Recipe for helping cats with cancer

...likely helpful for dogs and other pets as well

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My cat has cancer and I know this not from the vet I took her to, but what I found out on my own via the Internet. The vet told me she didn't have cancer. One day she was fine and then the next she could hardly walk, her eyes looked dead and I knew she was going to die if I didn't do something. She was so bad that I couldn't even give her the mixture of vitamins I mixed together (liquid of course) in her mouth via syringe. She fought me so hard that the stress of that alone was going to kill her.

Besides, what I ended up getting in her mouth was so minimal from her fighting against me that it wasn't worth it. I accepted her decision even though it broke my heart. I didn't want to give up so I kept searching for something I could do.

I finally found it after looking for hours and I'm surprised I never saw this before so I want to pass it on because it saved my cat's life.

I found a website of two women that cure cats all the time of cancer. What they said gave me hope and I'm forever grateful.

Mix up the following vitamins (I'm not 100% on this, but what I'm using now is working):

Liquid vitamin C (I know some are better than others), flaxseed oil, omega-3, liquid vitamin B (be careful which ones - mine is folic acid), cod liver oil.

Administer the mix on top of the cat's head. Our skin absorbs stuff all the time, whether it be from the sun or some cancer-causing sunscreen to the millions of things we rub on our bodies to try and keep us looking younger. Makes sense doesn't it.

I did this throughout the night and she hated it, but it was so much easier than trying to force it down her mouth. By morning she could walk and she had life back in her eyes. In a couple days of doing this repeatedly she was herself again and looked great. I'm forever grateful to these women and I hope the word of this spreads to everyone that needs the information. (You can also put your cat's hair in a mohawk from all the oil and it looks really cool!!! :-)

What I don't have, but I think you could use would be vitamin E and castor oil. I heard castor oil is very helpful when it is rubbed on the cancer tumors. (If I were to mix anything else with what I'm using above, I would check on it more since I lost the website that had the actual formula. I wouldn't want to do something harmful.)

It's the vitamin C and flaxseed oil that I think is most important. Coconut oil - organic cold-pressed or cold-processed - is also really good to give. I just put a little on the plate and if she wants it she will eat it. My other animals love it. Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar is great for putting in your pet's water because it has the live enzymes. I find out a lot of info at Earthclinic ... post both positive and negative results from readers that use homeopathic [and other] remedies. They also have a huge section on pets.

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Addenda by Healing Cancer Naturally

Successes in humans have been obtained with other topical treatments including Treating Cancerous Tumors with Pure Raw Honey Packs, Eldi oils and many other approaches worth trying incl. those listed under Dog cancer cure tips: beyond chemo.

For background on which flax oil to use and its role in the Budwig cancer treatment, see the Budwig FAQ and generally the entire Budwig section.

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