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Divine Light and Love Healing Energy Meditation

Basking in Energy: Aura Healing Meditations

by Cynthia Sue Larson

Note by Healing Cancer Naturally: For scientific validation and research into chakras, auras and life energies, see Energetics and Spirituality.

I have inluded Cynthia’s divine love and light healing meditation for two reasons:

I am an admirer of her pioneering work in the arena of consciousness, multidimensionality and ”reality creation through the mind” and like probably many others, I am very inspired by an Amazing Near Death Experience Followed By Cancer Healing — a “terminal” cancer patient’s beautiful account of how he died, went into the light, received answers about the deepest questions he had about life and the universe, basked in the unconditional love and light of the creator and returned to physical life — healed.

At one point in time, this account provided me great comfort since to me it shows how very loved we are — even if the “world” may tell us otherwise, and I spontaneously started asking to be allowed to dwell in this unconditional love and light when deeply hurt by others, followed by great relief and healing of my profoundly wounded feelings...

Your bioenergy field, or aura, is not only beautiful to look at, but is also a primary contributor to your physical and emotional well-being. When your aura is vibrant, chances are good that your health is equally vibrant. Because most physical problems appear first in the bioenergy field, and later in the physical body, one of the best ways you can take care of yourself is by keeping your aura bright, smooth, and clean.

Recent studies have clearly shown the benefits of meditation to reduce stress, alleviate pain, deepen awareness, relax muscle tension, improve mind-body coordination, recognize more choices, feel peaceful, and even reduce biological age.

When I help people assess and re-align their energy fields through telephone consultations, one of the most common things I observe is whether or not people are meditating. Those who don't meditate regularly have chakras that are not fully open, and their auras are subsequently quite a bit dimmer than those of people who meditate daily. The crown chakra opens up to allow divine inspiration in during meditation, giving meditators really radiant auras that sometimes shine like bright halos above their heads!

I discovered the power of aura healing meditations when I noticed that my lifelong sense of inner sadness had vanished. Every time I'd cleared my mind and quieted my thoughts in the past, I'd felt an unshakable inner sense of depression and sadness. Everything cleared out except the sorrow, as though it were the innermost truth of my existence. And then one day, it was gone!

I had changed only one thing in my life: for several months I had meditated twice daily, for twenty minutes to an hour. The disappearance of my inner sadness inspired me to share my aura healing meditations with others, so that they could reap similar benefits.

By practicing a series of three simple meditations each day, you can dramatically improve your life. Healing can take place when you provide yourself with a time and space to receive it. Your health depends on making time for yourself to allow loving, healing energies to flow through your energy field and nourish your body, mind, and spirit.


You wouldn't eat food that has gone rotten or welcome violent or abusive people into your home, and once you give the matter some thought, neither would you accept energy into your home or personal space that is anything less than unconditional love.

You know this kind of love; it's the kind in which you are totally and completely loved just for being yourself. While conditional love is recognizable because it comes with strings attached, unconditional love neither expects nor requires anything. With unconditional love, you can completely relax, be fully yourself, and bask in adoration!

If unconditional love is unfamiliar territory to you, consider making a tape recording to yourself in which you say aloud how wonderful and special you are just for being yourself. Think of ten wonderful qualities you love to see in other people that you feel are some of your finer points, and include every single one of them on your tape. Listen to this positive feedback as you hug yourself and say, "I love you!"

If you don't have a tape recorder, or don't wish to make a tape recording expressing loving appreciation for yourself, you can accomplish much the same positive effect by writing down ten things you love about yourself and reading them aloud to yourself.

Once you get a better idea of how unconditional love feels, you can clean up your energy space by intending that only unconditional love will enter it. Just as you are choosy about whom you allow to enter your home, and what food you allow inside your body, you can be selective about what energies you allow to enter and remain in your energy space. If you're unsure whether a certain energetic presence is unconditionally loving or not, throw it out! You deserve only the best energy in your life.

When your energetic surroundings are cleaned up, including your personal bioenergy field and the energy fields in your work and home environments, you are ready to begin some aura healing meditations.

The aura healing meditations consist of three parts, with each of the three separate meditations lasting about twenty minutes. They are most powerful when done sequentially, since each one picks up where the other left off. The meditator experiences the presence of divine love, feels divine love’s flow, and radiates divine love.

This three-step process is a lot like the natural process of breathing, in which you experience the air before inhaling and then exhaling it. These meditations are every bit as simple, powerful, and pure as breathing.

Aura healing meditations renew your strength and vitality through every level of your being, beginning with your energetic essence. This is a time for awakening a memory of perfect health and well-being in your body, mind, and spirit.


The first aura healing meditation consists of experiencing the presence of divine love. The easiest way to do this is to get comfortable, breathe deeply, and relax. Allow yourself to feel your arms and legs getting heavier and heavier, and let your eyes close. Feel your stomach rise up with each deep inhalation, and drop down each time you exhale.

As soon as you feel comfortable and relaxed, imagine you are in the presence of ultimate divine love. Experience this love with all your senses. Feel the light of it. See how this love appears to you. Feel this love, and notice what qualities you can most clearly perceive.

Like the parable of the blind men examining an elephant, you will not be able to perceive the entirety of divine energy all at once, but will appreciate part of it. This is the aspect of divine love you can benefit from now; that is why it is showing itself to you.

You can sense this divine presence as the essence of love, the source of life, the birth of inspiration. It will provide you with whatever healing energies you are most in need of now. It is capable of restoring your health and well-being on every level of body, mind, and spirit.

By observing the essence of divine energetic unity and sensing what it shows you, you can see which gifts of light and love will most benefit you in this moment now, as you feel yourself in the presence of the greatest light and love ever to exist.

Notice what attributes of divine spirit are showing themselves to you. This presence may feel very obvious and clear, or it may feel subtle and barely discernible at all. How ever this essence of divine energetic unity appears to you, know that you are recognizing the aspects of divine spirit which are the qualities of divine energy you most need for healing right now.

When you feel a need for a particular aspect of divine energy to come into your life, you may request that aspect by name, desire, or intent. Examples of divine energy you may wish to request include abundance, beauty, compassion, confidence, dignity, enthusiasm, faith, grace, gratitude, honesty, integrity, joy, kindness, loving, optimism, peace, quiet, resilience, strength, tranquility, and vision.

All you need do is ask for any specific quality of divine love, and it will be shown to you. If you do not ask for any particular aspect of divine love and healing, you will see and feel precisely what you most need right now.

Being aware of your close proximity to divine love will change your life for the better, as you allow yourself to feel the reality of your experience. The main purpose of this meditation is to fully experience divine love with all your senses, rather than just thinking about it as some abstract concept.

If you are having trouble imagining you are in the presence of divine love, reassure yourself that it's working even if you can't feel anything. This kind of energy work gets much easier with practice, so each time you practice this meditation, know that it will be even easier and more rewarding next time.


The second aura healing meditation allows you to feel divine love flowing through you. The key to this meditation is the acceptance of divine love in a receptive fashion (like yin energy).

To initiate this meditation, bring your attention to your crown chakra and intend that you will now experience divine love flowing through you. You needn't do anything other than invite divine energy to come to you, flowing down through the crown chakra in the top of your head through your entire physical and energetic body.

Observe the light that flows down through your chakras. As this healing light dances through the cells in your body, feel how each part of your body anticipates and enjoys this healing experience.

Imagine that your body is a divine temple of light and love. You are the loving essence of all divinity that was created just to be a part of you. Your physical body shines brightest when lit from within with divine love.

This radiant energy can heal and renew. It can bring miraculous restoration to every cell in your body, every thought in your mind, and every vibration of your spirit.

An aspect of divine energy is offering itself to become a part of you now. It is here to enlighten and illuminate, and to refresh your memory of perfect health and well-being in every way.

When you choose to welcome and accept this divine energy in your life, it will bring healing love into every cell in your body and every part of your energetic essence. All you need to do is intend that this be so, and you will begin to feel divine energy filling you with exactly the energetic nourishment you most require now.

As this divine energy flows through you, you understand that there are some things you are ready to let go of now, so that you may have more room for this divine energy in your life.

With each exhalation, release the energies of everything that does not support your body being healthy, whole, and in harmony with your energetic essence. As you inhale, feel divine healing energy dancing through every cell in your body as it continues its steady descent.

You may feel this healing energy as warmth, as light, or as a tingling sensation. However it feels to you, it is now awakening the memory in your body of perfect health in mind, body, and spirit.


The third aura healing meditation brings a sense of heaven on earth as you radiate divine energy. This meditation is done in active fashion (like yang energy) by initiating a powerful blast of divine energy from inside yourself that shines out in all directions. This activation begins suddenly with tremendous intensity that is brighter and clearer than all other energies.

Begin this meditation by drawing a point-source of divine healing energy for this illuminative blast down through your crown chakra, past your third eye chakra, your throat chakra, and let it settle gently in your heart. When you feel that it is time, you will shine with brilliant radiance that will clear out all impurities in your energetic essence.

The radiant expression of divine love that is about to shine forth from you will blast away all negative energies as it smooths and repairs all of your energetic essence, allowing healing on physical, mental and emotional levels simultaneously.

When you are ready to begin shining brightly, bringing heaven down to earth, imagine that you are about to turn on a light with a flip of an inner switch. Take your time and wait until you feel it is the right moment to throw the inner switch and shine with the fullest, most brilliant intensity of divine love.

When you flip the imaginary inner light switch, take several long, deep breaths afterwards, as you feel your energetic essence returning to full vigor and health. Such brilliant light shines forth from you after you have thrown this inner switch that your aura radiates divine energy like a solar wind pouring outward from you in all directions, blowing away all that is less than healthy and whole from your energy field with the radiant illumination of divine love.

Never before have you shone as brightly as you do now. Never before have you felt such clarity in your energetic essence. This divine energy clears away all extraneous negativity as it expands and smooths your energy field. What had been broken is now being repaired, actively, brilliantly, instantly.

Your inner brilliance is now so obvious and clear that you will draw similarly bright and shining people and experiences to you. The divine energy of light and love you exude brings an aura of divinity with you everywhere you go. You will now attract people who believe in miracles and healing. They will assist you in wonderful ways as you journey along your life path.

About the author

Cynthia Sue Larson is the author of REALITY SHIFTS: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World and Aura Advantage: How the Colors in Your Aura Can Help You Attain What You Desire and Attract Success. Her books and Aura Healing Meditations CD can be ordered through her web site, and Cynthia can be reached at cynthia AT and P.O. Box 7393, Berkeley, CA 94707-7393.

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