Cancer as a defining spiritual growth experience

How Jay D. Allen's “terminal” brain tumor made him a spiritual teacher

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“You should have been dead a long time ago...just keep doing whatever you’re doing.”
Spiritual teacher Jay D. Allen's neurologist after looking at Jay’s brain MRI 16 years after Jay was given 15 months to live

A passionate hockey player, Jay D. Allen's life was shattered at age 18 when he collapsed, spent three days in a coma and was diagnosed with a mid-brain tumor. He had surgery and was informed he had 15 months to live. Not only that, but that he would never play sports again, thus turning his entire life upside down.

He describes what followed as a mid-life crisis where given the little time he seemed to have left, he urgently asked himself, "Where do I go from here?".

As he was trying to find answers to this question, he realized with great frustration that traditional learning simply didn't provide any of the insights he was looking for.

Applying the same discipline and training principles that he had learned (and that had served him well) as an athlete, Jay turned into a student of life. In his own words, "I learned how to recondition and retrain my mental, my emotions, and also my body as well as exercise my spirit for the first time in my life."

Reading "hundreds" of books, he says he ultimately discovered that life and what happens to us is no accident. Instead there is a purpose and rules, and we are here to fufill a purpose.

In fact everything has a purpose (even if we don't understand it), and there actually is a gift in every situation. When we don't fulfill our purpose, "life has a way to get our attention".

In fact, in life we are in training.

In training for what?

As Jay says, since we are spiritual and creative beings, the purpose of our life is spiritual growth, to learn to become and live as conscious master co-creators, as masters of conscious creation. In other words, life is an opportunity to awaken our spiritual power. "[W]e are all in evolution to God consciousness, to become one with God ... and "we get to create whatever we want".

Jay D Allen details what he has been doing and why it works in his book "Humans in Training", "the book he was dying to read 16 years ago".

16 years after his initial “terminal” diagnosis, Jay is alive, looks great, and in his “life purpose” role as a spiritual teacher, has been following his passionate desire to share his journey of discovery with others to help them with their own path and challenges.

Interestingly, while other cancer patients have recovered to the point of their tumors disappearing without a trace, to this very day, Jay's diagnosis hasn’t changed and doctors are at a loss to explain why Jay is still alive. Jay can!

An interview with Jay D. Allen can be watched at http://youtube.com/watch?v=PfbFMm3xdWw .

Some quotes from this interview:

We learn through pain or through insight.

Everything we need is already in us.

Life is about service...

... just as thoughts have the power to cause an illness, thoughts should be able to cure an illness.

See God in [your]self and in everyone.

Humans in TrainingHumans in Training

by Jay D. Allen

Jay D. Allen also has an upcoming book called Humans in Healing.

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