Spirituality (IV)

The Edgar Cayce Readings on the Causes & Therapy of Cancer


...There are other sources, to be sure, from which helpful forces might be gained; and yet there is really the greater necessity of man's comprehension of ills as related to erring from the path of righteousness — or that of sin, and its relationships to all such conditions that are in the experience of man.
from Edgar Cayce reading on Biotin (659-1)

Edgar Cayce, the famous US-American trance medium, made extensive statements on the causes and treatment of cancer, favouring a holistic all-round approach. All articles published in the Cayce section of Spirituality focus in detail on Cayce's approaches to this subject, starting with the very extensive scientific report based on the readings of Edgar Cayce The Causes and Treatment of Cancer which was thoroughly researched and compiled by David McMillin, MA, and published by the Meridian Institute.

Note: for a concise introduction and overview of the subject, see Edgar Cayce's perspective on cancer.

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