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Dr. Budwig: The Practical Implementation of My Oil-Protein Diet

Excerpted, translated and annotated by Healing Cancer Naturally © 2007 from Dr. Budwig's yet untranslated book Der Tod des Tumors [The Death of the Tumor], Vol. 2, 1979. Copyright Notice

General introduction: oil-protein diet

Creating a balance between good fats and protein is essential, as is harmony between carbohydrates on the one hand and fat/protein on the other. I attach importance to administering foods in their natural state.

The required fats are exclusively supplied via unheated flaxseed oil taken as a quark-flax oil mix as well as in the form of unheated oleolux (containing about 25% flax oil) to be used as a spread and added to vegetables after cooking. Slices of cheese, Gervais, blue-veined and similar cheeses made with edible fungi as well as much quark[1] serve as sources of protein.

Any kind of fresh fruit and vegetables is permitted, the majority of which is to be taken raw. At noon one may include a steamed vegetable with potatoes in their jacket.

Bees' honey, dates, figs, and grape juice serve as sweeteners. No sugar is allowed, incl. so-called raw sugar and dextrose. Pasta is eliminated, as is white bread etc.[2]

Flaxseeds are provided in liberal amounts as a food, not for medicinal purposes. Since whole flaxseeds appear unsuitable, as do ground seeds which are already oxidised, we choose "Linomel", a ready-made product consisting of freshly ground flaxseeds protected from oxidation by pure honey[3].

People enjoy eating flaxseeds in this form. Freshly ground flaxseeds work just as well but must be eaten within ten minutes at the latest.

Transition diet

When starting a sick person on the oil-protein diet, a gradual transition is important. Every day a bottle or so of [Eden[4]] sauerkraut juice is given to allow better permeation of fats.

Depending on the severity of the illness, we prepare the patient by giving Linomel for 1 to 2 days. Serving quark-flax oil immediately can easily lead to nausea.

In such cases we give morning, noon and night just two to three tablespoons of Linomel (or four to six tblsp of freshly ground flaxseeds) mixed with milk or unsweetened natural juices.

With patients suffering from serious indigestion, we start with Linomel and papaya juice only. We currently also like to administer fresh nettle[8] juice with a bit of lemon, as well as the juice of white radishes, carrots and other vegetables.

Following this preparatory phase our entire diet will normally be well tolerated. The day starts with a glass of [Eden[4]] sauerkraut juice.
More on the Transition diet.

Daily diet plan

Breakfast: Linomel muesli

Cover 2 tblsp of Linomel (or 4 tblsp freshly ground flaxseeds) with fresh fruit such as grated apple, oranges, strawberries etc. Pour a mixture of quark-flax oil on top, prepared with 40% flax oil and bound with milk and sweetened with honey (allowing 3 to 4 tblsp per person).

For taste variety and garnish, add grated almonds, nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, pine nuts or cocoa, rose hip puree or sallow thorn. Follow with wholemeal bread with cucumber, tomatoes, cheese, white radish etc.[5]
Compare the detailed Instructions For Making the Budwig Linomel Breakfast Muesli.

10.00 am: a glass of fresh nettle juice with lemon


1. Raw vegetables dish: salad with flax oil dressing only. We serve two to three salads (one of which lettuce), as well as salads made with turnips, carrots, white radishes, kohlrabi, some of them dressed with quark-flax oil mayonnaise.

2. A steamed vegetable to which Diäsan[6] has been added after cooking, for instance asparagus[9] with Diäsan. Generally served with jacket potatoes, in exceptional cases with potato mash.

3. Dessert: quark/flax oil served as a sweet dish prepared with fruit such as pineapple, or poured over a fruit salad.


Dinner is to be served early such as at 6 in the evening and shouldn’t be too rich. We serve buckwheat, millet, soy flakes, or Linomel with milk, sour milk, buttermilk, buckwheat, flakes; millet also with vegetable stock as a soup.

If required, juices may be given in the course of the day.

Foods to avoid

Dangerous fats must be eliminated. These even include butter, as now shown even in articles published by the daily press. Canned foods with preservatives are harmful. While foods that are simply sterilized are not toxic, they do have lost (some of) their value.

Meat and fish are eliminated, particularly sausage meats and preserves from the delicatessen counter.

Pastry is forbidden. Additionally, any somewhat reasonable patient very soon forgets about smoking when following this diet!

A glass of wine is permitted. All things are a matter of correct dosage. In fact, with seriously ill patients just starting on the oil-protein diet, it is recommended to serve a glass of wine to tide them over while going off painkillers.[7]

Continue to Budwig Diet & Protocol: Practical Implementation (II).

Compare Dr. Johanna Budwig on what to avoid when following the Budwig diet and protocol: items and influences observed to interfere with its healing effects.

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1 Quark is a dairy product readily available in German-speaking countries made from various types of milk and roughly similar to cottage cheese. Dr. Budwig used quark because quark is a traditional food item in Germany, inexpensively sold at every corner and used in a wide variety of dishes, sweet, savoury, in baking etc. Cottage cheese (Hüttenkäse) is a relatively recent import (I would estimate it was introduced in the late 1960s) and isn't even remotely as popular as quark.

2 It can be reasonably assumed here that Dr. Budwig is referring to pasta made from white flour only. Pasta made from unprocessed or minimally processed items she permitted - such as buckwheat and whole rice - should be fine.

3 Linomel is a proprietary blend of ground flaxseeds, honey and some milk powder available in German Reformhäuser. Dr. Budwig formulated it to offer a readily available source of high-quality ground flaxseeds protected against oxidation. Freshly ground flaxseeds can be substituted for Linomel but must be eaten within 10 minutes or they will oxidize (go rancid) and thus become unhealthful. When substituting with freshly ground flaxseeds, use double the amount specified for Linomel.

4 Eden refers to the company Eden-Waren D-36088 Hünfeld, Germany, www.eden.de, not to any other company based outside of Germany which may bear a similar name.

5 Dr. Budwig’s Beginners’ Oil-Protein Diet Instructions [upcoming] featured in her last book Cancer — The Problem and the Solution do not include bread for breakfast. For cancer patients and carers it is highly recommended to buy and share with others her available English-language books.

6 Diäsan is a proprietary margarine ersatz containing 25% flaxseed oil Dr. Budwig developed but which is no longer produced. Use Dr. Budwig’s Oleolux instead.

7 Many more ways to successfully deal with pain are listed in Natural Approaches & Alternatives to Cancer Pain Management, Medication and Relief Compatible With Dr. Johanna Budwig’s Health Diet & Protocol. Also see Dr. Budwig’s Treatment Advice for Very Ill Cancer Patients.

8 Nettle is a very powerful medicinal plant and has been used to heal cancer, see Urtica research ff. including Urtica membranacea cancer cure.

9 Compare Garden asparagus and cancer Studies researching anti-tumor effects of asparagus officinalis compounds.

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