Spirituality (III)

Tuning in to the Healing Stream

Receiving Bruno Groening's divine force (healing wave, Heilstrom)

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The basic instructions are very simple:

Sit relaxedly with legs uncrossed and right hand on right, left hand on left thigh, with the palms of the open hands facing upward. Ask for the healing stream or "divine force" (German: Heilstrom[1]) to pour into you. (Personally I would also thank in advance for receiving it.)

Crossing arms and legs apparently blocks or short-circuits the free flow of the healing energy.

Apart from the physical posture, our thoughts and mental attitudes are also very important. A negative frame of mind can interfere and block the body's ability to receive and circulate the divine healing force.

As experience has shown, the healing energy will have but little effect if the ill person unconsciously shields her or himself from it. Worries, thinking of one's illness or other personal problems as well as skepticism, lack of faith and even a demanding attitude are blocks preventing the energy from flowing in - just as sunlight cannot reach us when we bar all the windows in our room, or just as a pot can't be filled when it is closed by a lid.

Bruno Gröning insisted that thoughts of illness should be banned since by thinking of what ails us, we hold on to it as if "sitting on it“, thus preventing its removal. That is the reason why with two persons suffering from the same disease, one has been seen to quickly heal while the other who "holds on to it" requires repeated tuning-in.

The best attitude consists in "becoming as little children" - trusting, humble, open-hearted, without envy, hatred or greed, opening in gratitude to divine energy and grace. And as you tune in, observe and pay attention to your body's reactions to the inflow of the Heilstrom.

Playing pleasant uplifting music can assist in holding pleasant thoughts.

Be aware of the influence of your surroundings

The impact of negative thoughts also refers to our surroundings. While you are still working at finding healing via the divine healing wave, you should carefully guard yourself against well-meaning loved ones, relatives, friends, and persons of authority whose worries, doubts and expectations can interfere with the healing.

Materialistic thinkers, skeptics and other individuals incl. doctors who may think they "know it all" may make derogatory and dismissive comments, sowing the seeds of doubt and undermining the faith in the ill person.

According to author Friedrich Retlow[2], many a relapse has to be attributed to the destructive influence of negative thoughts emanating from one's surroundings. If an ill person on the road to recovery has to leave a harmonious environment of helpful and optimistic people and enters a circle of scoffers, doubters and disbelievers, backslides can happen.

When surrounded by such people, it is wisest to keep silent about your working with the healing stream until such time that health seems to be stable and fully restored. At that point, you should speak up and share your experience and testimonial as a thank you and inspiration for others who are still suffering.

The ultimate goal

According to Bruno Groening, health is not the ultimate goal, the ultimate goal is reconnecting to the divine.


While instant healings have been known to occur, initial worsening can happen (as with other natural healing approaches) such as pain or symptoms flaring up. This is taken as a sign that the energy has started working, cleansing toxins and restoring order where illness and disorder reigned (an example can be seen in case number 2 under Non-Hodgkin lymphoma healed through the "healing stream"; other powerful examples of healings preceded by such "regulations" can be found online).

And a concluding note for the skeptics: that we are not just talking about placebo effect here is shown by the healings effected on animals as well as on persons unaware that someone was connecting to the healing stream on their behalf, as seen for instance in the above-linked second Non-Hodgkin lymphoma case. Bruno Gröning himself is known to have effected remote healings.

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1 Strom (German) = current, stream, electricity, Heil = short for heilend = healing

2 Friedrich Retlow is the author of the book "Bruno Grönings Heilstrom. Seine Natur und seine Wirkung" [Bruno Gröning's Heilstrom. Its Nature and Effect] (1953).

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