of the universe is from energy to matter: energy flows from your...... inner bodies to create the matter of your physical body.
  • all your bodies are created from the living energy variously referred to as:
    ...... chi (China), ki (Japan), manna (Hawaii), prana (India).
  • your living energy field can be photographed in a verifiable, repeatable way with instruments like the Kirlian camera[1].
  • is the vital life force that makes you alive and interconnected with all life
    ...... animals, plants, humans, objects.
Your Outer and Inner Energy Bodies
  • your bodies are a balance of six flowing fluid layers and strong grid structures:
    ...... physical, astral (emotion), causal (karma), mental (thought), etheric (intuition), Soul.
  • a green physical body:
    ...... the layer of matter that you see, hear, smell, touch, and can taste!
    ...... is the one whose eyes are reading these words.
    ...... is the only body visible to the naked eye (ie. without special equipment).
    ...... is the outer body linked to and surrounded by the other inner bodies.
  • a red astral body:
    ...... the layer of energy manifesting as emotions (lower) and heart (upper) energy.
    ...... is the one whose emotions respond to this through your feelings about it.
  • an orange causal body:
    ...... the "seed body" or karmic hologram where experiences are stored.
    ...... is the one whose cellular memory filters your perception of this information.
    ...... is the one testing this against the accumulated experience of your past lives.
  • a blue mental body:
    ...... the layer of energy that manifests as attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, and ideas.
    ...... is the one whose analysis is responding to this by giving you thoughts about it.
  • a purple etheric body:
    ...... the layer of energy that manifests as intuition, knowingness, and guidance.
    ...... is the one whose intuitive abilities are acting on this information.
    ...... is the one coordinating the various responses of the other bodies.
    ...... is the one producing your final decision about this information.
  • a white soul body:
    ...... the layer of energy that manifests as intuition, knowingness, and guidance.
Your Energy Chakras
  • are "Spinning Wheels of Light" (the translation of the Sanskrit word 'chakra').
  • are rooted in a vertical power current or energy hose that interconnects and interpenetrates the aura and [auric] bodies.
  • nourish all the inner energy bodies as well as the outer matter body with lifeforce.
  • [comprise] seven major chakras (below):
  • open-ended at the root (genital area),
    ...... the color is red: it connects you to the Earth, your purpose, and your will to live
  • at the sacrum (base of spine/pelvic area),
    ...... the color is orange: it represents
    ...... in front: your self love and acceptance
    ...... in back: your use of personal power
  • at the solar plexus (stomach/diaphragm area),
    ...... the color is yellow: it represents
    ...... in front: how you see yourself in the world (your identity in this life)
    ...... in back: how you take care of yourself (body, mind, emotions)
  • at the heart (heart area),
    ...... the color is green and expands to pink: it represents
    ...... in front: how you connect in relationship to others from the"heart"
    ...... in back: how you support yourself in accomplishing tasks in career/work
  • at the throat (throat area),
    ...... the color is blue: it represents
    ...... in front: how you connect in living your truth using spoken words
    ...... in back: how you connect in how you see yourself professionally
  • at the third eye (between the eyebrows),
    ...... the color is purple: it represents
    ...... in front: how you take in the creative forces of the universe
    ...... in back: how you manifest desires from using the energies of creation
  • open-ended at the crown (top of head),
    ...... the color is white: it connects you to the source of all
    universal knowledge.
Healing the Human Energy Field

Your energy field is the instrument of wellness and the source of illness.

Barbara Brennan said it best: ...to heal "I have found that the source is the key. To deal with the source usually requires a life change ultimately leading to a personal life more connected to the core of one's being. It leads us to that deeper part of ourselves that is sometimes called the Higher Self or the spark of divinity within."

Compare eminent alternative & conventional cancer treatment researcher Lothar Hirneise’s research which found that all cancer survivors positively changed their lives and Explanations and illustrations of the human energy field on DVD.

What does Energy Healing help?

Everything in the universe is energy. You are an energy being consisting of six inner energy bodies that manifest as one outer matter body [appearing as such due to the manner in which our senses are ”constructed”]. All your physical, mental, and emotional issues are actually stored as patterns in your energy field (aura).

Your auric patterns can come from this life or can be carried over from prior existence(s). Stored patterns consist of disempowering thought forms, traumas, stress, beliefs, etc.

These patterns can cause physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual disconnection. Healing these energy patterns in a timely manner can prevent these inner patterns from manifesting as outer illness and disease.

Therefore, Energy Healing can assist with a wide variety of physical, mental, and emotional ailments because it works with the body's natural capacity for self healing. It works especially well in overcoming addictions, pain, anxiety, and phobias. ...

How does Energy Healing help?

The power of Energy Healing comes from the early identification of disruptions and disturbances at the level of energy BEFORE they can manifest in diseases and disorders at the level of matter. This gives you advance notice of problems and precious time to heal your issues before they can create serious illness. For only by healing your issues can you bring your life into balance and achieve vibrant health.

Energy Healing helps by boosting your energy field with the life force present in universal energy. Usually Energy Healing is performed by a practitioner skilled in channeling the flow of universal energy into the fields of others. It is the energy which brings gentle balance into your body, mind, and emotions.

It is not the practitioner's energy which does this: it is universal energy at work. It is your willingness to receive and integrate universal energy that creates the healing.

How does Energy Healing work?

Energy Healing works only to the extent that you are truly open and ready to receive the energy and use it to heal your physical, mental, and/or emotional issues. The cellular intelligence of your body will use the energy to heal physical issues.

The nurturing beliefs of your mind will allow the energy to heal mental issues. The wisdom of your emotions will allow the energy to heal emotional issues.

You will heal to the extent that you embrace healing energy. You will not heal to the extent you resist it. Your Higher Self actually directs the energy to where it is needed and can most be accepted at any moment.

Energy Healing is very sensitive to what you want — what you really want — as communicated by your consistent actions, thoughts, and emotions. If you cannot/do not act, think, and feel in healthy ways, Traditional Medicine becomes a better choice for you. ...

What are Energy Healing modalities?

Energy Healing Modalities can fairly be defined as those which work directly with the natural intelligence of the human energy field to effect healing and create vibrant health. These modalities include but are not limited to:

Geometric Repatterning, Remote Releasement, Rebirthing, Reiki, Shiatsu (Acupressure), Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Reflexology, Rolfing, Feldenkrais, Aromatherapy, Herbs, Flower Essences, Homeopathy, Guided Imagery, Hypnotherapy, and Biofeedback.[2]

Each individual's experience of Energy Healing will be different. So it is best to explore a variety of modalities to find the one that works best for you!

What can you do to assist the Energy Healing process?

The best thing you can do to assist the Energy Healing process is to have the burning desire to be healed [compare Healing Cancer & the Power of Your Mind]. If you truly want to be healed, then traditional and alternative practitioners can help you.

Sadly, many illnesses come as answers to people's repeated prayers to leave a life that has become unendurable to them. If you do not want to be healed, then do not waste time or money on Energy Healing because your body, mind, and emotions will reject the healing energy.

When you want to be healed, when you open yourself up to healing energy, and when you are ready to face your issues, only then will you be healed. Energy Healing works best when you are an active partner in your healing process.

Partnership means working with the practitioner to heal your issues. It means following a course of treatment when the practitioner is not present. It means critically evaluating what they advise, not just following blindly. It is your body, your mind, your emotions: take good care of them!

How does Energy Healing work with the Natural Flow of the Universe?

The natural flow of the universe is from energy to matter. Energy Healing works with the flow of the universe to heal the energy first. The energy cascades its beneficial effects through your inner energy bodies to create the experience of health in your outer matter body. That is why Energy Healing is experienced by patients as a gentle process compared to invasive procedures like surgery.

Literally surgery is a "ripping apart" of the energy field effecting change counter to the natural flow. Ripped energy must reform itself slowly and painfully through all inner bodies to match the reformed matter of the outer body.

This is why it takes so long to recover from surgery which is unfortunately needed when the surrounding energy has become degraded due to disempowering ways of life.

How does Energy Healing work with Traditional Medical Treatments?

Energy Healing should always be undertaken in partnership with traditional medical treatments. Healing should be a holistic process and should employ all the ancient and modern tools available. Energy Healing facilitates wellness but it should NOT be used in place of Traditional Medical treatments/therapy, especially in the event of illness. Energy Healing should work in partnership with Traditional Medicine to facilitate and complement these treatments/therapies.[3]

Credits: Barbara Ann Brennan, author of "Hands of Light" and "Light Emerging"

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.

Footnotes by Healing Cancer Naturally

1 Re Kirlian photography, compare the following excerpt from the highly recommended scientific article ”Is Cooked Food Poison? Looking at the Science on Raw vs. Cooked Foods:

“Side note in regard to Kirlian photos. Raw advocates often cite Kirlian photos that compare cooked and raw foods as evidence of the "life force" in raw foods. Kirlian photos do show something, but there is no evidence that they are somehow photos of a (subtle and/or mystical) "life force."

The logical, plausible explanation for Kirlian photos is that they show the effects of a type of corona discharge (the same phenomenon that produces lightning). The power of such a discharge will depend on moisture content (which in humans may vary with stress, e.g., sweating) and other relevant physical factors.

A corona discharge effect depends on ionized gases that result when a small electric current is applied to the object being photographed. Cooked foods have been heated, and heating can cause a loss of ions via steam and compounds dissolving into the water used in cooking (and the cooking water is usually discarded). Hence one would expect Kirlian photos of raw foods to have a stronger corona discharge than similar cooked foods.

Even more telling, if Kirlian photos were actually the "life force" instead of a corona discharge effect, one would expect there to be no difference between Kirlian photos taken in a vacuum (where there are no ionized gases to create the corona discharge effect), and photos taken in normal atmospheric conditions. However, Kirlian photos taken of an object in a vacuum show no "aura." Thus we conclude that Kirlian photos do not show the "life force" or "aura," and are not credible evidence in comparing raw and cooked foods.”

2 I particularly recommend acquainting yourself with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) (free DIY tool for healing mind and body by reestablishing healthy energetic flow) and Donna Eden's self-help Energy Medicine books.

3 The use of the word "traditional" when referring to modern conventional medicine is quite misleading. Traditional medicine is herbal and observation-based while modern medicine is drug-, surgery and animal-experimentation-based.

For a concise insight into modern medicine, see the quotes and facts featured under On Modern Medicine, On Conventional Medicine, On Conventional Cancer Treatment, On Chemotherapy, On Mammography, On Avoidable Suffering, and On Nature & Self-Healing.

For background on our energy fields, compare Explanations and illustrations of the human energy field on DVD Incl. healing through the aura, energy bodies and chakras and Donna Eden's self-help Energy Medicine books.

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