Cancer Glossary & Scientific Reference


”Science always has effects, but they are opposing effects, one that is destructive and one that is constructive. Science ruled by the intellect will splinter the view of the world into a chaos of details, losing connection to the Whole in the process. Science ruled by spirit, however, turns into wisdom, since it will be deeply moved by the wondrous overall scheme of things and feel respect and awe for the great mind felt to be at work behind it. Such is the difference between learnedness and wisdom.”
Max Bircher-Benner MD (translated by Healing Cancer Naturally)

While many pages of Healing Cancer Naturally comprise the results of scientific research as related to the genesis and healing of cancer, its Cancer Glossary & Scientific Reference pages are specifically and narrowly devoted to conventional cancer research and to definitions as appli

ed in mainstream oncology. For ease of reference, articles are listed in alphabetical order.

For the main subject of this site, the holistic healing of cancer, refer to Healing Cancer Naturally and any of the menu points listed in the top and bottom menu.

List and glossary expanded as time permits.

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