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Curing Terminal Cancer of the Pancreas with the Gerson Therapy

Gerson treatment leading to full recovery from pancreatic cancer

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Type of Disease: Cancer of the Pancreas
Patient: male
Age: 68
Date of first discovery: 1968
Date of death: 1978
Type of therapy used: Gerson diet (exclusively)
Medication used: None
Outcome: Full recovery


In 1968, my arsenal of weapons against cancer was slim at best — a single bullet — but a magic silver bullet it was! At that time, I was not a physician of natural medicine. But I had a voracious appetite for everything in the Alternative health field.

When my wife received the phone call from her mother announcing the fact that her husband (my wife’s father) had been admitted to the [...] hospital in [...] — she was concerned. The concern turned to shock when exploratory surgery disclosed massive pancreatic cancer (head of pancreas) which, for undisclosed reasons, was considered inoperable by the doctors who simply sewed him up and sent him home to die. The family consulted each other and bought the coffin and made preparations for the inevitable.

At this time, we approached my wife’s mother with a promising alternative. We had just finished reading a fascinating book, "A Cancer Therapy" by Dr. Max Gerson, a German surgeon and medical doctor. His dietary approach made sense and was proposed to my wife’s mother. Her father was too far gone to even care.

Without arguing nor questioning, my mother-in-law immediately stopped giving the patient any solid food. He consumed, from then on, nothing but raw vegetable and fruit juices, particularly carrot juice, several times a day.

For more than six months, this man drank only juices and at the start he encountered several healing crises which were difficult to overcome because they involved pain, vomiting and nausea but they lessened over time and each one left him stronger and with more energy.

After about nine months, he started to consume more solid food such as salads, raw and fresh fruit and the occasional potato. After one year he returned to the same hospital and was given the good news that the doctors could find no trace of cancer anywhere in his body.

He felt and looked like he was in his fifties and everybody considered this a case of ‘spontaneous remission’ which is somewhat of an insult considering what my mother-in-law had to go through to appease her husband who more than once revolted against this austere diet.

Results: This patient received no other treatments than a severe diet modification. He lived for another ten years and died in 1978 of a stroke at the age of seventy-eight. At the end of his life he relinquished his severe diet and returned to a more ‘civilized’ nourishment, however, he still consumed large amounts of carrot juice.

All the juices were prepared with a simple centrifugal juicing machine.

Compare Dr. Gerson’s statement that liquefiers (blenders) and centrifugal juicers don’t work for cancer patients.


Dr Gerson himself reported (at least) one successful treatment of pancreas cancer in a speech he gave in 1956. His own housekeeper had inoperable pancreas cancer and was still alive and in good condition ten years later. Also see the "Related content" below for other pancreatic cancer survivor reports.

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