A third open letter by terminal colon cancer victor

To have a healthy future, the first thing to change can be your mind

by © Dennis Robinson Ph.D., 2013, edited and published with permission of the author copyright © 2013 Healing Cancer Naturally

What is inspiring about life is finding how the mind works and how you can design your life by creating memories of the future and then stare in awe as your subconscious mind opens up the future for you as you're walking into each day as if it's magically unfolding and you're noticing each event is like a dream, like it's preordained by some magical or mystical being and it is and that Godness is you, that creator being that lives inside your mind and this truth is an awakening that has the power to change, to transform any life from the past to the present and isn't that the power you're seeking?

This is what I'd like to share ... because that is where I began and what I teach, it's not about anything but the visions of who you see you can be in the future. Healing from cancer was simple for me because I saw the future and it played out as multi-billion dollar Hollywood film of "It's my life".
Dr. Dennis Robinson

Writing 22 years after his spectacular "DIY cure" from so-called terminal colon cancer, Dr. Dennis Robinson shares more encouragement, experiences and advice with people newly diagnosed with cancer (for background read DIY recovery from “terminal” metastasized colon cancer as well as Cancer overdiagnosis and overtreatment: misdiagnoses abound).

"When you think back at the past while you’re sitting there in your chair looking at your computer screen, you obviously may or may not feel you’re physically here, at this website looking at this particular paper; because it may seem your whole world’s been turned upside down and you might not understand how to get it right side up or if it will ever be as it once was, aren’t you?

And I’m wondering if you’ll find the courage to take hold of one of these protocols and as Socrates said, “Be slow to fall into a relationship; but when you are in, continue firm and constant”. And wouldn’t you say that this is what you’re really seeking here today?

Aren’t you in a way seeking a relationship with healing, with a sustainable protocol that will not only heal you of cancer but heal your emotional self as well?

People can, you know, feel they’re on a quest, a search for that unknown that something they can feel is just out of reach, just around the corner, just a moment in time away and they just have to find it, to lay hold of it, to learn the secret to this modern day pestilence this seemingly evil that has them tied up in knots.

And then some people are here basically grasping at straws or perhaps you’ve made up your mind already to take the mainstream approach to what you want to believe is healing; but are here just to see if there is anything else, or maybe you’re looking for holes in these protocols to justify facing your greatest fear and that is looking into the face of either of those cancer treatments your oncologist is or will be recommending and you might be feeling like a cornered animal looking which way to turn, how to escape.

But then again, you could be here because you’re feeling you haven’t any other option yet, because you’ve been told there’s nothing more they the main stream can do for you. And I can relate because I’ve heard it all before, you’ve either exhausted the limited of their treatments or the limits of your insurance and bankroll.

So what do you have to lose, right? You’re at your wit's end and just a-wishing and a-hoping or you’re fresh off the bus in the big city and you’re looking for something that reminds you of home and a safe haven from this storm, this tsunami that has blown into your life creating havoc and flooding your mind and wave upon wave of emotions that seem to be pushing you down deeply down into the abyss and you’re grasping for breath.

Actually for anything that you can grab hold of, a life raft, a rope, a mere thread of hope, you’ll try anything if only you could believe and know it’s not over, your life just can’t be over, it’s just too soon, so much you have to do yet, to accomplish to experience and you’re just a little afraid of what’s behind door number 1, what the oncologist is suggesting, because you’ve seen it before and it’s not pretty, is it?

But then again you might be feeling soon it will be all over with and the life you might not have been really enjoy living anyway will be finished, and like some people you could be feeling a bit of relief because some people are, for some people life is just too difficult and this is a way out a way to escape all your problems, isn’t it?

Sure this may seem a little strange to hear me saying this, to see these words and maybe you’ve stopped right here right now wondering about this, or maybe you’re saying, not me, no way brother, I’ve got a life to live and by God I’m going to live it, I’m a fighter and will not go gently into that good night, no not me. Because we’re supposed to “Want to live, right?”, but let’s face it some people don’t, do they.

Surely you know people that are eagerly waiting for the end because they think they have no real life, not what they really enjoy and the biggest problem might be they can’t forgive themselves or others so they feel trapped, don’t they?

Now what would you say, if you were to hear me stating, “that’s ok”, that is neither good nor bad but just is a fact of life. If you were to have peered in when people have confided in me in a clinical situation or some from reading my papers on this website or other sources, and after talking rather frankly, what if you heard them tell me they feel they have nothing to live for and that is what I’m talking about.

So what would you feel about me posing this question to you? What is it that you have to live for, what is it about your life that you really do want another year or two or five or ten or like me, 22 and counting?

Oh boy, could you picture that? Could you just imagine waking up from a short nap 22 years ago and as your eyes opened noticing the sunlight streaming in through the open curtain as you breathed in the fresh afternoon air and looked out at the trees and other houses or whatever the view is from where you’ll be living then, and feeling so thankful and just simply happy because you’re still alive and it’s been 22 years since this time today, right now.

When you think about how I’ve been talking to people for more than 22 years since I was first diagnosed and joined the Richard Block Cancer Center Support group in Kansas City, yes, back in 1991, you might think that the number of people I’ve counseled with or simply talked with as friends or even strangers, to be staggering compared to those I can tell you about that actually paid attention and made an attempt at my protocol or others here on this website.

But most are looking for excuses not to succeed, but what about you? What are you here looking for? Killing time before the inevitable or are you focused on something real, something that you can put your heart and soul into and make it happen, find your lucky charm, your miracle, but would you know your miracle if it spanked you in the face, if it was staring you in the eye?

I wasn’t sure, I didn’t know squat, I had briefly glanced over a book “Back to Eden”, by Jethro Kloss, an older version which had those words that kicked me in the teeth, “Will Cure the cancer”, and all I could think of was what do I have to lose, and immediately read it to my wife and made the decision to begin the protocol the next morning being it was about 7 or 8 pm on a Sunday April 7th, 1991 and that was all I knew, I was going to eat the vegetarian diet and drink the Violet leaf tea and would cure the cancer.

But there were many things I would be taught by that inner guide from that point, I was on my way but guidance was necessary, like the early morning walking and the visualization and forgiving myself and others and being thankful for each and everything in my life and living my life and not being a patient but just living.

Sure I got into support groups to teach them the protocol and you know that could have been viewed as a fool's errand but there were some lives touched, some lives changed but most of all it was a learning experience for me.

And I can tell you what you’re looking for if you have the courage to listen with an open mind. You’re looking for a revelation, a miracle, something that you know is here inside these pages of this website but it’s scary isn’t it, or is the prospect of what people will say about your choice, and have to listen to negative feedback and worst of all is taking a chance with your life, and what if it doesn’t work you're saying, but has it occurred to you, what if it does?

What would it feel like to sit right there right now and for one moment see what it would feel like to bring up that image of you again, let’s say in 2015, it’s your birthday and all the families and friends are there and you’re dressed to the nines, what are you wearing, yes just play along for a moment, and see where it takes you and how you feel about it later.

Ok, where are you, at a restaurant, at someone’s house, at your house, or maybe you bought a new house, or wherever you decide to imagine. Now what are you saying and what is so funny that you’re laughing and having a good time?

What about who’s on first, my little joke, who are you with, look at all the faces and see what they’re saying and how they’re relating to you, see it all positive and for your greater good and others.

Look at the way you’re standing tall and erect, maybe feeling taller than you normally have, and how physically fit and attractive are you looking now, and what are you feeling, how strong and healthy are you feeling?

My protocol would begin by using my visualization techniques and perhaps find that place where you can practice this in quiet meditation daily as you make it as important as eating and sleeping. But the fact is most people just don’t seem to have that fire burning inside that causes them to reach out beyond their grasp or their reasoning to really desire to live, to change, to evolve deep inside.

Obviously since you’ve read this far you know I’m going to be candid and not blow smoke up your watusi, but even from this website as well as my own, I’ve met so many that were all Gung-ho and thinking I or some other protocol creator had some magic potions or magic beans and they’d grow their beanstalk to that healing place overnight, just outside their bedroom window, and climb up in the morning sunshine and bring back the goose that laid the golden healing balm, but you know that’s not going to happen, don’t you?

But it might seem that way, after all, most people are rational enough to know it takes time and patience and an attitude for anything is possible, but you see, I am one of the few you’re going to find that believe even with the mainstream protocol a person can find healing.

Because healing isn’t magic and it isn’t hocus-pocus, it begins in your mind, the control center where your cells are manufactured, and in fact though I do believe in a healthy vegetarian diet. And wouldn’t you agree drinking blood-cleansing tea such as Violet leaves and red clover flowers is the elixir for good health? You can also feel it’s a great lifestyle and sustainable when you have that focus that you can achieve your goals, don’t you?

The human body is very resilient and is a self-healing mechanism and can rejuvenate on its own. Because you manufacture new cells daily, and to stop them from mutating into cancer cells is as simple as changing your emotional state and giving yourself the belief that you can live. Training your mind to comprehend you don’t have to die yet, that you can have many more years as you decide to just do it is the beginning of whichever protocol you decide.

We humans are social animals, pack animals and need relationships and someone to love us and care about us and if you don’t have that person then find someone, believe you can be loved and you will be.

And you might not like it but even if you have to divorce and strike out on your own, you have to make it happen. It’s better to be alone with the hopes of finding someone to love than be with someone who doesn’t love you and you don’t love them.

Now you might want to hear more but what if I was to tell you about my siblings, 5 brothers and a sister who died of what I would consider a lack of an emotional bond, emotional healing? Three were diagnosed with cancer and two from drugs and alcohol.

Well, gay people seem to be in the headlines today, so I’ll begin with my brother Dan, who had all his life wrestled with his own personal demons and sometimes with me because I was your typical male jock who teased those less athletic than myself. Yes allow me to be kind because I do really love my little brother regardless of his life choices and will defend his right to his choice to the end and that came to him November 9, 2005.

But let me tell you about the time less than a month before he died, our family decided to go on a road trip from Independence Missouri to the Omaha Zoo because Dan wanted to do this and we all knew he wasn’t long for this world. It was a good trip and we had an electric scooter for him, which made the outing very nice with two other brothers who were married with their wives and children and our sister Roxanna and her husband and grandchildren and of course the folks, our parents.

After a full day at the Zoo, and dinner at a restaurant we all had decided for his sake, the need to rest before we drove back home. So we took rooms at a motel and of course we two being the bachelors, I invited him to stay in my room and because I knew he didn’t have the finances to stay on his own as well and I wanted to spend as much time with my little brother before he was gone and that time would never ever come again, and I am so thankful to have that memory.

Now I have to tell you, we’ve had our ups and downs over the years but we were still brothers and loved and respected each other regardless of our life choice preferences. And I always did my best as a big brother but he just couldn’t seem to let it go sometimes, always feeling like it was a competition.

Like from the get go when he was first diagnosed almost two years earlier with the cancer, he refused to listen and in fact became angry and violent throwing one of his infamous temper tantrums about it, stating his cancer was worse than mine, like I say, as if it was a competition.

But some of the things I’d learned after he died from what he had told Roxanna was illuminating and I just wish we could have, should have, would have, and just did but we didn’t.

We knew we loved each other but that gulf seemed insurmountable at times and I really wish he could have been born in a world that was more user-friendly for him and more understanding to his personality and genetic makeup, because he was born gay, it was always there and we all knew it, but he had to deal with the prejudice and inhumanity of our society.

Through that day and that evening he was having an extremely difficult time and though he had already progressed to the stage of having a colon bag, he had been constipated for several days and it was taking its toll on him physically as well as emotionally and so I calmly talked with him about when we were young and living with Grandma and Grandpa in Atherton and Courtney near the river and all the things we used to do there as children.

Then he just got caught up into the role of little brother so I invited him to try a digestive enzyme I had bought at GNC and like to take occasionally myself, assuring him it might be just what he needed.

Obviously I was very surprised to hear him accept and of course I knew he had to be really at the end of his rope to take it without even putting up any type of disagreement, so I gave it to him and we talked for a few more minutes and then turned the lights out and went to sleep.

Sure, you’re right, those enzymes worked their magic and he was so relieved and was feeling really good for the ride home the next morning. But the bottom line is, he was finished, once they removed his colon, you could see he was a different man.

I mean if you could have imagined Dan, who was used to being the Belle of the ball, a very handsome man who prided himself on his good looks and 32 inch waist, was not the same man and was very unhappy with his life.

His children would rarely see him and in fact he hadn’t seen his son in quite a few years and it really bothered him. To me he died of a broken heart complicated by cancer and Aids.

Over the years I’ve been a public speaker talking about the power of positive thinking and Psycho-Cybernetics, and you would have heard me teaching about my belief, my passion about evolving, creating your life the way you desire. And you’d hear, “if you don’t like your life then change it”. But that’s easier said than done for most people, isn’t it?

Because most people I’ve encountered seem to be looking for excuses not to succeed rather than to succeed, and that is what I found to be the case back when I was a sales manager in the mid 1980s.

Being a sales-trainer you might feel, seems like an easy affair but given most people have some type of built-in reject button it was sometimes a long-fought battle to teach them how to believe that people weren’t in there to kick tires, but to actually buy an automobile. And I don’t know about you, but it isn’t entertainment for me or anyone else I know.

What you might imagine, is it was a daily uphill battle with some sales people, and in fact it seemed I had to force them to accept the fact that it was a viable reality, because it was as if they didn’t comprehend they would get the sale if they would only treat the customers as if they were believing they were buyers and not using our facilities to stave off boredom for lack of something better to do.

Yes it sounds ludicrous but I assure you that if you were present you would have thought some of these people were in the wrong business but mostly they would sit around with each other and swap stories about the last person that wasted their time but it never occurred to them that they just might feel it may be better for them to change their attitude so that the people believed they actually liked their job and more importantly liked and respected the customer.

But even as a salesman I encountered Sales managers that had to be walked through a deal and made to realize that it wasn’t a joke because some people as Ziglar would say, looked for faults and blame and excuses like there was a reward for them, don’t they?

I found some people actually have an aversion for good things to happen. Like one day back when I was working for a Ford Dealership and had won a special automated “Spin and win” from the factory for selling a last year’s model with a special engine and transmission combination, so I had a double Spin and win coming to me, which meant double whatever the arrow fell on from 50 dollars to 500 dollars.

Well let me tell you they didn’t call me Mr. Lucky for nothing, but that was always their excuses, that I was a lucky guy, that it had nothing to do with positive thinking or creating the future or learning my craft and enjoying it. And that day was no different, so about noon as I was walking into the showroom floor one of the salesmen called out, Hey Mr. Lucky.

And of course I immediately said, “I told you I’d win; I told all of you that I’d win that thousand dollars”. Then he said, “who told you”, and I said, “You did, just now, because when you said Mr. Lucky I knew that’s what you were talking about, because that is what I was expecting”.

But in reality I knew it the moment that customer drove off the lot, because that was the picture I saw in my mind knowing I had a spin and win and that I wanted that money, not 100 but 1000, and that is what became my reality.

Sure I can tell you stories about visualizing my life situations from as early as childhood and even today, but you’d most likely be like most people and have some handy excuse, like luck or I was holding my tongue just right, or the moon was aligned with the stars at the right angle at my birth, but you get the drift don’t you?

And don’t you know I’ve also had my times of failure and doubt and second-guessing myself to the point that I found myself diagnosed with “It’s cancer, it’s terminal”.

Just like in the spring of 2012, when I bought a couple of thousand dollars worth shares of FMCC at .25 cents per share because I just knew it was a steal and would be going up to that 10, 20, 30 or 50 dollar mark once again, but sold them a month later for the same price losing my small buying and selling fees of about 15 dollars but this past spring when it hit a high of $5. per share I felt it, and just laughed because I had second-guessed myself right out of a profit.

Because when I buy stocks it’s because I believe I’m going to make a profit and I bought it because I knew it was going to go up and make that’s life, you can’t expect to win if you don’t expect to not fail.

So instead of looking at what I knew inside, I allowed stupid news to deter me from my own confidence in the American way of life and that is what I see was my enemy, my own self-doubt.

But thankfully my attitude is, it’s only money and you can always make money, but the lesson I learned was worth the cash I didn’t make at twice the price.

So even when you’ve been doing it as long as I have you realize it’s a battle, it's real life and though I’m not fighting cancer and never did, because cancer was my wakeup call and all I was interested in was what it was going to teach me.

There was never a war between me and cancer, it was my miracle to get it in the first place, but it’s all in how you look at it, isn’t it?

And though I am not saying I have great wisdom but am only a seeker, a lover of wisdom. So what you can comprehend is how I was fixating on living and not on cancer, because I didn’t see it as a tragedy and neither a comedy, but a learning experience and that was what my image of the situation was then and what it still is today.

Because we all have to die someday so just like Socrates said, “For the fear of death is indeed the pretense of wisdom, and not real wisdom, being a pretense of knowing the unknown; and no one knows whether death, which men in their fear apprehend to be the greatest evil, may not be the greatest good”.

But when I do reach over to the other side at the end of this time on my favorite planet, you can rest assured that you will notice me there seeking what lesson even the grave will have for me to learn.

Now as we get back on track, of course you can try to resist the feeling of being different from all those others who have been filled with hopelessness that so many seem to have, like so many others I could tell you stories about.

It’s just like so many who I’ve communicated with, after a few emails they just fade away, and most often I never hear from them again. But occasionally someone will ask for more emails to hear my words of encouragement and hope, but yet they soon give up, never answering any more emails from me. Or I receive one from a spouse or parent or child telling me they had passed to the other side of life.

I just don’t know what to say or how to say anything to get people to hear not my words, but to hear themselves deciding to live, to reach inside and find that healing place, that place where they have found their reason to live, have you?

Because without action, without you opening your mind, to begin that first creation of that first image of you in the future without cancer; seeing you living the life cancer in its terminally judicious way had come to challenge you for.

That came to taunt you with its wicked jeer, to test your mettle, to see if you had the mustard to move that mountain, to say “Be thou cast into the sea”, to have that faith that you could walk on water, to topple kingdoms, to be one of those heroes of faith that without it, nothing of any value can be accomplished.

But if you’re here looking for excuses to take the recommended protocols of your oncologist then you might see how anyone can find a whole boatloadfull of excuses in this life for just about anything to do or not to do.

So what happens when you make the only choice you have to make? Because you don’t have to find opportunities to live, to heal from cancer, but could you imagine you healing from your emotional trauma, making that mind-body connection? Setting you up for so many other successes that you’d never thought possible before?

What if you were to look at an image of “Cancer as a saving your bacon, as something to get your attention and focus so you could make the changes in your life that you wanted to make before the cancer, but didn’t have the gumption”?

That is until now, until cancer, the big C came along singing its song, and challenging you to just do it or get off the pot, because life is for the living. So if you don’t want to live then get out of the way and let someone that appreciates this life and can do something with it other than sit and whine.

I’m not accusing you, I’m telling you that was me, but just like everything else in this life, it’s no different, it is all in how you choose to look at it. You may not like the word “choice” and you might not even like another of my favorite words, “evolving”, but that’s what it comes down to, evolving from where you were to where you want to go.

Because you do want to go somewhere else don’t you? And it doesn’t have to be the graveyard, it could be a brand new life as you have the courage to design it and then live it, walk right into it like putting on a new suit of clothes, what would that feel like?

It’s not a physical place but a mental/emotional place, that place in your mind where you’re totally suggestible, where you’ll find your healing place and regardless of the protocol chosen, you will live with it or die with it, but to choose not to evolve emotionally is setting yourself up for something you really do or don’t want.

I’m not your judge so all I do is point out what is obvious and give you the straight talk.
Some people have to have their back up against the wall to find the courage to change their life, like me, to finally feel they have nothing to lose and they go a little crazy and make drastic changes which heal them body, spirit and soul, and how does that sound to you?

How would it feel if you were to like me, heal form cancer and heal your emotions and heal your life, finding your path, your journey to a better life right here, right now?

I mean, I wouldn’t tell you to “jump in, the water's fine”, because you might not have to do anything but die and pay taxes, but in reality you do have a choice staring you in the face, that is if you’re ready or not you do have to face it.

You could be like me and ready to say, damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead, because come hell or high water you’re not going gently into that good night, but you’re going to rage, rage against the dying of the light, because it’s your light, it’s your life and you want to live damn it, can you say this with a straight face and mean it to the depths of your soul?

Sooner or later you’re going to look inside yourself and wonder why so few people heal from cancer and why even fewer are alive one or two or more years later after taking the mainstream treatment options...

And when once they get to the point of hearing the oncologist saying there’s nothing more they can do for you, then you see they come running, wishing, hoping and begging for someone to fix them to give them hope to offer them a life-raft, a rope or even a thread to hold onto, but what would you do if you had it, right now? What if you opened your mind and began to notice this is it?

I talked with one woman that said she looked at this website before she began the treatments but later after the scenario I just spoke about, when her oncologist told her they were finished there was nothing more they could do, that she should just go home and wait for the end, then she came to me, then her little girl said, “can you save my mommy”.

Yes right now as I write these words, the tears are streaming down my face, but this is why I pour my heart and soul into each word and beg and plead with people to not believe the propaganda, to take control of their own lives and find that healing place just like me, save your life, change your life, if you don’t want that outcome that you’ve seen so many others who are now removed from this life, then do something different, Evolve!

You may or may not know this is going to be a challenge, but that is what life is all about, some excitement and isn’t that better than rolling over and playing dead?

When you’re knee deep on the path, hitting your stride and not looking back, but facing the future, looking forward and seeing each piece of the puzzle fall into place, you like me will be feeling like you have an inner guide leading you by the hand and wow, that is a powerful feeling and talk about self-confidence, that’s an ego burner, a real rocket ship.

What if you do, what if you’re really going to love the journey and what would it feel like to find yourself 5 years from now inside a life that you don’t even recognize, and you wonder sometimes if it’s really you, or were you somehow magically put into someone else’s life, because you’re someone that is happy and interested in your life and are in love with each day and have realized the true meaning of life, aren’t you?

Now don’t get this confused with some quirky mumbo jumbo philosophical nonsense from ages past; but right there inside you, staring you in the face is the answer if you can grasp it, and it’s all about finding your place, your role in the journey being thankful for this gift of life each day and even for cancer.

Because it has value and this experience will either make you or break you but don’t give it a second thought because it’s still you in control, and you either take the reins or you might not like where that horse will take you on its own.

You might find comfort that many others have walked this path before you and you might already know there’s going to be some good uplifting hopeful scenarios and sometime and someplace, you may feel yourself just stop, and begin the process of finding that place in your mind that says “NO” I don’t want that to happen to me, cancer is going to be my muse and I refuse to end this life, no, not quite yet.

Why couldn’t you say, you’ve decided to evolve, to change, to create my tomorrows and live them, live them all every day, day by day being thankful for your life, thankful for cancer and thankful for each new day?

So as you look around and wonder, you might or might not have manufactured the courage as yet, but as you look into the future allowing your subconscious mind to create that image of you doing just that, then maybe one year or two years or more, in another time beyond today, can you image what you’ll say to yourself?

Can you imagine what you will do then, as you think about this time, this day, this turning point in your life?

Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about what you would do if you were on a “Vision Quest” seeking answers for your life inside yourself, inside your subconscious mind, but you may find sometimes it’s a good thing to meditate on you, on only you living.

Focusing on each cell and imagine them growing clean and healthy, imagining every cell happy and smiling because you love them and appreciate you, appreciate who you are and where you came from and where you’re going.

Surely you might feel this is a pep talk or a PMA rally that you like me, might have attended back in the day, listening to Ziglar or Paul Harvey or some other Motivator/Entertainer, but since you’ve made it this far you’ve apparently learned some things about you, so you might feel this to be a refresher course from a guy that is still at times just as idealistic as I was at age 16 at 60.

And of course you might be thinking, what a long strange trip it’s been and you’d be totally correct, but it’s not over till you say it is, if that’s the scenario you desire, or do you believe you have that control and if not may I ask you why not?"

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