A case of nose cancer attributed to cell phone tower radiation

Man lost his nose and quality of life

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Translated from "Report number 20 (mobile telephony)" published by Dr. Cornelia Waldmann-Selsam MD at www.funkfrei.net/berichte/index.htm. This page features 30+ reports of massive health problems arising in children and adults as young as 40 becoming incapacited after exposure to mobile telephony devices (cell phones, DECT [digital enhanced cordless telecommunications phones] and/or radio masts and towers, etc.).

Medical history of H.K., a cancer patient severely damaged on two counts

Date: 20 April 2005

a) Cancer due to electrosmog (originally not recognized)
b) A head implant becomes charged by mobile phone radiation and causes facial spasms.

"In 1999, my ear, nose and throat specialist discovered that my nasal septum had become perforated. The perforation steadily widened and in November 2002 a nasal cancer (pT2,N1,MX,G3,RO) was finally diagnosed in the Klinik Helios (Wuppertal, Germany).

My nose was amputated and the submandibular lymph nodes resected on both sides including a lymph node metastasis under the chin.

Three months after what still remained of my nose was amputated and multiple biopsy samples were taken. An Epitec-Grid (an implant post) was inserted and follow-up surgery of the resection of the bilateral cervical lymph nodes above the tongue-bone was performed. The marginal branch of the left facial nerve was microsurgically reconstructed and the caudal part of the parotid gland on both sides was resected. Finally a nasal prosthesis was fitted which was held in place with an extraoral implant.

The Klinik Helios pointed out to me for the first time that this cancer was caused by electrosmog. Another tumor clinic (in Münster) has intimated the same.

In the years 1996/1998, a mobile telephony cell site base station had been set up on a high-rise building some 60 meters (~65 yards) from my house (seven masts with two antennas each by Telekom und Vodafone).

After my illness and nose amputation I developed strong facial spasms barely allowing me to eat or drink. My speech was impeded to the point of hardly anyone being able to make sense of what I said.

A pain therapist immediately noticed that the implant functioned as an antenna and became charged, a statement confirmed by an electronics engineer: He connected my implant to a VHF radio and lo and behold, the device had full FM reception. He also showed us on his meter the voltage that had built up and measured the radiation from the base station.

What happens is that the charged implant sends impulses to my nerves and cells which they can't 'make sense of', starting to cramp and contract instead.

We are now trying to defuse and stop these spasms with strong medications.

Life without a nose had already been next to unbearable and now I have to additionally contend with this cramping and spasms caused by the radiation from the cell phone towers."

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