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How long did Dr Budwig advise cancer patients stay on the strict diet

as laid out in her oil-protein cookbook?

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To give the reader a clear idea of Dr. Budwig’s stance and observations regarding the above question, I have translated four pertinent passages from Dr. Budwig’s books Kosmische Kräfte gegen Krebs [Cosmic Forces Against Cancer], Der Tod des Tumors Bd. 2, [The Death of the Tumor Vol. 2], and Cancer — The Problem and the Solution.[1]

Dr. Budwig writes in Kosmische Kräfte gegen Krebs while discussing "cancerobes" [a term she applied to the worm-like microorganisms she was surprised to discover in all blood samples she took from over 1000 cancer patients]:

“I’ve observed the following in persons who previously suffered from cancer and who — after strictly adhering to the oil-protein diet — feel well again and even have lost their tumors and metastases: if they re-change their diet within the first months [after their recovery], such as by eating sausages and cold cuts or while on holiday whatever the usual hotel cuisine will serve, all of a sudden, their erythrocytes will be heavily re-infested by these 'cancerobes'.

Under these circumstances I am no longer able to help and frequently, such patients will die within a few weeks. After five years or so, a gradual broadening of the diet is no longer as dangerous.”

Another witness to the anecdotally (but possibly frequently) observed deleteriousness of breaking the Budwig diet “too soon” is naturopathic physician Dr. K. Bischoff whose testimonial regarding his six-year practical experience with the oil-protein diet is quoted on pages 116/117 of the above-cited Der Tod des Tumors Bd. 2.

At the time of his writing (16 February 1962), he had been successfully treating a limited number of patients who had been diagnosed with a malignant tumor. He treated them with the Budwig Diet which he complemented with other methods aimed at "saturating the organism with oxygen and keeping it in an efficient and problem-free condition".

He continued: "Like with any serious condition, the strict rules must be maintained for three years before they can be relaxed. A return to the former cancer-causing lifestyle must be avoided since a second bout of cancer does not hold much promise regarding a successful healing even when a rigorous dietary change is re-implemented. I have experienced this with rectal cancer, stomach cancer, and breast cancer."

In Der Tod des Tumors Bd. 2 (pp. 109/110), Dr. Budwig additionally quotes a somewhat comparable but more extreme case where straying from the diet even many years later led to a rapid relapse and death:

A cancer patient with metastasized ovarian cancer who had been declared incurable by her doctors quickly felt better and fully recovered after starting on the Budwig diet (immediately cutting out all medications etc.). The woman went on to live in good health for many years looking after her home.

One day, however, upon contracting a simple cold, her family doctor recommended that “she return to normal fare”. She followed the advice and was dead within a few weeks’ time. Dr. Budwig comments: “When a person who had previously had a cancer diagnosis abandons the oil-protein diet, death occurs appallingly quickly. Both my own observations and those of other MDs have been able to confirm that straying from the diet leads to death, and frighteningly fast.”

Dr. Budwig restates these warnings in a somewhat different and less sweeping and ominous phrasing in the final sentences[2] of her last book Cancer — The Problem and the Solution where she writes:

“I will add here a few sentences by American doctor Jan Roehm who studied and applied my therapy in great detail and who writes: ‘... You should follow this diet for about five years. By that time, your tumor should have completely disappeared. Persons who stop the diet too early (by eating meat and sweets) sometimes see their health rapidly deteriorate and cannot be saved after such a bodily torture.’”

One possible counter-example

One of Bill Henderson's 2013 newsletters[3] carries the report of a former glioblastoma stage IV patient written seven years after her original diagnosis. She had undergone surgery, radiation and chemotherapy and had finally been told that her chances of surviving beyond 17 months were 1 in 10,000. Since she was highly allergic to cow's milk she assumed she couldn't eat the flax oil / cottage cheese mix[4] and opted for wild salmon instead (a natural source of omega-3s and protein bound into one) which she had for breakfast, lunch and dinner for three years.

At some point, it was during the holiday season, she not only deviated from the diet but additionally ate lots of Christmas cookies and candy (compare Sugar and cancer). Her next MRI showed her brain tumor had started to regrow.

Her psychological reaction is interesting: while her oncologist was "devastated", his unfazed patient actually patted him on the shoulder, reassuring him that she knew where she went wrong and that she could fix it. Diane was aware of the dire warnings enunciated by Dr. Budwig stated above (that a person interrupting the diet too early after seemingly having conquered their cancer, could find it very difficult to overcome it a second time).

With some trepidation, she resumed her former routine (consisting in wild salmon in lieu of the flax oil/cottage cheese mix, complemented by Bill Henderson's recommended program) and found herself rewarded, one month later, with another perfect MRI.

Note however that Diane did not follow the Budwig protocol but the approach suggested by Bill Henderson, which she further modified by using wild salmon. I personally knew a man with colon cancer stage 3 who followed Bill Henderson's protocol and died from cancer within a year or two so the conclusion that Henderson's protocol is somehow superior to the one suggested by Dr. Budwig would be erroneous.[5]

Did Dr. Budwig specify a maintenance dose after remission has been achieved?

In contrast to what can be read in various places on the internet, Dr. Budwig seems to never have mentioned (judging by the fourteen books of hers that I have) that once a terminal illness has been brought under control or into remission, one may reduce the daily amount of flax oil ingested by going on a maintenance dose of one tablespoon per hundred lbs. of body weight.

In fact in light of the above excerpts this might be considered less-than-safe advice to follow. Michael Bierschenk of the comprehensive German-language Budwig website oel-eiweiss-kost.de for instance feels that personally, he would at least stick to one portion of flaxoil/cottage cheese (or quark) creme per day (either in the form of the breakfast muesli, dessert, or a salad sauce) which corresponds to three tablespoons.

Important update June 2023

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1 In addition and after studying the following excerpts, I strongly advise the reader to also peruse Budwig protocol & life energies blockages (on the question why the cancer always/sometimes will come back when the Budwig diet is abandoned). I consider this article highly important since it extends and reframes the Budwig protocol into a larger holistic perspective, i.e. a perspective of true healing.

2 just followed by recipes, scientific glossary and a bibliography of her works

3 Bill is the author of several books on cancer healing which incorporate the central part of the Budwig diet — the flaxoil and cottage cheese — but which otherwise strongly deviate from Dr. Budwig's recommendations.

4 Compare Dr. Budwig’s Oil-Protein Diet: Tips, Suggestions & Testimonials on How to Overcome Dairy/Cottage Cheese/Lactose Intolerance and Sensitivity.

5 Healing Cancer Naturally concludes (yet again) from both the above glioblastoma stage IV testimonial and many others that one of the major determinants in healing from cancer is to be found in the area of the mind and the spirit.

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