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Terminal cervical cancer gone

Patient given up to die achieves long-term remission with Budwig diet

Another testimonial owed to Budwig expert and book author Michael Bierschenk's German website on the oil-protein diet www.oel-eiweiss-kost.de. This case history is from Johanna Budwig's book "Das Fettsyndrom" [The Fats Syndrome] (p. 127) Translation by Healing Cancer Naturally © 2022. Copyright Notice

"Patients handed over to me in the hospital, sent to me by physicians or who came to my consultations on their own initiative are the best proof. I've seen the most varied types of tumor including uterine, colon, lung and tongue cancer, as well as sarcoma and tumors near the eye. Rather than presenting many long medical histories, I will pick out one:

For two years patient Mrs. M.G. had been treated for cervical cancer incl. radiotherapy. As confirmed by several professors, her case was considered hopeless. Her tumor was continuously progressing and obstructed the intestinal passage so completely that all appeared hopeless. Her hemoglobin level was far below normal and she had been given under two weeks to live.

So they planned to leave this patient in my hands to test my method. I asked to refrain from the blood transfusion they had planned and started her on the nutritional treatment, the oil-protein diet. Her digestion began working within 24 hours. Clearly, between Thursday, the first day on the new diet, and Sunday her life pulse had been given a fresh boost and I had to shield the patient from too many visitors in white coats.

As early as ten days later, the patient was taking a stroll in the autumn sun. A manual examination by the senior physician led to major bleeding and set the patient back. She recovered but eight days later another gynecological exam led to a new setback, with the trauma of the bleeding which put her in critical condition being difficult to overcome (remember that cancer research experts had already put in writing that any therapeutic intervention on her behalf was doomed to failure).

I succeeded in winning her over to make yet another determined "cooperative" attempt. She quickly recovered, her strength returned and so did the pounds she needed to gain back - she had lost nearly 90 pounds over the past year. Within a few weeks (in early December 1955) she was discharged from hospital. The renewed "examination" planned before her discharge could be prevented this time by the patient's refusal.

Following is a letter from this patient dated 24 January 1957. She has been in good health to the present day:

"Dear Dr. Budwig!
Many thanks for your letters of 21 December 1956 and 11 January 1957. Attached please find a letter of Dr. V. for your information. I think you will find it interesting. I am doing very well, in October / November I obtained my driver's license and will show up in spring at the teaching hospital in G. to show them how well the woman is doing they had given up on. Next time you are in the area, I would be pleased if you paid us a visit.
Yours faithfully,

About this case, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Krebsforschung [German Cancer Research Association] published the following: clinically no successes with cancer patients were found. When I asked for their evaluation of this particular patient as well as others, I was told they were "spontaneous remissions".

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