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Sam's formula: a suppressed miracle?

excerpted from a newspaper published by The Fason Foundation in 1993.

Note: In their introduction to their "Curing Cancer" page, which in addition to Sam's formula also discussed Megadoses of vitamin C and cancer, “Pancreatic cancer-new hope” and ”Essiac tea. A controversial remedy”, The Fason Foundation wrote:

”We present this data which we believe is from reliable sources. We are not endorsing these methods as a failsafe way to cure cancer.

The ubiquitous knaves and scoundrels go to great extremes to separate desparate people from their money claiming THEY have the ‘Magic Bullet’. They persuade you with glowing testimonials which may even be true. Testimonials are easy to obtain. Tell a good story and one will receive ‘miracle’ reports even if the product is inert sugar pills! The well-known ‘placebo’ effect is very powerful.” [See Power of Belief.]

"It is even money she will be dead in 6 months!" ~Dr. Ames

The founder, 61, of ONE LIFE Nutritional Products*, a multi-millionaire from Palm Beach Fla., Stewart Fason, had not had a sick day for 34 years even though he is a smoker, eats few vegetables and spends most of his time behind a desk. He believes it is due to a formula given to him in 1961. Here is his story.

In 1961 I was living in Los Angeles. One day I stopped by the La Cienega tennis courts for a quick pick up game of tennis. I met an old man named Sam. We hit for a while and then I said, "Sam, I better quit. I feel a cold coming on.". Very matter-of-factly Sam replied, "You need never have a cold. In fact, if you knew the truth, you would never, ever be sick again!". He didn't sound like some weirdo radical so I invited Sam to join me for lunch at a pizza joint across the street.

Over the next 30 minutes I heard a most extraordinary tale of an old scientist who received his Ph.D. in biochemistry in 1901 and his M.D. a few years later. Sam told of his frustration at providing long term cures, for he said,

"Physicians then, as now, are taught to deal with symptoms not causes. That is, if there is a rat problem, we are expert at killing rats and spreading rat poison throughout the house. This approach appears to solve the problem. However, until one learns their method of entry and what attracts them the problem will return.".

Sam mentioned a revelation when his cat jumped in his lap and he suddenly realized that man is the only chronically sick animal on earth. All others are almost never sick except due to injury or eating contaminated food. They have perfect immune systems.

"God did not design us to be sick. We are our own worst enemy for only man was given the ability to choose what he eats." In the pursuit of profit we have poisoned our environment and our food. Is it any wonder that few of us get what our body needs to combat the millions of invading microorganisms with which our immune system must do battle 24 hrs each day?".

People routinely take megadoses of vitamins and minerals daily in the mistaken belief that more is better. This is like suggesting that if a pinch of salt will enhance your recipe, then a cup will make it tastier! What nonsense. Many people would be healthier if they took no supplements rather than overdosing.

I sold my practice and have devoted the last 40 years developing the perfect formula which builds a bulletproof immune system. The magic is in the synergistic effect of having just the right balance of ingredients. "Take this 3 times each day and you will never be sick again!" His parting words were, "Remember, you have only one life."

He scribbled it on a napkin and then vanished. Thirty-five years later I still take old Sam’s magic formula three times each day. I haven’t even had a headache. The effect is not the same for all people. Thousands have reported more energy and other apparent benefits. The truth is I have felt nothing at all except freedom from all sickness.

We lived in one of the old Palm Beach mansions. What a fantastic life we had. Lots of love, tons of money, and brilliant youngsters as artists in residence. Our blissful life came to an abrupt end in 1983. After an exam and biopsy at The M.D. Anderson Cancer Clinic in Houston, Dr. Ames spoke in a monotone.

"I have seen many women in her condition. Less than 5% survive 2 years."

George Blumenschein, M.D. is one of the premier breast cancer physicians in the world. After reviewing the data he said, she must go on chemotherapy immediately. Any delay could be fatal. He stated that it had metastasized and was spreading rapidly. In 90 days a modified radical mastectomy would be performed. Even with the best doctors the odds were 20 to 1 she would be dead in two years. A malignant melanoma was removed from her leg 6 months earlier.

She had always referred to Sam’s formula as "Your silly magic pills". When we returned to Palm Beach she asked, "Do you think Sam’s formula will help?". I told her I had no idea for Sam never mentioned cancer, although he did say he had seen it work wonders with some catastrophic diseases.

Her attitude was, "What do I have to lose?". She began taking Sam's formula 9-12 times each day. After 3 months of chemotherapy she returned for the surgery.

Dr. Blumenschein was astonished. The breast looked normal. The edema had disappeared. The 1" lump, that showed clearly on the X-ray taken at M.D. Anderson 90 days earlier, had totally disappeared. I have never seen chemotherapy work this well so fast, he exclaimed. Dr. Ames performed the mastectomy. The pathologist’s report noted, "Only microscopic evidence in breast tissue. Remarkable response to treatment!”.

What really accounts for her dramatic success? Was it the finest physicians, her indominatible courage, Sam’s formula, or Divine intervention? In June of 1993 we were having breakfast. She said, "Every day I awaken with the knowledge that I should have been dead 8 years ago. God spared my life for a reason. Last night I had a dream. The Lord told me what must be done. We must share Sam's formula with everyone. We can use the charitable trust we founded in 1981 to conduct an extensive study".

"I suppose God told you to give the formula away free.", I observed. "Sure, why not?", she replied. "I've never seen a hearse with luggage racks. Who cares if we die with 100 million or 300 million dollars?".

Had you prophesied that I would sell my chain of computer stores, devote all my time to an altruistic pursuit and ante up millions, which I would never see again, I would have said you were a lunatic needing psychiatric help. But then, how could I refuse the prettiest girl on earth?


They quickly arranged for a modern laboratory to produce Sam's formula in one easy to swallow tablet. In July, 1993, The West Palm Beach Post Times ran a feature story headlined,

Millionaire seeks 5,000 volunteers for vitamin study

The quota for 5,000 was quickly filled. Soon they began to receive "miracle" reports. Word spread rapidly. Their foundation was inundated with people pleading to be allowed to participate. A few months later over 30,000 people were taking their formula daily. It was free. The Foundation wouldn't even accept donations. They published a free newspaper which contained health advice as well as testimonials from real people.

After almost one year the results were astonishing. The incidence of new illness was reduced by 92%. The odds against this are billions to one in a randomly selected group. Does it really cure cancer, arthritis and many other catastrophic diseases? While their foundation received hundreds of letters claiming it did, they remained skeptical. Testimonials do NOT constitute acceptable evidence. Who knows? Many said that Sam's formula actually saved them a lot of money as they found that they no longer needed all the expensive things they were taking.

The "Establishment" intervened

Their five year study was cut short. They were harassed constantly by the "Establishment". They moved out of the country to Mexico. We have the foundation's data and will continue the study.
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Sam's is a powerful antioxidant vitamin/mineral formula in a base of echinacea and white willow bark, which gives one the tiny bit of the magic ingredient in aspirin daily, without any side effects..

Remember, Sam claimed it was not "How much" but the synergistic blend of ingredients which produced the results. It was his belief that too much, or too little, would ruin the effectiveness much the same as with your favorite recipe.

The formula is a proprietary blend of: Vitamins A, C, E, folic acid, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium, molybdenum, boron, vanadium, silicon, echinacea angustifolia, echinacea pallida, echinacea purpurea, white willow bark. Sam's formula is available for under $8.00, for a 30 day supply.

[May no longer be sold.]

Testimonies from cancer patients who participated in the 1993-1995 study of Sam's formula

excerpted from the The Fason Foundation's newspaper in 1995.

”While interesting, they do NOT represent acceptable scientific evidence that Sam's formula works as they think. Healthy people notice nothing at all as one does not notice NOT being sick.”

My friend Fran was diagnosed with two cancers. A lumpectomy was performed. I have megadosed her with One Life. Recent XRAYS showed a 90% reduction of her other tumor. K. Richter 54

I have prostate cancer. After two months on Sam's formula my PSA has fallen dramatically. My doctor is amazed. D. Vogel 48

I have had surgery 15 times to remove malignant tumors from my bladder. Began Sam's formula 4 months ago. Checkup in August revealed only 1 benign tumor. Last week's checkup revealed no cancer at all. It's a miracle. D. Peloquin 57

I feel that Sam's formula has influenced my breast cancer. Since I have been taking it my blood tests have been like I am not on chemo. D. Davenport 35

I’ve had fibroid tumors for several years. In December we went to Europe. I became severely debilitated and suffered blood loss. Looking back in retrospect, the Sam's formula I took may have literally saved my life and I mean it. J. Edwards 45

Jack, 19, had terminal leukemia. In October 1993 he began Sam's formula 9 times daily. He claimed to feel much better and the bruises all over his body were going away. He believed he had a chance. In December he died from a heart attack. His mother stated, "I wish Jack had discovered One Life a year earlier. I believe the chemo killed him."
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In July 1993 I began Sam's formula 12 times daily. I have liver cancer and my doctor had suspended all treatment and gave me 30-60 days to live. One year later I am still here. It may be my imagination but I feel better than I did a year ago. Considering modern medicine has me dead over a year ago all I can say is so far so good. I believe I have a chance. H. Johnson 42

I have lymphoma. I believe Sam's formula has been responsible for an improvement in my energy. S. Tepper 43

I have been on Sam's formula only 3 months. It made a cancer or wart on my face disappear without leaving a trace. It had worried me for several months. God bless you and Sam's formula as I am so happy. N. Schait 87

More data on Sam's formula

This is reprinted from The Fason Foundation's newspaper, July 1995. They began a five year study of Sam's formula in 1993. The reason we present this reprint is that we received an email from Vicki, the heroine of the story, yesterday. She is alive and well-tumor free.

Vicki B, 35 was diagnosed with a uterine tumor (pre-cancerous) in 1989. Removal of uterus recommended. She was pregnant so surgery postponed. Since delivery of her third child there has been no money for surgery.

Her health has deteriorated over last 4 years. The tumor could be felt through entry in her vagina. It was the size of a silver dollar. She has been terrified for years feeling it grow.

"Six weeks ago I began Sam's formula 9 times per day. Somehow my pelvic area felt better. I did a self exam. The tumor is gone!".

I told her that this sounded far-fetched and asked if she would agree to a pelvic exam by a gynecologist. She said, "Sure, but I can’t afford it." The foundation made an appointment with the gynecologist group who had treated her years before. We gave her a check and sent her on her way. Her gynecologist reported, “I find no evidence of a tumor!”. He had no explanation. Spontaneous remission or a miracle? Who knows?

My old friend, Joseph, just shook his head saying, “My profession is such an inexact science. There is so much we do not know. Many of the powerful drugs we prescribe are, in my judgment, solely a palliative agent. They suppress or ease the symptoms which gives the appearance of effecting a cure when, in fact, the patient would have recovered had nothing been done."
Compare On Conventional Medicine (Quotes), Dr. Hamer’s German New Medicine, On Drugs and On Modern Medicine.

Such a candid admission of his lack of infallibility was refreshing. I asked if it was possible that Sam's Formula could have been responsible for all the claims of recovery. He just smiled and said, “I rule out nothing.”

Joseph was originally educated in Egypt. To illustrate how much science does not know he told of an unusual experience from his early years in medical school. “A group of us medical students had gone into the Sahara for a few days of research. We encountered a band of nomads. For over 3,000 years their lifestyle has remained virtually unchanged. Shortly after their arrival a 12 year old boy suffered third degree burns over much of his body. There was nothing we could do. It appeared he would die within a few days.

His mother came to all the men and asked us to urinate in a large pot. We were puzzled, but obliged. She made a poultice from the urine and applied it to her son. Within two days the boy had almost recovered.”

Modern medicine has no explanation. This should not be surprising. For years science has tried to understand how the ancient Egyptians mummified the dead. Their methods remain a secret to this day.

It sounds like science fiction, doesn’t it? I couldn’t resist. “Joseph, we have heard theories for years which suggest that several thousand years ago we may have had visitors. This would help explain many ancient mysteries which modern science can not unravel. Do you think it is possible?”, I queried.

With a pensive look he gestured with his palms upward saying only, “Perhaps." The bottom line is simply that we do not know what Sam's formula may, or may not, be effective in treating. As time goes on we will be able to make some accurate determinations.

The only thing that we do know for sure is that the over 1.5 trillion dollar yearly revenue of the medical industry is over 90% dependent on one thing...... you getting sick and staying sick.
Compare On Drugs, On Modern Medicine and On Cancer Business.

Would you lie (or suppress information) to protect your multi-billion dollar empire? Some have suggested that we have not received the truth from the establishment. Would your lobbyist pursue an agenda dedicated to the people or your company? Is is possible that there is indeed a cheap and harmless way to remain healthy? Please understand, we are not saying that the medical establishment are bad guys. It is simply a matter of business is business. When one forms a commercial enterprise they are not obliged to sign an affidavit that they are world class altruists!

As a postscript, Vicki said, in her email, “I have been taking Sam's formula ever since. After being chronically ill, off and on, for years, I have remained the picture of health.”

The foundation received hundreds of apparant "miracle" reports from those taking Sam's formula. Near the end of their five year study, which involved over 100,000 participants, the F.D.A. threatened criminal prosecution. The foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable trust, ceased operation. Their founder fled to Mexico.

They did publish the results of the five year study. Their conclusions on Sam's formula were as follows:

1. Those who take it three times daily, with an 8 oz. glass of water, reduce their expectation of new illness by almost 90%.

2. Less than 1% experienced minor indigestion. The solution was to take a swallow of milk with each tablet.

3. While some claimed to experience a feeling of "well being" after taking it for a month, over 90% felt nothing at all. One does not notice "Not being sick".

4. We can NOT say it will cure anything! We have received hundreds of letters claiming it cured cancer, arthritis, diabetes and many other catastrophic diseases. We tend to believe this was a result of the very powerful placebo effect.

A double blind study of Sam's formula

By James X. Hartman, Ph.D Florida Atlantic University
Reprinted/excerpted from The Fason Foundation's newspaper from 1995

Profile of a Scientist
Dr. James X. Hartmann, Professor of Microbiology, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL 33431.
Professor in the department of Biological Sciences for 20 years.
Taught the courses: Microbiology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Virology, Immunology, Cell Culture and Biology of Cancer.
One of the first professors in the U.S., some 20 years ago, to teach a course solely in Cancer Biology.
Has published papers in the fields of virology, immunology, cancer biology and cell culture. Recently, he has fused antibody producing cells with cancer cells to produce immortal antibody factories.
He has FAU’s first patent on a herpes virus vaccine for fish. Scientists are trying to figure out how he did it so they can do the same in humans.
First scientist to fuse plant cells with animal cells.

Recently, I have developed a keen interest in compounds that stimulate the immune system. Immunologists know that immune cells constantly communicate with one another and with cells of the brain through the release of immuno-transmitter molecules. The brain can also communicate with the immune system in positive or negative fashion using neurotransmitter molecules.

Some molecules function in stimulating both nerve and immune cells. One immune cell that starts the conversation between your immune fighters is called the macrophage (the original big mac). This big amoeba-like cell is surrounded by a frilly membraneous lace that traps foreign nasties such as viruses or mutated cancer cells and then it gobbles them up. The Mac then begins digesting its meal down to fragments. It attaches these fragments to carrier molecules that transport the foreign fragment to its body surface and sticks the fragment out into the bloodstream.

It sits in the body waving fragments of the foreign nasties at any other immune fighter that swims along. Along comes a T cytotoxic cell that hates to see such a nasty virus or cancer fragment on the surface of a macrophage. It gives the macrophage a hug, the macrophage gets all excited and says, "Go and destroy any body cell with this nasty on its surface." The macrophage can’t talk verbally so it releases an immunotransmitter molecule called interleukin-1 to get its message across and also presses a number of molecular buttons on the surface of the T cytotoxic to activate its weaponry systems.

I have told you this story of the marauding "Big Mac" and its fresh recruits in battle against disease because we are currently studying how Echinacea stimulates macrophages to divide and become activated.

The American Indian discovered the immunostimulating properties of the purple coneflower plant (Echinacea) long ago. It became known as "The Prairie Doctor". Echinacea is used in Europe whenever a cold starts in order to lower the severity of the symptoms. We in America are so used to getting antibiotic prescriptions that some of us are just now catching on to the benefits of Echinacea.

One of the active ingredients in Echinacea, a non-toxic polysaccharide (sugar molecule) has been isolated by scientists in Germany. The key question that I have regarding Echinacea is, "Will it stimulate the immune system of someone who has undergone chemotherapy for cancer?"

Cancer therapies are toxic drugs that kill any rapidly dividing cell, including the immune cells in blood and tissues and fresh immune recruits waiting deep within the bone marow. Nearly all chemotherapies cause something called severe bone marrow depression.

Thus the cancer patient may have had most of his/her cancer cells killed off but there are few if any immune cells left to seek out and destroy those remaining cancer cells. Worse yet, the cancer cells have by now activated a pump mechanism called P-glycoprotein that makes them resistant to the chemotherapy.

With start-up funds from the Fason Foundation we are going to study the effects of Echinacea on the regression of breast cancer in a mouse model during and following chemotherapy.

After hearing the remarkable story of Jana's recovery from terminal breast cancer we are interested in comparing the effects of Echinacea alone with what Sam's formula can do.

Much of the side effects and damage to healthy cells that occurs following chemo results from highly reactive free radicals produced by the chemo. It can be hypothesized that the mixture of antioxidants in Sam's formula can counter the damaging effects of chemo.

The Echinacea in Sam's formula is recognized in numerous studies as an immunostimulant. But, there are a number of additional substances in Sam's formula such as beta carotene, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and especially Zinc that are known to stimulate the heck out of the immune system (as well as being antioxidants). Deprive an animal of Zinc and its immune system is severely weakened.

So, my graduate student, Ms Dawn Smith will be injecting mice with cancer cells. The mice will be divided into groups as follows:

1. Group 1: These mice will be given chemo alone.
2. Group 2: These mice will receive chemo + Echinacea.
3. Group 3: These mice will receive chemo + One Life.
4. Group 4: No treatment following cancer cell injection.
5. Group 5: These lucky fellows will just get to play and eat.

We have proven that echinacea stimulates macrophages in our laboratory. It remains to be seen if it works on mice or humans. Only time will tell but I am very optimistic.

The results of the study were promising but inconclusive. Soon we will duplicate the study here. One must not draw the conclusion that Sam's formula will cure their disease. There is NO acceptable clinical evidence to support this. During their five year study there were hundreds of people who wrote letters claiming their catastrophic disease was helped or cured. This is NOT acceptable scientific evidence.

The only results which we endorse as true is their statistical evidence that if one takes the formula three times daily, with an 8 oz. glass of water, their chance of any new illness will be dramatically reduced by about 90%.

There were no significant side effects to the formula.

Note by Healing Cancer Naturally

Please see these important comments on animal experiments which are never reliable indicators of what will benefit humans and thus have led to serious harm incl. death of humans.

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.

The Fason Foundation

The Fason Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), charitable trust, founded in 1981, dedicated to proving that anyone can live a long, healthy and vibrant life, TOTALLY FREE OF SICKNESS. The Foundation helps to subsidize One Life USA products and conducts studies on our formulas.

The Foundation publishes a quarterly health newspaper called "You may never be sick again!" The newsletter is filled with information and statistics on "ONE LIFE" as well as other alternative ways to remain healthy. They invite specialists in the fields of Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Homeopathy and Herbology to write guest columns. While they do not endorse any of these alternative methods they believe you have a right to know what is widely accepted in other parts of the world.

*The Fason Foundation is solely a nonprofit research organization and has nothing to do with the sale, distribution or revenue of any One Life USA products. You may contact the Fason Foundation by writing to PO Box 6666, West Palm Beach, Florida 33405.

The above articles are excerpted from a former site of The Alternative Medicine Research Foundation, a non profit research group which published “remedies for common and catastrophic problems”.

Is there a cure for cancer? After 20 years of research

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