Exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiation (EMFs and EMRs)

Critical protection and avoidance measures

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There is a critical link between EMF exposure and various diseases including cancer (see e.g. Studies on electromagnetic fields and radiation (EMFs/EMRs) & cancer risk), so nowadays taking proactive steps to protect one's health from EMFs to the extent possible must be ranked as a basic measure of "personal hygiene".

Most of the following crucial information on EMF protection measures has been extracted and compiled from a lecture by physician Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt to distil what is of general or specific interest to cancer patients and anyone interested in cancer prevention and maintenance of good health.

It follows up from the more general advice given in electromagnetic fields and detection, protection and avoidance measures. as well as the tips on How to minimize pseudogeopathic and technopathic stress.

While we are biologically harmed by the various EMFs bombarding us "around the clock", it is at nighttime (during sleep) that the human body is most vulnerable to incoming cell phone radiation as well as other noxious energies.

That's the time when the most damage is done since the parasympathetic nervous system is active and the sympathetic system is withdrawn, leaving the body defenseless. So while there are general rules for EMF protection to be heeded at all times, there are different measures to be taken for the night than for the day.

General EMF protection

  • No cordless phone must be used in the house.

    While the so-called smart meters are probably the most pernicious when it comes to devastating health effects, cordless phones (DECT stations) rank number two, in fact they are even more detrimental than incoming cell phone tower radiation.

    A cordless phone will broadcast a signal into any room that has reception 24 hours of every day, and a very devastating type of radiation at that. It destroys the same number of brain proteins (compare studies) as the incoming radiation from outside cell-phone transmitter stations (towers, mobile phone masts).
  • No wireless internet must be used in the house.
    Wireless internet is another huge source of electropollution and HF fields. Use broadband and landlines instead.
  • No energy-saving light bulbs (compact fluorescent lights) must be used in the house (they are "completely unacceptable").

    Not only do they give off HF radiation wavelengths which are devastating to brain and health, but they are also mercury-vapour-based. The mercury frequency piggybacks on the light which entails the following:

    Any person with mercury exposure from dental amalgams, fish consumption and/or other sources will have mercury stored in the safest possible places of his or her body. The mercury frequency however, stirs up and mobilises this stored-away mercury which is then displaced into the vulnerable tissues of the body such as the brain and the spine, the hormone-producing glands etc., with all the devastating effects which ensue.

    Additionally, energy-saving light bulbs can burst (as has happened in Germany to "Herr B." who was paid off by the manufacturer to keep silent in order not to disturb the lucrative energy-saving light bulbs business. When this type of light bulb bursts, the mercury and phosphorus gas contained "explode" into the surroundings and damage (corrode) the lungs, possibly causing irreparable destruction of parts of them!

    Solution: go back to the (newly-called) heat lamps (previously known as normal incandescent light bulbs), or invest in the (more expensive) LED lights.

Nighttime EMF protection (particularly critical)

The patient must

  • turn off all fuses at night (which decreases the "body voltage" induced by EMFs*).

    All fuses being switched off means the breaker switch, the wireless internet (which should not be used in the first place, see above), all telephone support systems, alarm systems etc. are also switched off, i.e. every appliance in the house. The dangerous smart meter probably won't get switched off (this depends on whether it runs on the same circuit or not).

    Note: the easiest way to switch off all fuses in one go is a network circuit breaker.
  • have protection from incoming cell phone radiation during sleep. For this purpose, Dr. Klinghardt uses earthing pads for his patients (it is carefully tested where to earth the wire).
  • measure the density of the microwave radiation in his or her bed location using e.g. a Gigahertz solutions EMF meter: any value above 5 microwatts per m2 is unaccepable. If the bed area does show a higher reading, the patient must find a location where the reading is within the acceptable range and shift their bed into that position (this is by far the cheapest and typically easiest option). Alternatively, EMF protection must be provided in the following ways:

    a) by repainting the walls with a special protective paint containing graphite fibre, carbon fibre and conductive particles. This (black) paint creates a Faraday cage which additionally must be grounded to the earth by wire.

    b) by hanging EMF-shielding curtains over the windows (silver-coated cloth that reflects incoming cell phone radiation back to the outside).
    These two steps combined generally allow the radiation levels to be brought down to an acceptable range.

To illustrate the importance of the above, Dr. Klinghardt adds that in his experience autistic children will only recover when the above advice is followed to a T (while vitamins and behavioral therapy will only show some minor effect), showing that protecting the sleeping area is paramount.

* another instant way of dramatically reducing EMF-induced body voltage (ascertainable by a simple voltmeter measurement) is GROUNDING oneself such as by walking barefoot on the grass or earth.

Daytime EMF protection

Electricity of course is required during the day but a measure of protection can be achieved by plugging so-called Stetzer filters (or Stetzerizer filters) into the electrical outlets. (At around 35 USD a piece, these filters are relatively inexpensive.)

Developed by Graham Stetzer, the filters reduce the so-called dirty electricity. Canadian Professor Magda Havas (Environmental and Resource Studies, Trent University) has shown that stetzer filters lower the biological damage that electromagnetic fields do to the human body, see e.g. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity: biological effects of dirty electricity with emphasis on diabetes and multiple sclerosis and "Dirty Electricity and Electrical Hypersensitivity: Five Case Studies" at emfandhealth.com/HavasStetzerWHODirtyElectricityStudies.pdf .

Reducing electrosensitivity

While stritctly speaking, Dr. Klinghardt considers electrosensitivity a myth since everyone is equally affected (even those who feel healthy - compare Smart meters), perceived electrosensitivity can be explained by the antenna function of the human body which will literally go on reception - that is, more or less so depending on the body's mineral density, electrolyte and water content and even its size, with larger and taller individuals more easily "going on reception" than smaller ones.

Dr. Klinghardt's four-step strategy against electrosensitivity involves the following:

  • Heavy metals detox to reduce the body's antenna function

    First and foremost, the electrosensitive person must be detoxified, to the extent possible, from heavy metals, reducing his or her mercury, lead, nickel, cadmium etc. load stored in the bone marrow, fascial membranes, connective tissue etc. This strategy has proven very successful in reducing electrosensitivity. (Compare Dr. med. Dietrich Klinghardt M.D., Ph.D., On Effective Holistic Heavy Metal Detoxification.)
  • Normalizing the insulation of the myelin sheath by
    a) successfully treating the chronic infection
    b) rebuilding the myelin

    The shielding of the body's electric "wiring" is provided by the myelin sheath surrounding the nerves. However in chronic infection, especially in Lyme disease, this myelin sheath is greatly diminished. The surface of the Lyme spirochetes (Borrelia species) has the same surface markers as the myelin, so when the immune system looks for lyme spirochetes it will also attack the myelin, thus gradually wearing the insulation thin.

    In fact according to Dr. Klinghardt, chronic Lyme patients are identical to electrosensitives and anyone considered highly electrosensitive would be wise to have himself tested for Lyme since the test most likely would show him to be positive.

    Rebuilding and normalizing the myelin sheath is done using a host of measures such as amino acid IVs and many other things.
  • Mushroom extracts from the well-known healing mushrooms such as maitake, shiitake etc. possess unique protective properties against electrosensitivity and create an increased ability to tolerate electric fields in affected individuals. Dr. Klinghardt first noticed that these mushrooms thrive in electropolluted environments which inspired him to try them against sensitivity to electric fields.
  • Generally: Any metals act as an antenna for EMFs so wearing metal on the body makes you an antenna. All jewelry should be plastic [or, presumably, made from wood, shells or other non-metallic natural materials].

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