Another open letter by terminal colon cancer victor

More advice on the importance of mental tools in healing

Dennis Robinson Ph.D., 2010, on visualization, meditation etc., edited, prefaced and published with permission of the author copyright © 2010 Healing Cancer Naturally

“The future you see is the future you get.”
Robert G Allen

The following is another letter of advice and encouragement[1] written by Dr. Dennis Robinson, a terminal colon cancer victor, this time in response to an enquiry he received from a woman with young children I will call Jane (not her real name).

Diagnosed with cancer, she had read Dennis’ personal report on his DIY recovery from “terminal” metastasized colon cancer (for which he used a holistic-nutritional approach). Jane was intrigued and wanted to know more about the protocol Dennis had used... Here is Dennis’ reply.

Hello Dear, would you like to talk? We can talk on yahoo messenger for free and if you have video cam we can even see each other. Or I can call your phone on skype.

The best thing for you to do is to stop obsessing about cancer as something to fear! Flow with it, see it not as an intruder or grim reaper but see it as a friend that is helping you change your life and lifestyle.
[Compare Inspirational quotes for people with cancer].

Yes, believe it or not that is what I did. In my paper “Admonition to life” I wrote this before I began my “quack cure” protocol. Actually I have to say I began my healing before I had the surgery when they found that the cancer had metastasized.

It is funny when I just looked up the meaning of the word "metastasized" on word web dictionary, it said, "the cancer had metastasized and the patient could not be saved", this was the only definition for the word. I think this is so funny.

I could not be saved, isn't that great. Anyway, now that I have had a good laugh this morning/afternoon, I can have a great day.

While I was waiting just outside the Operating room prior to surgery, seeing the look on the faces of the nurses and doctors I began to tell them that I needed some positive energy and that they all needed to believe with me that the doctors would find a little tumor, cut it out and I would go on to live a long and healthy life. They said they did not want to give me false hope.

What bullshit, what is the meaning of "Hope"? What is the meaning of "False Hope", no such thing, only them voicing their negativity. They knew that with the size of the tumor found during the colonoscopy they would find it had spread to other organs.

Like the doctor told me just after the colonoscopy, "it's cancer, it's terminal" and I yelled at him, yes I heard you. Only about 5 minutes earlier he had told me, "it's a tumor, it's malignant" as he looked me in the eyes to gauge my reaction and my reply was "yea ok".

He walked away looking upset but after the second time when he almost yelled out the words, "it's cancer, it's terminal" and not receiving the reaction that he was used to seeing, he walked away like I did something disgusting.

But I know that is where I began to heal myself, I was thinking, ”Ok big guy, what are you going to do now. It can't be over, Paul [my brother] dies and now I die? This can't be it, just can't be.”

Of course the one refrain I continued to hear from everyone was "You are in denial", but I was not denying that the cancer was there or that it was terminal but I was just not about to accept it as a death sentence.

I did not know what I would do or could do, I was still numb from my brother's death a week earlier and I did not think having cancer was as bad as being dead right now this minute. At least if I did die I would have time to say goodbye to family and friends.

But Paul he was gone, one minute alive and the next dead. I felt as if I had been given a gift of more time. I wish he would have and I could have said more to him but he was gone and I was still alive, I could still have a chance.

I had told myself many years earlier after seeing friends go through chemo and radiation that I would never die like that [compare Why Alternative Cancer Treatment?]. If I had to die, I would take my chances with the cancer but not the treatments. I had seen my friends waste away and so sick they were like old men vegetables. What kind of life is that? I simply decided quality of life is so much better than quantity of life.

I still believe this to be true for my life, when I am no longer having a good quality life, I will be willing to go to the next place of existence but until then I will keep my mind sharp and my body in as good a health as possible for me to do so.

I left the hospital March 16, 1991 and had my next doctor's appointment April 10th and I did not see any oncologist or have other check-ups until much later. While going with my wife at the time to her yearly woman check-up I was sitting in the waiting room and Dr. Rosenblatt walked by and saw me sitting there. He came over to talk to me.

He was so impressed with the way I looked he almost demanded me to accompany him to a treatment room. Lou, Dr. Rosenblatt was not only my family doctor but also a friend. He began probing and prodding around on my stomach and everywhere else he thought the tumors would be by that time and asked what I was doing, who was my oncologist and about the chemo treatments.

When I told him I was not seeing anyone or had not been to any doctor besides the surgeon since leaving the hospital and then about my quack cure, he simply said, "keep doing what you are doing, you are looking real good, the green pallor has dissipated and you are looking healthier than I have seen you in years".

This was around the first of June. I began eating the veggies and drinking the tea April 10th. So in about two months from starting the Kloss program I was in such good health that Lou was very impressed.

In August because of pressure from family I decided to schedule a complete check-up with the CT and a few other things to see if I was indeed out of the woods concerning the cancer.

They found nothing and of course, Lou said that the only way to know for sure was to cut me open and look. I did not do that. I believed I had conquered my foe and I was creating my life to make me happy and now, did not have to concern myself with cancer anymore.

I was going to three cancer support groups at that time and when I told them the good news they would just look at me like I was a young kid that was telling them that I didn't eat the candy bar, that it was someone else, yea like I was lying to them.

Even after a couple of years the ones that were still alive and of course the new ones that were joining us weekly it seemed did not believe me.

In those groups I saw them die one by one and it was so sad. One young girl of 28, she had a child and her husband came to one support group meeting for spouses and significant others and my wife told me he only talked about how angry he was and how this was not fair to him and he actually blamed her for getting sick. What an ASS. He never attended any more of those meetings.

I guess he found that people were not even going to feel sorry for him, and one of the people in the group got so pissed off and told him it was not about him, it was about his wife and that she needed his support and that the meeting was about what a spouse could and should do to help the one that was Ill.

I saw so many that got worse and worse and they were feeling sorry for me because they continued to say I had given up, while they were dying. I cannot understand human nature, though I have spent a lifetime studying people and doing my best to learn about human social behavior.

Even today when I tell my story people will always say, "well, doctors make mistakes" as if the doctors had to have made a mistake on my diagnosis or I would be dead. Is it really that easy to say it was a miracle or that the doctors made a mistake than to believe that there is a simple cure for cancer? It just baffles the mind sometimes.

I am in awe of the greatness of the human mind to be able to be closed so tight as to not see what is before their eyes but believe all that they have heard for so many years.

When someone is diagnosed with cancer it is a given that they will take the treatments. They would be just plain stupid or wishing for death if they did not. This is the unbelievable issue that makes oncology a competitive business.

That was a phrase that I heard from a radiation oncologist: in my early days of recovery I was attending several cancer support groups a week and one of my groups attended "an Open House" by this radiation oncologist and her remark during the tour concerning the high cost of the radiation machine and the business of oncology was,

"Oncology is a very competitive business in Kansas City". The greed she radiated in her radiation shop of horror was palpable. [Compare On Cancer Business and Potential Serious Side Effects of Orthodox Cancer Treatment Doctors Might Not Have Told You About.]

Blue Springs is a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri, where I am from. As mentioned, I began to attend several support groups in different small towns back then to help people and to give them hope.

An opportunity to see what I was doing but like I said people all just felt sorry for me and knew any day that I would be gone from the cancer. I was even told by some, "How do you know that the cancer hasn't spread throughout your body by now and you will drop over dead, just like that."

It was frustrating back then to know I held the key to life for people with cancer but now I think it is unbelievable and sad how people cannot see the forest because the trees are in the way.

The number one thing I did was, I WAS NOT BEING A CANCER PATIENT!!!!! That is it. I did not become a cancer patient. I did not worry about what was going on inside me. I was alive and I just kept living.

I did not obsess about cancer in me, only about helping others, to teach and to learn what I could about cancer. What was it that cancer could teach me, what could I learn of this new and interesting experience, this experience that has changed my life, that woke me from my slumber [compare Inspirational quotes for people with cancer].

I did not want anyone feeling sorry for me and would not allow it, except it was fun to tell people I had cancer sometimes just to gage their reaction. This was learning for me, to see how terrified people were of cancer.

I had a few friends that I saw every week before "C", and then after "C" they were gone. They didn't want to be around me because I had cancer and it was like they could get it like Aids or something. They were terrified because they were stepping close to death just by being near me.

This is why Oncology is a competitive business in this new global economy and there will never be an acceptable cure as long as the treatments are making them trillions of dollars. People are scared shitless and that is their worst nightmare to have cancer and die like all those they have known by a horrible death, though the horrible part is the treatments and everyone knows that [compare Possible Serious Side Effects of Orthodox Cancer Treatment Doctors Might Not Have Told You About].

But still they grasp onto the hope of Marcus Welby MD will save the day. He was a doctor on a famous television show back in the 70s. He could perform miracles but that is only Hollywood and in the real world people are terrified of cancer.

But I'm not, I would be more afraid to be me before cancer, I would only be afraid of not learning from everyone and everything in my life.

"Life is a highway, I want it my way, I'm going to drive it all life long". There is a saying, "Life may not be the party that we had hoped for, but as long as we're here we might as well dance". So just dance. GET UP ON THE FLOOR AND JUST DANCE AND SING AND BE HAPPY, EAT DRINK AND BE MERRY FOR TOMORROW WE MAY DIE.

Yes many people want to be somber and are afraid of going to hell but personally I would never worship a god who would put, or even create the concept of hell. A god that would give preferential treatment to one and not the other. It would be like telling your child if she is bad you will make her suffer for eternity or you will not love them anymore or you will kick them out. What could your child do that you would stop loving them?

I do not like people that treat their children like that so why would I want to spend one day or one second with the god of the Christians or Jews or any other religion. I think they all are poor excuses for a god.

Fear only that you will not learn from life but do not fear life. Do not fear any experience or anything. The soul or mind or energy, whatever we call this spark of life within us cannot die and this body also does not die but rather it evolves from the seed to a fertilized egg and then to a human creature and then it evolves into the elements where it began. We should not fear that which we do not understand but we should rather seek what it can teach us.

What lessons can be learned from this stage of our development or our existence that will help us in the next stage. If there is not a next stage of existence then all this is an illusion and we are not here anyway. So why sweat it, why worry over what is or was or will be?
Dear Jane, just live for each day, love those around you and do not worry about cancer or any other thing. Use what you learn to make your life better.

Did I use any supplements, NO. Not any[2], only veggies and fruit and the tea, that was my life, boring but I liked boring. I do not agree with all those quack cures that are for making money off of people who are scared [compare Negative experiences in the alternative cancer treatment field (on honesty & deception, money & manipulation, commercialism, theft of copyright, ego and “all that glitters is not gold”)]. I think simple is better.

Like I used to tell people that tried to sell me a juicer that if it was that they were necessary for good health then they would all grow on trees. I believe the same with all those other cures.

My brother jumped on every bandwagon he could find and I just shook my head because I understood that only changing from being a cancer patient to living your life would or could heal a person.

My friend, I hope all this makes sense for you and you see the main point of this paper and all my other papers, Simple is the key and happiness is the door to a long and healthy life in your future.

Have you seen Tai Chi performed? There is a good DVD by Joey Bond at walmart or you can get it online under 20 dollars. The movements are slow and simple and this is what my cure is like, slow and simple things, meditating on breathing and simple things in your life.

This is the path to health and it is not in any "cure", it is inside you and if you look inside of you then you shall find it. But if you continue to look in other things you will not be able to see yourself because the cancer is in the way.

Forget about the cancer, look at you, separate yourself from the cancer. Treat yourself and do not treat the cancer. Be your own physician and your focus on you who you are and what you are and allow the cancer to leave, just let it go.

Tell it goodbye and say thank you for teaching me to love myself and to love others and to love my simple things that I have in my life, like my beautiful clothes and my husband/friends/children and this wonderful life that I want to live and then let it go, let it just dissipate and give it no more thought or priority.

Meditate on this, lay down on your bed and breathe in slowly with your nose counting to 8 \ 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 as you breathe in and then out to 8 \ 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 letting the cancer go out with each breath and see inside yourself. As you see each cell, say thank you. See each cell in your body clean and shining and strong and healthy.

Say this, again and again and again, do this for maybe a few minutes and then allow your mind to rest and quiet to cover you like a blanket.

Allow inside you that healing quiet that gives you peace of mind and gives you rest.
You are becoming a stronger and more energetic woman, a more loving mother/wife and a better friend and person.

You are happy and healthy and your many friends and family love you and are proud of you and you have a great life and it becomes better with each passing moment and each passing day and each passing year and each passing decade.

You see your little girls are all grown up and you are at one of their weddings and you are so happy to see she is so happy and the man she is marrying is a wonderful loving husband and then you are standing in the hospital holding that little one that their love has given to you.

That little grandchild that you adore so and you are standing there with your husband and you look into his eyes and see the love he has for you and that grandchild and you know you truly have had a wonderful life and you know you have so many more wonderful memories yet to collect.

Envision this as a reality in you life, in your today, and it will become your tomorrow. Create the world of your tomorrow each day and see the life you wish to live [compare visualization].

Now rest, just allow your mind to rest, to settle and consider the smile on your face and how relaxed you are and how slow your breathing is and how peaceful you are in this relaxed state and know that you can go to this place easily and quickly whenever you desire.

You fear nothing and become angry with nothing, you are always happy and healthy and have lots of energy and you love doing so many different things. You love your life, you love your husband, he is the man you always dreamed of when you were young. He is thoughtful and kind and he adores you and trusts you and understands you. He will be faithful to you and in love with you forever.

Paint this picture in your mind, that he is the man you love and you are the woman he loves, you two have the perfect marriage and relationship.

Sometimes you can do the same with your daughters They are beautiful and smart and loving to each other and to you and your husband and you are the perfect family. They love you and respect you and are wanting to please you and make you happy.

You love them so much and love to spend time playing games with them and talking to them and they love playing games with you and talking to you.

Everyone around your family envy the change they see and the love they see and the relationship they see that your family have.

My friend, you are the Gatekeeper to your own destiny and you can shape and create it as you want it to be and you do not look at it as it is, but as you want it to be. Create what you want today and you will bring this to your life.

Do not ever never never, never say negative things to yourself or others. Whenever you begin to say a negative thing, you always catch yourself and change the remark and they are becoming less and less frequent until one day you will notice they are all gone and you only speak in positive and healing ways.

Oh my friend is so fortunate to have the life she is living, she is walking a great journey and she sees herself as so strong and I am so proud of her and excited for her and her most wonderful journey.

I know every day she learns more about herself and she is living her dream, her desires. Because she desires a wonderful life filled with love and kindness from others and a beautiful house and family and she and her husband and daughters are living a successful life and are happy and healthy.

She will never ever give up, because Jane believes in herself and is always kind to herself,

My friend's friend always, Dr. Robin.

(robin11dr AT hotmail.com).

DOCTORS BAFFLED — "My cancer is gone!"
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1 You can read the first one, addressed to Hugh, here.

2 I have of lately been recommending Melatonin for a sleeping aid because I believe that it is necessary for the body to reach that REM sleep to produce their own Melatonin levels which is where the immune system is repairing and controlling the cancer cell levels. I have been taking this for years and off and on. It should not be used too often but it is a good helper if used in small doses like 1 mg or sometimes I cut that in half, just enough to pull my natural melatonin out to play.

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