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In addition to the series of cancer healing testimonials including so-called terminal cases already featured under Cancer cure testimonials due to treatment with Kombucha and coli preparations according to Dr. Rudolf Sklenar, here are further kombucha cancer healing testimonies (the originals of which were found at www.kombu.de/testimon.htm and in Günther W. Frank's book, respectively).

1 Bone cancer cure thanks to Kombucha

In April 1994, a professor from California developed bone cancer in his right elbow (which actually started to dissolve). Hardly able to use his right hand or walk, he also suffered almost unbearable pain which kept him up at night. Since nothing he'd try (all conventional medical treatments) did anything to improve his condition, he was prepared to die.

At the end of July, a friend gave him a Kombucha mushroom and he began drinking a cup of the tea every day. His elbow healed in less than three weeks! He writes that since then he has felt blissfully alive with tons of energy, no tiredness at all and full of hope. He has also started introducing the Kombucha mushroom to friends all over the world and each of them reported some positive experience.

2 Uterine carcinoma (cancer of the womb) success "little short of miraculous" owed to Kombucha

This patient had had a total resection (hysterectomy) of her uterus two years prior, but four months later, another surgery was found to be required, followed by thirty radiation treatments. Not surprisingly (see side effects of conventional treatment), the patient developed radiation enteritis and had to move her bowels up to eight times a day, her doctor giving her no medication.

She then happened upon information on the kombucha tea, bought the mushroom as well as coli compounds and her bowels normalised to two eliminations a day. Having herself checked at the hospital every other month, her two most recent cancer smear tests (PAP) were negative. Her doctors were astounded as she had not used any medication — a miracle cure she fully ascribes to Kombucha and coli preparations.[1]

3 Skin cancer cure

After undergoing seven surgeries for skin cancer, this patient took no medications but exclusively relied on kombucha, vitamin E, selenium[2] and a coli compound. At the time of reporting, he had been totally well for two years. He advises to stop taking kombucha several days before any surgery since he feels that kombucha has a blood-thinning effect so postoperative bleeding will be harder to stop.

Note: Other kombucha healing reports include diabetes, MS and many more.

4 Miscellaneous cancer cure / improvement / pain relief testimonials involving humans and animals

A kombucha seller's website contains several visitor or client testimonials, some of which are particularly remarkable since apparently no other measures (dietary, detox etc.) were taken so the effect can only be ascribed to placebo and/or kombucha (I don't doubt the authenticity of these comments). Since these testimonials also report on animals with cancer who benefitted from kombucha, the "placebo" explanation seems somewhat less likely, particularly since we have many reports on kombucha's healing effects (see the pages linked below under "Related content").

  • A case of diagnosed cutaneous B-cell lymphoma

    In September 1996, a growth was surgically removed from the patient's lower back, promptly followed by the emergence of 26 new tumors. Localised radiation treatment resulted in third-degree burns.

    The patient was informed of the rarity of his type of cancer, that it always came back forming new tumors and that the battle was typically lost within a space of ten years. While he should try anything at all, he should definitely get his affairs in order.

    The patient who additionally suffered from obesity, hypertension, and other complaints, started using Kombucha and the "water cure" and instituted dietary changes and a supplements regime. By March 1997, he showed no more signs of cancer, had lost some weight, was full of energy and had lower blood pressure, and even his radiation burns had cleared up. Eight years after his original diagnosis (the time of reporting), he continued to be cancer-free.
  • Male diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer spread to his hip and thigh in January 2006, with extreme pain, a PSA of 781, the flesh of his right leg almost necrotised (dead).

    This patient started on 50ml Kombucha the first day and increased the dose by 50ml daily until he reached a liter a day taken in four 250ml doses.

    As early as ten days into this routine, he was free of all pain and able to walk normally without any support. His right leg was fully restored, even varicose veins that had plagued him for decades had disappeared. The inserted catheter could be removed several months later.

    After half a year, his PSA had dropped to 127, and one year later to 0.8 (the normal range is considered to lie between 0 and 4.0). Several weeks after the Kombucha had freed him from the terrible pain, he started on 3-monthly injections of Zoladex. The patient is still going strong in 2013.
  • A grandmother diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1989 and given six months to live started drinking kombucha in 1990 and died in 1996, in remission.
  • A female with cancer given six months to live never stopped her heavy smoking and drinking. She did take about eight ounces of kombucha a day (sometimes missing a day or two). She started to go into remission and finally died after four years.


  • Thanks to kombucha, a dog diagnosed with cancer was kept alive for seven additional years (to the great puzzlement of the vet).
  • A 13 year old Labrador was diagnosed with aggressive cancer and given one to two months to live. The first sign was a large mouth tumor which was surgically removed. The dog was started on kombucha and at the time of reporting (five months later) looked and acted better than before. At the follow-up exam (blood, x-rays etc. — the cancer was expected to have aggressively spread by that time) no cancer was detected in the dog's bloodwork or x-rays.
  • A pet rat riddled with cancer outlived the vet's prediction by about nine months. He was given kombucha in water, after which his tumors dried up and fell off and even his hair grew back, becoming thick and shiny again. When the kombucha treatment was interrupted for several weeks, the tumors grew back but disappeared as before upon resuming the treatment.

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1 More on the use of coli compounds under Successful cancer treatment with Kombucha and coli preparations.

2 Compare On selenium and cancer.

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