Sungazing: the Boldest Frontier

Safe sungazing, safe sun bath[ing] and drinking suncharged water will cure all diseases.
Hira Ratan Manek

Welcome to page 4 of Healing Cancer With Light! This page in the Healing Cancer With Light "series" is primarily devoted to the practice of “sungazing” and its suggested dramatic healing benefits.

Sungazing was popularized by Hira Ratan Manek, a former engineer from India who became famous for his extended strictly supervised fasts on water only (the longest lasting 411 days, which is one year, one month and several days), and who credibly claimed to not have taken any solid food in eight years, i.e. to basically subsist on water, herbal tea and similar fluids and sunlight only.

Hira Ratan Manek who described himself as a “solar chip” who learned to harness the energy of the sun for sustenance, also claimed, based on his studies of ancient esoteric sciptures, that safe sungazing, safe sunbathing and drinking suncharged water would cure all diseases. While my intuitive feeling is that he is right, also read here more on the pros and cons of this statement...

Can sungazing heal cancer?

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Two cancer healings apparently achieved through sungazing (and implicitly sunbathing) are on record, one concerning a case of blood cancer, the other colon cancer.

The case involving healing from blood cancer used to be mentioned at (now still reachable via where a picture showed a student of “Sunyogi” Umasankar-ji who cured himself of acute blood cancer through the practice of sunyoga.

As former site author “Ben” explains: “Krishan Pal started practicing sunyoga in May 2001 after the doctor had told him that he only had two months to live. He practiced every day, initially for half an hour from 7.30 to 8 am, then gradually extended the practice for one hour daily. After a few months he was gazing at the sun at midday for half an hour.

One and a half years later the doctors discovered that the cancer was gone. In the photograph [taken at 8am] ... he is in a state of meditative bliss, not staring at the sun. I do not have much more information, however it can be acquired from the doctors at Chandigarh PGI hospital in Haryana, North India.” (Please note that Hira Ratan Manek strongly advised against sungazing outside the safe periods (safe = UV index less than 2).

A short colon cancer healing report was provided by a member of the sungazing yahoogroup: a Croatian postman curing himself of colon cancer by sungazing. He had felt depressed and while sitting on a rock one day, gazed at the sun. When he began to feel a bit blissful, he continued with the practice without using any particular method, and got cured. His hunger also disappeared.

Wayne H. Purdin* reports a third case of cancer healed involving sungazing in the following:

“I was just reading ‘Spontaneous Healing’ by Dr. Andrew Weil. On pages 128-129, he relates the story of Shin-ichiro Terayama, who developed kidney cancer in 1984. Sent home from the hospital as a hopeless case, he awoke the next day surprised to find himself alive and ‘was aware of a great desire to watch the sun rise. He went to the eighth floor rooftop of his apartment house, where he could look over the skyline of Tokyo. He recited Buddhist mantras and poems, put his hands together to pray, and awaited the sun. When it rose, he felt a ray enter his chest, sending energy through his body. I felt something wonderful was going to happen, and I started to cry, he says. I was just so happy to be alive. I saw the sun as God. When I came back down to my apartment, I saw auras around all my family members. I thought everyone was God. During the next few weeks, Shin observed the strict diet [macrobiotic] and performed daily the important ritual of watching the sun rise from his roof — the one thing he looked forward to each day... Today Shin is not merely a cancer survivor. He is a transformed being who neither looks, acts nor thinks like his old self.’

Since I have been sungazing (at 18 min 40 sec) I have found my attitude toward my leukemia change dramatically. Before, I was always on top of it, getting a blood test once a month, trying the latest antileukemic diet, herb or supplement, and researching. Now, I leave my health, as I do every aspect of my life, in God's hands. Shin had a similar change in attitude. What is it about sungazing that gives you the impetus to let go and let God? Could it be the tangible nature of sungazing in which you actually feel God touching you and come to know that he really will take care of you?
Yours in the Light, Wayne“

*Wayne H. Purdin is the Editor & Webmaster of Mandala of Light e-zine, "Cutting-edge information for all seekers of truth."

Will safe sungazing, safe sunbathing and drinking suncharged water cure all diseases?

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People like myself who absolutely adore the sun may intuitively agree when Hira Ratan Manek, the man who learned to harness the energy of the sun for physical sustenance, claims (based on his study of ancient Indian scriptures) that safe sungazing, safe sunbathing and drinking suncharged water will cure all diseases.

Judging by our present empirical data, however, it appears that this claim is not true for everyone and that for some or many there may possibly be more steps required to reach healing on all levels of their being — or will it just take them longer? Some thoughts on this controversial issue.

According to experienced sungazer Vinny Pinto, many sungazers after faithfully following the HRM protocol (specified at his former website, see below) to the letter for the prescribed period of time (reaching 30 or more minutes of sungazing) have experienced only some benefits, in any case definitely not gained the all-encompassing physical health and emotional/mental benefits claimed to be reachable within this time frame by Hira Ratan Manek and others who say that "safe sungazing, safe sunbathing and drinking suncharged water will heal all diseases within a specific time frame (later amended to “time frame could vary from person to person").

According to Hira Ratan Manek, no extra steps are required beyond these three practices, with “times of success only vary[ing]”.

I would like to propose the following thoughts as a possible explanation and a “bridge of reconciliation”:

Since the first observation is based on empirical data while the second claim is based on some empirical data and historical scriptures, is it conceivable that claim number two (reading in its original form as "safe sungazing, safe sunbathing and drinking suncharged water will heal all emotional, mental and physical diseases within a specific time-frame") WAS true at the time when these ancient Indian scriptures were written? This was millenia ago, and man was exposed mostly to a natural environment and natural foodstuffs, with relatively few man-made alterations and influences.

Now modern man is exposed to a plethora of historically and evolutionarily unheard-of substances, environments and procedures, many of which are toxic to his body (I think there were some 50,000 new chemicals invented and put into use over the last 50 years alone, not to mention the ubiquitous and continually rising EMF pollution which hardly anyone can escape).

So while according to this reasoning the sun was indeed perfectly capable of healing anything in the more naturally living man of old, the body of modern man is often so thoroughly toxic and battling with substances it is not evolutionarily adapted to, that the sun alone is either unable to fully heal this "modern" body on all levels OR will take much longer to do so.

Could this explain why what the ancient scriptures of India say of the benefits and healing effects of sungazing, sunbathing and drinking sun-charged water, according to presently available data clearly isn't always true for modern man, at least not in the time frame specified in the ancient scriptures?

A suggestion that could serve to verify the above proposition is the following: each person following the HRM protocol to the letter is asked to fill in a complete questionnaire and "toxicity profile" covering childhood and adult nutritional habits, tooth status, ingestion of medicinal, food and recreational drugs, emotional status, spiritual life etc. etc.

This way, it might be possible to establish a correlation between certain toxicity, emotional and spiritual parameters and the time it takes the person to reach the desired benefits or healing on certain or all levels of their being.

Addendum: With respect to the claim of inedia (the ability to live without food, for instance by subsisting on solar energy) being automatically achieved after 44 minutes of sungazing following the HRM protocol of gradual daily 10 second increments in sungazing time, Vinny Pinto writes:

"I have heard from, and even met, many sungazers who followed the HRM method and who reached 44 minutes without reaching inedia. I know of no sungazers other than Hira Ratan Manek who have reached true inedia. Hira Ratan Manek himself regularly and repeatedly insists that inedia 'may' happen as a result of sungazing; it is not guaranteed. Even HRM himself regularly and repeatedly insists that the primary goals for sungazing should NOT be to reach inedia nor any other particular goal, particularly any supernatural abilities or powers, sometimes called siddhis.

I am even more extreme than HRM, and suggest that sungazing for more than 30 seconds, for ANY reason other than due to inner guidance from Heart, Spirit or Intuition (different aspects of the same thing) is foolhardy, and that one should NEVER sungaze simply due to the goals of the restless local mind (some systems call this the "ego".)

Although I do know/know of two persons who have verifiably reached inedia within the past 16 years, neither did it via sungazing. You may wish to let go of any goals for sungazing, particularly inedia or other siddhis You may wish to simply ask Heart/Spirit and Intuition for the next steps — if any — in your practice.".

Benefits of Sunlight and Drinking Water

excerpted from Water: For Health, For Healing, For Life: You're Not Sick, You're Thirsty!, by F. Batmanghelidj

While the main thrust of Dr. Batmanghelidj’s (a medical doctor trained in Iran) book is to provide extensive information on the benefits of drinking water (including for healing cancer, compare Chronic Unintentional Dehydration Causes Pain and Disease, Including Cancer), the book also includes data on some great healing/health benefits to be gained from exposure to sunlight. Dr. Batmanghelidj writes on pages 266-270 of Water: For Health, For Healing, For Life on the benefits of sunlight:

To asthmatics, people with osteoporosis, and also cancers, sunlight is medicine. Light from the sun acts on the cholesterol deposits on the skin and converts them into vitamin D. Vitamin D encourages bone making and the entrapment of calcium by the bones, which in children helps them grow. Vitamin D also stimulates calcium absorption in the intestinal tract. Calcium has a direct acid-neutralizing effect in the body and is effective in balancing cell pH — an outcome that helps alleviate asthma complications.

Sunlight — energy — converts cholesterol in the skin to vitamin D. Vitamin D is responsible for the reentrapment of calcium and its reentry into cells and the bones to be rebounded and restored... The union of calcium with vitamin D and its membrane receptor acts as sort of a magnetic rod, and whole chains of other essential elements and amino acids stick to the exposed calcium and are drawn into the cell.

In this way, the energy of sunlight, and its conversion of cholesterol to vitamin D, has a direct physiological impact on the feeding mechanism of the cells of the body.

Use sunlight to your advantage to lower your cholesterol and promote formation of denser bones. Some of you might immediately react negatively to this statement and express your fear of melanoma. It is my thoughtful understanding that cancers in the body are produced by dehydration, inactivity, and poor choices of foods and beverages.

You cannot sit at your desk in an artificially lit office and expect to have a normal cholesterol level and normal bone density in your body. And in this situation, you will probably have a health professional — one who does not understand the mechanisms and relationships of sunlight energy conversion — label that natural outcome of an incomplete chain of the metabolic events a "disease", a vital element, cholesterol, will also be labeled "bad".[1]

Sunlight was first used successfully as medication when children with deformed bones (rickets) were exposed to it, which corrected the deformity. They call it heliotherapy.

To prevent osteoporosis, a gradual exposure to early-morning sunlight could be a natural way to increase calcium absorption into the body and bones.

Compare Chronic Unintentional Dehydration Causes Pain and Disease, Including Cancer.

Beautiful affirmation for use with sunbathing/sungazing

by Chris

“The sun's energy is entering and healing all parts of my being".

More beautiful Healing affirmations

Plants’ benefits from suncharged water

from a personal report

“I notice a huge improvement in the health of my houseplants and veggie garden when I water with suncharged water from an outdoor pond compared to water direct from my well through a hose or house tap. Results are even more incredible right after watering with pond water charged right after a thunderstorm with lightning. Since sungazing makes us more like plants making our own nutrients, then this suncharging as observed in improved plant growth serves to corroborate human effects.”

More information on sungazing

    Hira Ratan Manek’s website gives much info on sungazing, its proposed health benefits and how the sun is suggested to be used to heal the mind, body and spirit. Please note that it has not been updated for years and that the listed email addresses come back as "not found"
    A “group devoted to folks who sungaze. This practice of looking directly at the sun to take in the sun's nourishment is commonly called sungazing, sun gazing, solar healing, solar gazing, solargazing, solarhealing, sun staring, Sun Yoga, Surya Yoga and Solar Yoga. Recently, Hira Manek, an ex-engineer from India, has become quite famous for his ability to live on sunlight via sungazing...

    Sun gazing has been practiced in a number of cultures, including early cultures of/in Egypt, the Aztecs, the Mayans, Indian Yoga, Native American tribes, Tibetan Yoga, and some traditions of QiGong (aka Qi Gung, Chi Kung), such as BaKua (aka BaGe, BaQi) and Tai Chi. The practice has sometimes been called Solar Yoga in Tibet and India, although most modern traditions of Solar Yoga do not involve staring at the sun, but only asanas (poses) toward the sun.

    The purpose of this group is to offer support and advice to folks who have chosen to engage in sungazing, and for sungazers to share experiences."

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.


1 Please take note that the entire "cholesterol hysteria" may be somewhat of a red herring. In fact high cholesterol levels seem to be associated with reduced cancer risk, see On the link between cholesterol and cancer incidence.

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