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The following malignant melanoma cancer cure testimonial is from the year 2003 or slightly earlier and no longer made available on the internet. It relates the speedy recovery of T. Schab, a man given three months to live 20 years ago.

When faced with his “death sentence” in the form of a terminal cancer diagnosis, this cancer victim-turned-victor was blessed to have a wife who was informed and who decided him to decline both the diagnosis and the invasive treatment suggested to him.

His story also includes the all-to-common elements of doctors’ arrogance if not harrassment of the patient who dares not to “follow doctor’s orders” and some excellent holistic advice for people dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Here is the author in his own words:

“I was diagnosed with melanoma when I was thirty-three years old in 1983. At that time I had three children, a boy seven, a daughter four (who later died in a car accident at the age of 19), another daughter two, and a wife. Just a year later I was blessed with a boy and eight years down the road I was blessed with another boy. I would have never experienced these following events if I didn't choose the alternative medical route.

Melanoma was discovered when I came down with chicken pox. My wife who had a medical background was suspicious of a mole on my back that started turning many colors. Upon taking a biopsy, the doctor informed me it was malignant and that I had only three months to live. In other words I was a dead man! If this isn't scare tactics then what is?

Still with these odds the surgeon was scheduling surgery within one week. Not to alarm me, the specialist said, 'He was only going to remove a small amount of skin off my back around the mole'.

My wife was not working at the time and chose to look after our young children. She advised me not to go through the surgery or the chemotherapy. She explained to me what the real surgery would be like by using an illustrated diagram from her medical book.

She explained to me that my malignant melanoma would be treated by cutting out a wide local strip across the back about three and half inches wide including the surrounding skin, fat (lipid) and fascia (muscle) including the regional lymph nodes under the arm pits. The surgery would disfigure me and probably impede my mobility.

When I refused to have this surgery the surgeon started to harass my wife and me. Instead, we remained firm and opted for alternative medicine. The doctor in his arrogance replied, 'There is no guarantee cancer can be cured with natural healing arts'. I retorted could the allopathic profession guarantee me a cure? After that they were silent! Modern medicine operates behind a big facade boasting how they are in control over all the world's diseases. In reality they are a failure in many ways.

...modern medicine states that cancer can be spread by permeation along the lymphatic vessels via the lymph (lymph nodes, spleen, and tonsil and thymus gland). Lymph (alkaline fluid) is a product of digestion that enters the bloodstream where the lymph nodes and lymphatic act as filters against cancer cells entering the bloodstream. How can a person survive cancer when the body's defense to stop cancer is removed?

The above information on the lymphatic system came from a medical dictionary. It was my wife's intuition and her medical knowledge that really saved my life. I was lucky to have a spouse who walked me through the red tape of diseases. I always lived a clean life having no tobacco, no excessive alcohol and watching my diet.

My doctor knew that I wouldn't survive from their practices. I'm tired of doctors taking advantage of dying patients with invasive mutilating surgeries. I must say I was blessed to be guided and not to be intimidated by allopathic doctors.

My Advice to Cancer Patients

First consult with an alternative provider. Research and compare different healing philosophies for your life is in your hands. If you destroy your body with invasive chemical drugs and surgery weakening yourself, then your body could be on death row.

You have one chance before medical doctors disfigure your body. After they have taken your money, in the end your doctor will say 'I can't help you anymore'. Next you will find yourself in trouble and usually looking for alternative medical help, but typically that's too late. When your body is intact you have a good chance with natural treatments. Most allopathic treatments can leave one like a computer with missing parts and filled with electrical shorts. We know what happens to that computer!

How I Healed From “Terminal” Cancer

My cancer remission story includes a farmer and my wife. This farmer's wife had bladder cancer. He was turned off by the deadly invasive treatments his friends experienced. From a German herbalist book he concocted a remedy made from several cancer healing herbs thereby curing his wife. He helped many people over the years with cancer. While I took his remedy I felt ill for eight months. After that I felt better than I ever had before.

Secretly, Doctors sent their wives to him when they came down with cancer. Doctors don't take their own invasive treatments. Surprise, surprise! The F.D.A. tried to close him down but they couldn't because he didn't charge a fee. Constantly this kind man was harassed for curing people by the medical establishment. This man died many years later of old age taking his formula to the grave.

The cancer association would have crushed this simple but effective cancer treatment because reaching out to help people with natural cures is not in their mandate.

Don't be intimidated by the allopathic oncologists who think they are THE HOLY DRUG GODS with MIRACLES in bottles and scalpels. If you feel uncomfortable when they attack your ideas when you mention alternative healing arts, walk out the door. There are other ways to handle your cancer.

My Support For Those Who Wish To Choose Alternative Healing Sources

I recovered from cancer and seventeen years later I recovered from a stroke by using alternative medicine. No one can convince me that herbalists and naturopaths are quacks. I am living proof they are not. I am angry that the allopathic industry suppresses alternative cancer treatments.

I have empathy for people diagnosed with cancer; both the patient and family feel fear, shock, anger and depression when the cancer prognosis is given. Doctors use fear tactics on frightened patients so they endure chemo and radiation treatments.

A Positive Approach when you know you have cancer — do something about it. You are at a turning point in your life so stop worrying about dying and think of life and how to conquer your problem.

Pharmacy-Medication Is Not Always The Answer To Treat Most Disease

Cancer touches people in different ways so it is wise to start with natural conservative treatments. Use various successful healing arts other than invasive pharmacy medication. Surgery should be the last option. It's very important to consult various health providers. By using different philosophies of healing skills one can make better-educated decisions.

STUDY by searching the Internet, radio and television shows, reading books, magazines and works on natural healing arts dealing with cancer.

ALLOPATHIC DOCTOR — Stay away from arrogant allopathic physicians who are interested in pharmaceutical payoffs. Find an allopathic medical doctor that will listen to your wishes.

NATUROPATHS can help cancer with a lifestyle change; such as diet, vitamins, minerals, etc., they are essential for cancer recovery. Change to certified organic food to avoid pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, inoculated meats, empty grains and vegetables, food preservatives, hydrogenated oils, aspartame, nitrates in deli meats and non-organic milk because of injected hormones and antibiotics in cows. Also synthetic chemical farming practices, synthetic food additives in processed food and genetically engineered foods contribute to cancer.

HOMEOPATHY — for over a hundred years homeopaths have been dealing with cancer. Homeopathic principles are: the more a remedy is diluted the greater the potency (Law of infinitesimal dose). Remedies aim at boosting up life force (vital energy) that first actually stimulates symptoms that are the body's way of healing itself. Like cures like.
Compare homeopathy.

In 1998 a Canadian program called W5 aired a documentary on 714X, a homeopathic Anti-Cancer and Immune-Related Disease Therapy. They have helped over 800 patients treated for cancer with 714X that was formulated by C.E.R.B.E. Inc. that presently exports 714X to fifty countries around the world. Find more information on 714X at www.cerbe.com.

ACUPUNCTURE is the most advanced medical science in the world in many ways. Acupuncture helps a person with cancer by strengthening the immune system. Acupuncturists strengthen every organ in the body. It relieves symptoms of specific disorders by insertion of needles at specific points on specific pathways (meridians) of the body. It helps the body to heal itself by restoring balance between the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. Health comes from balancing Yin & yang, they work in harmony of Qi (chi) in meridians.

If a holistic provider can't help you they will refer you to someone who can.

Acupuncture has been around for more than 5000 years successfully healing patients with various diseases. At the present, they heal people by the billions in Asia. Homeopathy is popular in India and South America and Europe, and in English-speaking countries curing millions of people. Also they have healed many cancers.

You Must Change Your Life (Mind Power!)

First keep your spirits up and get support from family and friends. I belonged back then to a church and the brethren prayed for me. It's hard to explain but you can actually feel the power of prayer. I believe prayer helped me to recover from cancer. Furthermore a study has been done on the power of prayer to cure disease.

If it is possible, start a long-term low-stress project, preferably achieving a goal in your life instead of worrying about your disease. A project can force a shattered person to pursue life instead of thinking of death.

I suggest having a hobby or other projects like gardening or music or something else you might enjoy. In a nutshell, forget about dying by keeping your mind focused on living.

I have done this myself and recovered from cancer by restoring an older sports car. When I had a stroke I was not able to read and write and at that time I was not computer-literate. A year and a half later I could write, build a web site and I became the producer for Sky Radio. People, think positive and live!!!

Two different doctors diagnosed a friend of mine who was in the movie industry with colon cancer. My friend did not want to go the route of invasive chemo treatments. Therefore my friend left Los Angeles to live on his ranch in Texas where he worked to forget about his problems. After a year he was pronounced cancer-free. This was an unbelievable recovery from cancer with just fresh air, low stress and a purpose to live.

Note by Healing Cancer Naturally: The above paragraphs contain particularly excellent advice, compare Mind.

I read about a patient who recovered from cancer by growing a flower garden and who opted for alternative medicine. Being close to nature is a powerful healing therapy. Change your life style, change your diet, slow down and relax, be near plants and animals, birds, forest (the land in general) and incorporate alternative medicine. Avoid invasive cancer treatments that hinder your recovery, if possible.

I met a scientist who was a survivor of Chernobyl Ukraine Radiation fallout in April 26/1986. Soon after the fallout he researched the strontium 90 (radiation) levels in the environment. Radiation poisoning damages tissues and organs but he claims it's possible to survive cancer with antioxidants, nutrients, omega-3 and omega-6 oils and other alternative methods.

When cancer attacks the bone the percentage of recovery is slim to zero and it all depends on how fast the cancer progresses. This Ukrainian scientist researched the effects of Chernobyl's radiation on himself, the people he lived with and the population at large. My friend moved to the USA and chose to treat his family's cancer with acupuncture. For him, western medicine was not an option. (Russian medicine is a balance of holistic and synthetic drugs).

When you have a morbid disease like cancer, only faith will help you to make the right decision. Avoid chemotherapy that might end your life with a slow painful death. Pharmacy drugs can be used in crisis management to manage pain.

A retired friend of mine who was a cancer researcher was told point blank by a Bayer AG colleague, 'We don't want to find a cure for cancer as we want to keep the mandate going'. These so called EXPERTS are not interested to improve life but to make profit from your pain.

Medical science should be questioned when invasive surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments thwart recovery of the cancer patient by compromising the immune system. A person needs at this time three things to overcome :

1. A lifestyle change

2. Be positive

3. Build up the body with vitamins and minerals (nutrients).

You must really think about this. You might die in this battle; but have faith and don't add more complications to dying with more pain. Research your options before you jump to take risks by going through invasive treatments.

Unfortunately, western medical science forgot to tell us that the human body was created to heal itself to begin with. Just recharge the body with organic elements that it lacks when it is ill.

I want to thank Mr. Petker from Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada, for saving my life with the donation of his cancer tonic, thus I avoided invasive treatments almost twenty years ago. This experience taught me to first choose alternative healing cures that resulted in inspiring me to write this article.

Also, a tonic cancer cure provider other than Mr. Petker, Harry Hoxsey, healed many people over a few decades in history.”

Addenda by Healing Cancer Naturally

The above as stated is an old testimonial (now twelve or more years old). Luckily I had found a copy in my archives so I could preserve the information for others to benefit from by publishing it here. I do not have any additional information regarding this person's healing including the herbal cancer tonic he mentions and his contact or other data that might be helpful but are unfortunately unavailable to me.

If you are interested in herbal cancer treatment approaches you may wish to consult this site's Herbs & Grasses section.

More malignant melanoma cure testimonials (incl. terminal cases)

Concise or detailed melanoma cure reports can be found in

Skin cancer as well as many other types of cancer also have been successfully addressed by this

Last but not least, on August 12, 2008 earthclinic.com published the report of a man who had "erased" what appeared to be melanoma skin cancer via topical application of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide more than twenty years earlier:

After heavy sun exposure, several dark and itchy mole-like formations had appeared on his forearms. His doctor thought them to be melanomas and advised consulting a specialist.

Convinced that hydrogen peroxide would help against them, the man took action: after very gently abrading the surface of the dark bumps with the help of a nail file, he dabbed on straight 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide with a cotton swab until the dark spots turned white.

Repeating this procedure three times a day, after a week he found that the bumps had turned to powder and were finally gone, leaving a slightly lightened spot in their former place. (Note that we don't know if this person truly had melanoma.)

And on April 18, 2009 a man reported on the same site how he healed what looked like a classic melanoma mole-like growth on his lower leg. He had been watching it for some two years when it started to grow to the size of about half an inch across. Its brown-reddish dark hue, scaly-bumpy texture with irregular edges and "roundish" shape made it appear like classic melanoma.

While he had planned to go see a dermatologist, for some reason he waited and started to take a teaspoon of turmeric as a supplement in his morning berry smoothies. About a month later, he noticed that the suspicious growth was becoming lighter, with its edges turning into new skin.

At the time of his reporting (three months into the turmeric supplementation), the mole was almost gone, having been replaced by new skin, with only a small area in the original center left which he assumed would soon be healed as well. (Compare Ginger and turmeric fight cancer.)

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.

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