Gall bladder liver flush testimonial

Clumped olive oil mistaken for gallstones?

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I received the following interesting personal comments in December 2006/January 2007. While the author’s experience with doing a gallbladder liver flush according to the instructions given at Liver & gall bladder cleanse may not be representative, it does add worthwhile observations to consider before embarking on a gall bladder liver flush of your own:

“I just completed the gall bladder/liver flush as posted on your site... I feel exhausted, tired and worn out. And I think it was a complete waste of time. Maybe I just don't have gallstones, but I think a lot of people are going to mistake the clumped olive oil that comes out for gallstones. Sure I did too...for a minute.

Then I pulled one of these green things out of the toilet and crushed it between my fingers. It had the exact color, smell and texture of coagulated olive oil. There were no hardened crystals of any sort.

I've read on your site and elsewhere that the stones will float because of the cholesterol in them... no... oil floats in water... even coagulated clumps of olive oil.

Now my rectum is just worn out from expelling all this fluid at high volume. I'm done with this silly cleansing nonsense.

I think that simplifying one's diet down to veggies and fruits can be a good thing. I couldn't live on just apple juice for three days, so I opted to eat apples, a bag of spinach and I baked a potato one night. I couldn't imagine eating it plain, so I dressed it with mustard, balsamic vinegar and capers-none of which have any fat.

I think there are ways to cleanse the body with a good diet that does not put you through such an exhausting shocking experience as a 3-day fast.
Focusing on grains and vegetables can greatly improve elimination time, help scrub out the colon while still providing adequate energy.”

For what appears to be both a gentle and effective DIY way to fast and internally cleanse while preventing and healing various ailments without incurring significant energy loss or discomfort, see The Master Cleanser.

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