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Finding sources of good flaxseed oil

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Note; Important background and many tips regarding what to look for re flax oil quality are already covered in the Budwig FAQ under Which flaxseed oil offers the best quality based on the way it is manufactured?.

Generally, there are several companies and outlets which offer quality flax oil. Barlean's (USA) is known to offer a discount to (verified) cancer patients but you may also find bargains on good flaxoil elsewhere.

Always try to obtain organic, fresh, cold-pressed and unadulterated flax oil (no vitamin E or other preservatives added) and read the customer reviews before deciding on any one brand. Also be aware that Dr. Budwig did not use flaxseed oil with lignans (in fact, lignan-"enriched" flax oil to this day is not even available in Germany). This factor may however be of little consequence.

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