How I Overcame Lung Cancer

With the help of God, prayer … and Cantron (aka Protocel / Cancell)

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The following is the verbatim reproduction of a lung cancer healing testimonial from 2002 that used to appear on a website which has now changed its name and become a simple platform for selling various supplements. I have anonymised the account (all names and loctions changed) for protecting the privacy of the person reporting and his family.

According to the National Cancer Institute, Cantron / Cancell has no proven effect on cancer. If nothing else, this testimonial is evidence of the power of the mind, prayer and belief.

Special Thanks to Mrs. Carmichael, Deb Rivera, Dr. Miller, and my wife, Jane Smith

John Smith: 41 yr old. Loving husband, father, stepfather, friend, hardworking, ambitious individual….. too much to live for. No time for cancer, and sickness.

In May of 2002, I was wrestling with my son (against the rules of our household, as my son now outweighed me and was lifting daily for his high school football career). After the wrestling bout, I was left in great pain, which turned out to be two broken ribs on my left side.

About a week after being treated for the broken ribs I received a call from my physician. She wanted to see me right away. The x-ray had shown a spot on my left lung. She hoped that it was a granuloma (left over from pneumonia) and wanted to have a CT scan to see what it was.

When we got the results from the CT scan the good news was that the spot on the left lung was indeed a granuloma, but there was also a spot on the right lung, which was not. This was a 1.0cm solid mass, which was diagnosed as cancerous. Now it made sense that I had been having trouble breathing since January and the cough that had scared me on several occasions.

My wife, Jane, has been involved in alternative medicine for several years. She and her children have been treated homeopathically for several years. She also helped her father overcome colon cancer and believes that there are ways to cure cancer.

The day we found out, we began reading about CANTRON. She had received the information a few weeks prior from a co-worker (Jean) who was researching it for another friend. Jean’s friend’s husband had terminal cancer and took the Cantron and has been cured.

We received the diagnosis on June 20th, 2002. We immediately began reading the information on Cantron and called Ms. Mary M. for further information. She was truly an angel. She assured us that Cantron would work on any type of cancer, anywhere in the body.

By Sunday, June 23rd, we were at the home of Deb Rivera, herself a lung cancer survivor who calmed our fears and guaranteed that we had come to the right decision. That night John started taking the Cantron every four hours. The other supplements were added: Willard's water in distilled water, bromelain, pancreatin, milk thistle, each three times a day.

June 24, 2002 we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. We had decided that God did not put us together at this late stage in our life for something like this to come between us. We felt that there was a reason for this. We were very strong in our faith that this would be the "cure". We felt that someday we would be helping others out with our experience. We never disbelieved it. Cancer did not rule our lives. We ruled it. Our homelife remained normal, for whatever that could be — with four children, two working adults (John with 2 jobs), the dog and cat… We encouraged our friends that we were doing the right thing. We had family and friends praying for us daily.

The next doctor we saw was the oncologist. He explained that this type of lung cancer was either small cell or non-small cell. We needed to determine this to determine how it could be eradicated. He first ordered a number of CT scans to see whether or not the cancer was spreading. We had read enough to know that it first goes up (brain) and then to the other areas… We went ahead and scheduled the CT scans around a busy work schedule. A few times they were changed.

Time did not seem of the essence, as we felt that the CANTRON was working. Within days of taking it, the breathing problem subsided. Then the expelling of the white (dead cancer cells) began. Just as we were told. The tiredness was unbelievable. We were assured that this was the body fighting and it was normal.

The diet change was also immediate. I never thought in all my life I could give up sugar. Having been a sugar–aholic. I used to wake up in the middle of the night and eat sugar sweet snacks, ice cream, etc. I gave it all up. The worst thing that I had to give up was the sugar in my coffee. Deb had told us about Splenda but upon trying it at first I decided that I should just give up coffee altogether.

Within days I suffered excruciating headaches. The cantron doctors had advised to gauge yourself on how you are feeling every day. "Can I go to work, am I feeling well, etc. Are my bodily functions normal." Now with the headaches, I was convinced of the worst. After speaking to several people, I realized that the headaches were being caused by the fact that I had quit drinking coffee cold turkey. I started again, this time with Splenda, and it was not bad at all.

By early August, all the CT scans having been done, we were thrilled to hear that the cancer had not spread. We still trusted that the cantron was helping…. The only concern we had was under the arm it felt as though the lymph node was enlarged. Jane emailed doctor Miller every inch of the way whenever we had any question. She would receive an almost immediate response. He advised us that the lymph nodes would enlarge during the cantron treatment.

The next doctor we were referred to was the Surgeon. The first time we met with him we asked to see the ct scans. He was explaining the types of surgery we could do. He said that they could possibly do a scope surgery where they put the scope down and then remove the tumor. IF they couldn’t do it that way they would cut you from the back, crack your ribs open up and remove the tumor. This was not appealing. He then decided that we should do a simple needle biopsy. We asked him what he would use to determine where the tumor was. He said they would go off the lung CT scan.

The first one was done in June — it was now September and the procedure couldn’t be done before October. What if the tumor had changed. We were very curious at this time. Shouldn’t we do a new CT scan. We had heard that the size of the tumor appears larger while on cantron. With the information that we had received and the questions asked of Dr. Miller the timing was such that at this time the cancer could be gone from the tumor. It was decided that we would have one more CT scan of the lung before doing a needle biopsy.

The needle biopsy was a simple procedure where a needle is inserted into the lung to remove some of the tissue in the tumor. It could then be analyzed. This is done in a hospital setting as an outpatient. If we went early in the morning we could be home in a few hours.

The morning of the procedure, October 17th, I still didn’t know why I was doing this. I went ahead with it. The worst thing that could happen was they could puncture my lung, which they did. Then I was really upset that I had done this. Within the hour my lung collapsed. Every hour after that they kept x-raying me to find out what was going on. After a few hours they had to put in a shunt because the pain was so intense. They kept pumping the shunt in order to keep the lung from pressing on the pleural cavity. It was the worst experience of my life. Even worse than my back surgery 20 years ago.

I was released at about 3:00 p.m. only because I insisted — I had to get to my son’s football game. The next day I returned to have the shunt removed.

We waited to find out the results of the biopsy. Jane called the doctor’s office Monday morning to see if they would give us the results on the phone. She was told that the doctor would not be giving the results over the phone. We would have to come back in. To our surprise, Jane received a call Tuesday afternoon, October 22nd from the nurse. She explained that the results were good. There was no cancer. We were elated!!!

The next step was to find out how we maintain the cantron program. Upon e-mailing Dr. Miller he advised that we contact Jenifer in New York to find out what she recommends. Her advice was to continue on the Cantron for the next 3 months just as we were, since we don’t know at what point the cancer disappeared. Then every year go back on for 3 months.

It was unbelievable this experience. We are so thankful for God’s love and guidance. Thankful for all our family and friends and acquaintances and all their prayers. God’s powers are so awesome. As we look back at this time in our life we will be reminded of the Footprints in the Sand. He truly carried us.

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