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For background on the revolutionary homeopathic treatment developed by the Indian Drs. Banerji, see The 'Banerji Protocols' — homeopathy standardised and simplified (incl. scientific studies and important warning re impostor(s) pretending to be the authentic "Dr P. Banerji"). As shown in the following excerpts from the book The Banerji Protocols, there may be no need to cripple a child with osteasarcoma by amputating for instance half of the leg.

[Beginning of excerpt] "Osteosarcoma is a highly malignant tumor of the bone which occurs in young children, the most common site being around the knee, but it also occurs in other bones like the head of the humerus, the scapula bones, etc. In conventional medicine, this is commonly treated by surgery, and in the case of those occurring around the knees, the leg is amputated from just above the lesion. But at our clinics, we have treated many such cases with a high percentage of success by the treatment protocol given below.

Osteosarcoma is the most common malignant bone tumor in youth. The average age at diagnosis is 15 years. Boys and girls have a similar rate of incidence until late adolescence, at which stage boys are more commonly affected. The cause is not known. In some cases, osteosarcoma runs in familial retinoblastoma, a cancer of the eye which occurs in children. It appears to be due to a defective tumor inhibitor gene. Sometimes, in the course of our practice, we see the action of homeopathic medicines and are amazed.



The best results we have gotten in treating osteosarcoma are with:

Symphytum Officinalis 200C, in pill no.40, two pills a dose, and Calcarea Phosphorica 3X, in tablets, two tablets a dose.

Take one dose every three hours alternately for each medicine. When the patient is better with regard to pain, reduce the dose to two doses daily for each medicine.

Carcinosin 30C, in pill no.40, two pills a dose, one dose on alternate nights.


In the second-line medicines, we use Ruta Graveolens 200C in place of Symphytum Officinalis 200C; the other medicines remain the same. These second-line medicines are begun after a fair trial with Symphytum Officinalis and Calcarea Phosphorica for at least three or four months.

Osteosarcoma Case Study

MLM, an 8-year-old boy, was suffering for 5 to 6 months with a swelling in his left knee and difficulty in flexing the knee, when he came to us for treatment on 18th July, 2003. Clinically, the patient presented with a non-tender, firm-to-hard swelling over the left knee joint.

An X-ray of his left knee joint dated 5th June, 2003 showed "... a well defined eccentric lesion in metaphysis with sclerosis at edges — ? fibrous cortical defect/aneurismal bone cyst/lymphoma ..."

The child underwent histopathological examination of the swelling on 12th June, 2003, which revealed: "... Section shows histology of a high-grade sarcomatous lesion showing many mitotic figures... Poorly differentiated sarcomatous lesion ...".

At that time, the parents of the child were advised at the [] National Cancer Institute [] to allow immediate "... above the lesion amputation ..." of the affected leg.

After undergoing our treatment, the swelling gradually subsided and the architecture of the knee completely returned to normal. The boy became asymptomatic and began living his normal life.

An X-ray of his left knee joint dated 16th December, 2003 revealed "... gross healing at osteolytic area...".

A repeat X-ray dated 14th August, 2004 showed "... remineralization seen at the lower third of left femur".
Thereafter, we reduced the doses and gradually tapered off the medicines after 4 months.

For follow-up, after 3.5 years without any medication, an X-ray was done on 25th August, 2008, and this showed "... Comparative study with that of previous skiagram dated 14th August, 2004 shows the appearance of the lower 3rd of left femur is almost normal ...".

The patient is living a normal life, and last visited us in July, 2012." [End of excerpt]

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The Banerji Protocols — A New Method of Treatment with Homeopathic Medicines

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Even if you don't have cancer, I urge you to get this book as well as the follow-up "Additional Banerji Protocols from the Clinic" by Nimisha Parekh who wrote it based on her practical experience at the Banerji Clinic in Kolkata over the years and which lists remedies for many additional complaints not listed in the original Banerji protocols book. In my experience, homeopathy is one of the most potent and effective while inexpensive treatment modalities available to mankind.

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