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German New Medicine: A Revolutionary Biological Paradigm

My Interpretation of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer's New Medicine

by Anette Stahel, Hjo, Sweden, contd. from first page

Then we humans also have our "emergency program for the emergency program" so to speak, meant to help us reach resolution if we simply cannot find a way out by other means; grieving. Due to the mentioned combination of factors, though, grieving has become something of a lost art in our modern world, and supportive guidance is often needed in order to be able to embrace it.

Having understood this, Hamer and his collegues took this into consideration when they worked out the New Medicine treatment. The New Medicine treatment for the first, conflictual phase (that's right, there's a second, restoring, phase coming up!) consists of things which, first of all, facilitate conflict resolution, but also those which make life easier on the way there, without inhibitating the former.

It was found that the best results were reached by fully allowing Nature to take its course, while carefully supporting the individual through the stages. Above all, different practical help measures and individually fitted psychotherapy ranging from conversational counselling to much deeper forms are used. On the more physical plane, a change to biologically correct diet or fasting, i.e. simply following the body's true CA phase signals and avoiding intake of toxic matter.

Toxins and drugs disturb the soul-body, complicate the canceration/ulceration/hypofunction scheme and hinder conflict solution. One reason is that they're interpreted by our body as threats, and if we force it to deal with these threats, that reduces the energy it can put into conflict-solving.

These substances are of course destructive of cells and tissues as well, and to be avoided for that reason - motivating intake of any such with them being "cancerocidal", is, as, as we've seen, not valid, since the canceration mechanism actually is aiding. Hamer especially warns about chemo- and radiotherapy, well, chemical treatments and irradiation overall, because they irreversibly damage parts of the body and produce new conflicts.

If a tumor in the CA phase grows in such a way as to obstruct some vital passage, which is rare but does happen, then medical intervention is motivated, but it is to be restricted to surgery (or possibly radiotherapy, if the site is unreachable by surgery), and only of the obstructing part. But since surgery is traumatizing in itself, New Medicine avoids it to the extent possible.

Cutting away every and all cells thought to be cancerous, in order to "prevent metastases", as done today, is both unnecessary and maiming. Either way, the canceration will continue in the area, since the conflict is still unresolved, so it's important to focus entirely on conflict solution afterwards - something conventional medicine doesn't care about, and when the canceration continues on the organ, or where the organ was, if they extracted the whole thing, they think they missed a cell or two which then went on spreading. A big misunderstanding.

As for the use of tranquillizers to dampen the stress, Hamer says that's very counter-productive also, because Nature hasn't created this stress phase without a purpose, the stress drives the individual in the direction of conflict resolution. If you gave tranquillizers to a hart stressed because he's lost his territory, he'd be unable to fight and get his territory back, instead he'd be paralyzed from fighting off any intruder.

With the use of stress-masking preparations, the natural wish to solve the conflict is taken away, while the underlying strain remains and the alteration of the organ continues. What's needed is the provision of a calm and stress-free environment; it acts like a band-aid under which the injured soul can work on its damage undisturbed.

The New Medicine therapy isn't rigid or fixed, it's flexible and carefully custom-made to fit the specific situation in which the individual finds himself at the moment. Hamer also emphasizes that the New Medicine practitioner's personality is of utmost importance. He needs to be listening and empathic, good at seeing things from his client's perspective, interested in detective work, well-educated in biology as well as skilled at reading CTs and X-rays. These are qualities needed in order to determine which specific treatment is best for a specific client during the specific stage he's reached.

The canceration/ulceration/hypofunctioning does stop when the conflict gets solved, however, it's important to understand, especially for those who've "tried everything without result", that this resolution needs to be thorough and proper, no shortcuts will do. All aspects of the conflict, both physical and emotional, must be taken into account, and here's where it's easy to fail.

The changes needed can be very hard to make for someone who's grown up in our civilization and has become addicted to its unhealthy habits. On occasion, adopting necessary changes may even turn out to be impossible, and in that case, the CA phase can go on for years until the stress and strains of it finally break the body down, and the person dies. Note that it's the stressful state, the enervation, the lack of sleep, the reduced digestion, the deficiencies and the intoxications that kill the person - not the canceration/ulceration/hypofunction of the organ, as conventional medicine thinks (except in the rare case of obstruction of some vital passage).

Lumps and sores are not the issue! Physicians unfortunately have become fixated on lumps and sores, when instead they should concern themselves with the state of the person as a whole. How does she feel, deep inside? What does she put into her body? And what does her life situation look like, present and past? It's the stressful state which is to be eliminated, genuinely eliminated, and replaced with calmness, because it's the stressful state that kills. This is Hamer's central discovery; psyche and soma are, very concretely, one.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that as for around half of all cancers, they aren't supposed to go away at all, because they are, in fact, simply scar tissue. Those are the ones built up on and around finished ulcers. More about that in the part about the restoration phase below.

The CA phase may also come to a state of balance or latency, meaning it's very little active or not active at all, but not really cleared up. This state may remain for decades, and the stress and strain on the body will then lessen, and the tissue modifications slow down, but the conflict is very easily stirred up again if/when the individual encounters a situation resembling the original DHS. Purely physical irritants can stir it up too. This will show up as recurring symptoms. There are also improperly resolved conflicts. As for them, they lead to an oscillation between CA phase and restoration phase, something which will show up as recurring symptoms as well, or alternating symptoms.

Yes, improperly resolved or latent conflicts of different kinds is the explanation for recurring problems like panic attacks, phobias, epilepsies, allergies, asthmas, rheumatisms, certain rashes, venereals, paralyses and numerous other emotional and physical conditions, many of which are termed "incurable" by conventional medicine, but in fact, they're not. And naturally, we may have several schemes running at the same time, with some still in the CA phase and others under restoration, and this can further complicate the matter.

When our biological conflict finally gets properly resolved - on its own or after much hard work - then we reach the turningpoint; the point Hamer called CL ("Conflictolysis"). Here, the CA phase ends and the restoration phase begins. And, as underlined, immediately when the CL is reached, the canceration/ulceration/hypofunction of the organ tissue stops.

This phase, beginning with the CL and ending with complete restoration of the organ tissue, was named PCL phase ("Post Conflicolytic" phase). With the conflict solved, Nature no longer has any use for the canceration/ulceration/hypofunction of the organism, and so she sets to restore the individual's tissues back to normal. Interestingly, she does this by reversing the scheme of the first phase, so that if the organ cancerated during the CA phase, its cancer is now destroyed, it "ulcerates". Likewise, if the organ ulcerated during the CA phase, its ulcer is now filled, it cancerates. And if the first phase set the organ on hypofunction, it now starts functioning again.

The HH in the brain is the part initiating the recuperation of the organ tissue; when the emotional conflict is resolved, restoration of the HH immediately follows, and that changes its nerve signals down to the organ into restoration mode. With the switch to recuperation, our body falls into a state of relaxation, the "sympathicotonia" turns into "vagotonia" (the vagosympathetic nervous system takes over). Our mind calms down, our face, hands and feet get warmer, we sleep better.

The restoration of the HH itself occurs through an accumulation of connective tissue, so-called glia cells. This may create an increased rigidity of the brain tissue but the person remains free of complications as long as another conflict does not take place in the same location (beware of any potential new stressors!).

On the CT image, the characteristic rings are gone, and the HH is expanded, swollen. The HH in its PCL phase form is the one prone to be interpreted as "brain cancer" and operated on, but again, that's acting blindly, as the glia proliferation stops on its own when the restoration is completed.

As for the use of chemotherapy in this phase, that's even more senseless - according to Hamer, these substances further diminish the elasticity of nerve cells and synapses of the brain, because they act like cutting razors among the dividing glia, resulting in a "bellows" effect in the brain (erroneously interpreted as tumor progression "in spite of" treatment).

Our body now thoroughly eliminates useless tumor cells or necrotic ulcer cells, as well as other wastes it harbors, then it generates new, fresh tissue wherever needed - it rejuvenates. And it does this with good help from its allies the microbes. Yes, that's exactly what Hamer found when studying the PCL phase; the microbes are our friends, which symbiotically help us clean out wastes from within, and not our enemies, attacking us and parasitizing on our tissues, as conventional medicine has it.

Sure, here's where all the annoying swelling, itching, pain[1], fever, fatigue, dizziness, weakness, mucous dripping, nausea and diarrhea start, but it's an unfortunate mistake to think this period is bad and detrimental just because it's uncomfortable! In fact, it's the opposite, it's restoring.

Conventional medicine calls these episodes "infectious diseases" and deems them bad for us - New Medicine calls them ECs ("Epileptic Crises") and sees them as good for us. This is because these episodes with their symptoms help us get rid of disturbing body wastes and build up fresh tissues again, leaving us cleansed and restored.

Also, the observant reader has understood that the PCL phase destructions and cancers are pre-determined to assume a certain size, namely the approximate size of the finished cancers/ulcers they are restoring. Here's where the CA phase destructions and proliferations differ from those of the PCL phase; the former could, in theory, continue growing indefinitely, should the conflict stay active and unsolved, the latter could not.

Now, the different microbes, the fungi, the bacteria and the viruses - some intrinsic, some designed to be added from outside - all have an affinity for the tissues derived from the same ontogenetic/phylogenetic origin.

Hence, the most ancient microbes, the fungi and mycobacteria, are related to all organs that developed out of the archaic endoderm and that are controlled by the old brain stem.

The less ancient ones, the bacteria, are related to the organs that developed out of the mesoderm and are controlled by the cerebellum and the cerebral medulla.

The more recent ones, the viruses, are concerned solely with the organs that developed out of the ectoderm, controlled by the evolutionarily newest brain formation, the cerebral cortex.

Hence, the older brain parts steer organs to break down useless tumors and other waste with the help of fungi, mycobacteria and certain bacteria, while the newer brain parts steer organs to fill, often overfill, finished ulcers with help of bacteria and viruses, preceded by bacterial cleansing of necrotic waste.

The result is carefully erased cancers and new ones carefully built up. The claim by conventional physicians that viruses cause a number of cancers is hence fully correct. But little do they know that it is our body which uses them for this carpentry, in order to optimize its health.

To finish our previously mentioned examples, the female whose injured young has been returned to her (and thereby has resolved her conflict) will feed her offspring healing milk from her cancerated breast, and she will develop tuberculosis as mycobacteria eat the breast gland growth and break it up. What then remains is a cavity.

The organism which risked drying out due to a "refugee" trauma, but now is safe and sound again (conflict resolved), develops infection/inflammation of his proliferated kidney collecting tubes - microbes eat up the cancer and restore the tubes to normal. And the individual who has managed to win his territory back (or has found a new one), gets his ulcerated coronary vessels re-built with viral help.

It's important to understand here that our body is chief and the microbes its diligent crew. Our body uses the microbes to optimize its restoration, and when it no longer has any use for them, they're fired, thrown out, together with the waste. Various antibodies are used in this reduction process just as such are used in the reduction process ulceration.

The "immune deficiency" phenomenon is not, as assumed, inability of the body to defend itself from microbial enemies, it is the body and its microbial crew resurrecting time and again after repeatedly being (medically) interrupted in their work, and the "auto immune" phenomenon is not inability of the body to separate microbial enemies from its own tissues, it is, simply, the body responding in a natural, meaningful way to a shock. Again, microbes and antibodies work for our body, never against it.

What happens if and when the suitable microbes are lacking? This is often the case; the CA phase is finished, our body falls into "vagotonia" and recuperation begins. But the microbes needed for optimal mending of the particular tissue in question are absent, due to intake of alcohol, antibiotics, cytotoxins or other poisons – or even lack of them in our environment - and that means the cleansing and restoration of tissues won't get thoroughly done.

From the outside this shows up as reduced or unnoticeable symptoms. More or less of the useless tumors, necrotic cells and other wastes stay inside and irritate, accumulate. And after enough buildup of such useless tissues, the microbial cleaning, when finally allowed to unfold, becomes quite a task... So indeed, the presence of correct microbes is crucial for complete recuperation, and they need to be allowed to carry out their work as undisturbed as possible each time, from the start.

Hamer strongly dismisses the notion of a bodily "immune system", and says that in truth, it's only a "fata morgana", built on hypotheses. It has been thought that microbes caused infections since microbes were found in every infection. But in reality, they're not the cause at all. There's spring cleaning in your house, what lies behind it? The vacuum cleaner, the mop and the duster? You, who is the one using them? No. It's the accumulation of waste and dirt behind your door!

The fact that illnesses always consist of two phases, one conflict-active and one post-conflictolytic, has also been overlooked. Only after the conflict is solved do the microbes become active, and it's our body that steers this. An individual, or body part, in the CA phase simply cannot be a vessel for microbial action, because his body, or part, isn't susceptible to this; it's stressed, closed, in wrong phase. It takes a correct phase and a relaxed, allowing environment for microbial work to take place.

Thus, we can appear "resistant to infectious diseases" under two circumstances. Firstly, when we are free from all sorts of biological conflicts and physically well-nourished, secondly, when under an active biological conflict.

Of course conventional medicine doesn't know to make any distinction between the two, and considers freedom from "infectious diseases" in general an overall good sign. But it's not. And the infectious states, which we now know are truly good signs, of cleansing and recovery, are considered bad and useless by the same establishment, and are therefore fought.

As you've already guessed, the administration of various medical treatments and preventive shots (which often are extremely shocking, both physically and emotionally) send us straight to the CA state, and not to increased health! We see that the reigning "health care system" isn't in touch with reality at all, something which is very dangerous, especially since people have no clue about this and faithfully put their lives in its hands.

"Immunity" is also a myth, many people have had the same disease twice (or more). It's just that, these separate but identical occurences end up labelled with different diagnoses, because - and here's circular reasoning at its best - we "can't" get the same thing twice.

Now, our body performs all its restorations in a liquid environment - this is well-known, and seems to be what development of life overall craves, remember the first cell in the "prehistoric soup", the fetus in the womb etc. - and so an edema will develop both on the organ and the HH in the brain. These edemas are clearly visible on both brain and organ scans, the latter wherever such are possible to carry out.

There is thus evidence in the form of images, that building up of fresh, vital tissues is taking place on these sites during this period. However due to the spatial limits imposed on the brain by the skull, the edematous swellings may give rise to compression phenomena, of the HH center and of the nearby nervous tissues, and this generates symptoms like headache, dizziness, fever and disorders of sight and other senses. By the end of the EC, the edemas of brain and body are no longer needed so they are eliminated, which leads to a so-called urinary phase.

Finally, some of the ECs are quite different from those generally termed "infectious diseases", for instance we have the inflammatory cancerations of muscles, tendons, bones and marrow (leukemia). We have those of many bodily canals and reproductive tissues. Then there are the heart disturbances which occur during the restoration phase after a solved territory-fight conflict. Also, there are the ECs after hypofunction reliefs, such as the muscle-cramp-spasm following a motoric conflict, which is the only epileptic crisis people in general know of.

We come here to the New Medicine treatment for the PCL phase. REST is of utmost importance here, especially during the EC. Emotional support and careful explanations of the bodily processes during this stage are also important, especially since such make it easier for the individual to endure the discomforts of the EC, and it prevents potential developments of new DHSes due to the same pains[1].

And just like for the CA phase, an individually suited, multilateral, biologically correct diet is recommended; it's crucial that the body has access to good building blocks during this stage, in order to be optimally able to restore ulcers and handle cancer/waste elimination quickly and adequately (New Medicine doctors may even administer certain microbes, above all if old, incompletely restored tumors are detected).

That's another sign that the conflict is resolved and the PCL phase has begun: the return of appetite. While enduring the EC, during which the initial conflict actually often is re-lived for a moment, there won't be any appetite, naturally, but in the beginning and towards the end of the second phase, there is, and it's of need to carefully listen to it.

Intake of toxins is equally detrimental during this phase, they're only in the way, either they dangerously blow up the "vagotonia", or they distract the body's focus on restoration, sometimes even throw us back into the CA phase, and also, they produce an extra burden of waste within, a burden the fragile PCL individual does not need, he has enough work driving the cancer and ulcer wastes out.

Last but not least, many of these substances kill microbes, and that cuts the efficiency of the reparation work right off. As said, useless, inactive tumors may then stay in the body, which would otherwise have been fully broken down, and instead they're encapsulated where they are, adding to the waste inside. Perhaps they obstruct where they're situated, impeding optimal organ function, or perhaps they don't, but are later found during routine health checks, entailing unnecessary and debilitating cancer treatments, not to mention stressful cancer diagnoses.

Of course the treatment outcomes of such residues, as well as of finished filling cancers, are the ones boosting the faith in conventional methods since these tumors are ended and thus do not return. The ulcers? Well, viruses are luckily not (yet) affected by many toxins, so the re-building of tissues via viral canceration is carried out, though not properly since part of this restoration work is done by bacteria. Reductions depending solely on bacteria for restoration will remain. Toxins are thus to be avoided. Especially drugs, both medical and recreational, are detrimental.

However, at the height of the EC when the relaxation and swelling of the organ and HH is the greatest, there may, in rare cases, occur a congestion of such an extent and on such a site that it constitutes a danger, that is, if the conflict was extremely long, or of a special type. One example is the swollen HH of an individual at the height of his EC after a resolved territory-fight conflict. The edema of this HH may swell so much in the brain that it compresses the area managing the heart rhythm and functioning, and in the severest case, it can provoke a blocking of the heart so that an infarction occurs.

Note here, though, that the infarction isn't due to the restoring viral cholesterol cancerations of the previously ulcerated coronary vessels, but to the reparation edema in the brain. There have even been studies performed on animals where several coronary arteries were totally clamped, and still, the heart kept on beating. Around the heart, substitution circulations are quickly provided.

The brain edema swelling is tougher. That's right, heart infarction isn't caused by arteriosclerosis, and, for that matter, arteriosclerosis isn't caused by high blood levels of cholesterol either.[2] Too extensive swelling of the organ can be risky as well, such as in extreme cases of whooping cough or tuberculosis, where choking may occur.

Anyway, in order to avoid too extensive swelling in the client at risk of functional loss due to congestion, "sympathicotonic" means are used such as tea, coffee, digitalis, adrenaline or cortisone, but the latter ones only in the extraordinarily severe cases. This impairs the recuperation and stresses the body, but naturally, a somewhat drawn-out restoration phase without function loss is preferred to a shorter, but possibly life-threatening one.

The momentary re-living of the conflict mentioned above is the "sympathicotonic" Nature herself sets in, in the purpose of reducing threatening congestion, but sometimes that isn't enough. The New Medicine practitioners do try to keep the use of remedies to an absolute minimum, though.

It's a misunderstanding that we would need extra fluid during this phase, we should drink just enough to quench thirst, not more. Forced drinking here, through persuasions, IVs etc, can be very dangerous, because that enlarges the edemas, thereby increasing the risk for functional failure, even death.

Regarding the PCL phase pain - the dangerous morphine or morphine-like drugs are never used, if the pain gets unbearable, emotional support and intellectual understanding of the process is often enough to help the individual endure.[1]

Hamer says that one of the most horrific things about present medicine is that most people with cancer, even with mild pain, are treated with morphine in some form. During the critical EC, one morphine injection can already be fatal. It changes the brain, paralyzes the intestines and completely disables the restoration functions, well, disables the whole person. He becomes lethargic and doesn't realize that he's in fact being killed, just when he was in the recuperation phase, on his way to health.

The pain of the second stage is actually a very good sign of recovery, but modern medicine doesn't understand this at all, and instead interprets it as the opposite; a sign of impending death. These substances are thus administered in order to "make the end easier", and sure enough, the person soon dies, but it's not of the cancer, it's of the medication...[1]

Lastly, just as can happen in the CA phase, a restoration tumor, though innocent in itself, may occationally grow in a way that it obstucts a vital passage within the body, making a minor operation necessary. See the mentioning of this above.

When our body is completely finished with its cleansing and restoring work of the organ tissue, the PCL phase peters out, and with that, the whole "illness" is over. The body/organ has recuperated, and functions in harmony with normal living again.

Unfortunately, though, most modern people in the world today never get to reach that state, because their CA and/or PCL phases are practically always interrupted somehow. Very often the interruptions are of iatrogenic nature, but our unhealthy lifestyle habits are great hindrances too. Drugs, recreational and others, stressing therapies, toxic and deficient diets, behavioral addictions, "black" pedagogies... the obstacles are numerous, but if we know about them, we can avoid them, something we're unable to as long as they aren't drawn into the light and become objectively understood.

In regard to both CA phase and PCL phase, New Medicine only uses invasive treatment when life/limb is at stake, or, naturally, if the client outright craves it because of simply unbearable discomforts.

This approach is radically different from the conventional medical one - where invasive treatments are administered practically always - and, not surprisingly, it's very disliked by pharmaceutical producers and distributors. Producers of technological equipments like scanners and surgical facilities ought to have less problems accepting New Medicine; Hamer and his collegues have clearly shown how important the use of such equipments can be, and which revolutionary facts about our biology can be discovered with these.

Regarding the medical distinction between "benign" and "malignant" cells, well, according to New Medicine, such a distinction is pointless. The former look more "normal" in the microscope, and their intracellular reproduction system has an activity below a certain limit, while the latter have an activity above this limit, and may seem "deranged" in different ways. One will speak of suspicious or malignant "atypies".

But the canceration/ulceration activity may take all degrees, according to the intensity and (mis)handling of the conflict, and cells may end up abnormal for the same reasons, but that's nothing strange, and it doesn't mean the body has somehow "lost control" over these cells, because it hasn't. Tendency to spread is considered to be an additional indicator of malignancy, but, as we now know, metastasis isn't about cells spreading at all, it's a matter of new conflicts, most often caused by the physicians themselves! Therefore, this distinction isn't done by New Medicine practicioners.

Hamer divided his findings into five biological laws. The first one he called The Iron Rule of Cancer and Equivalent Illnesses, and it deals with the origin of the tissue modifications. The second one was called The Law of the Two-Fold Phases of the Illnesses, and deals with the two phases. The third was named The Ontogenetic System of Tumors and Equivalent Illnesses, and takes up the nature of the symptoms in the two phases. The name of the fourth law became The Ontogenetic-Dependent System of the Microbes and takes up the role of our allies the microbes. The last, fifth law, underlines Nature's aim with the canceration/ulceration/hypofunction schemes, and explains why we shouldn't really call these schemes "diseases", with the negative ring to it that word has in our modern ears, because in their essence, they're powerful, helping, biological programs. Suitably, Hamer named this law The Significant Biological Special Programs of Nature.

It's important to understand that Hamer's discovery is a series of empirical findings; as of 1997, over 31 000 patients had been examined, and all, without exception (!) showed this same pattern. It's thus not a theory, nor a hypothesis. It's empirical documentation, this is what was objectively found. That's why the word "law" was used; it's a strong word, but the only correct one to use, since it means something firm, established and predictable. Finally New Medicine also got to be scientifically verified, by several institutions, the latest in row being the 1998 examination at The University of Trnava, Slovakia, where a double study was conducted.

... Not only does the establishment refuse to integrate Hamer's discoveries, they've also persecuted him for years, prosecuted him for breach of duty and taken his medical license. He's even been subjected to several murder attempts!

Still, during one of several trials the public prosecutor had to admit the exceptionally high success rate of the New Medicine treatment; after four to five years, 6 000 out of 6 500 patients with mostly advanced cancer were still alive. That is over 92 per cent, almost a reversal of the results to be expected after conventional treatment of advanced conditions. Because that's how "successful" conventional cancer treatment really is!

... "Generally speaking, it is my rule of thumb that the more vicious and wild the attack, the more certain it is that an important new scientific breakthrough has been made or is in the offing. Nobody fights real progress more insanely or viciously than the orthodox medical profession".
Keith Scott-Mumby, MB, BCh; What Is the "Iron Rule of Cancer"?


1 For a list specifying natural means of alleviating cancer pain (which might also be helpful with other types of pain) see Cancer Pain Management & Relief: Medication Alternatives.

2 Recent research has associated high cholesterol levels with reduced cancer risk, see On the link between cholesterol and cancer incidence.

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