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Introduction and background to Manda Koso incl. scientific studies and "human" Manda Koso healing testimonials can be read here. The following Manda Koso reports involve the healing of sick animals (and thus are likely to not hinge on placebo). For this reason, they are particularly impressive.

Dog with mammary cancer and malignant spleen tumour

The animal's mammary tumor was surgically removed. After a month of taking Manda Koso (and to the vet's amazement), the splenic tumor disappeared.

Cocker spaniel with mouth tumour of many years standing

This tumor had always deterred the dog from eating. While many different drugs and natural products had been tried upon the vet's recommendation, all of them had shown but precious little effect. After feeding Manda Koso three times a day for four weeks, the mouth tumour all of a sudden disappeared. Finally back to eating normally, the dog has returned to the pink of health. He continues to occasionally receive Manda Koso for maintenance.

Dog (Labrador) with a tumour on her teats

The vet's treatment remained unsuccessful until Manda Koso was added. After four weeks, the tumor was gone.

Fur and other problems in cats and dogs

An elderly cat with diabetes, hair problems and general flabbiness was revitalised by Manda Koso within two weeks and her fur became soft and smooth again. Similarly, a tomcat that had lost all his fur regrew a beautiful coat after being started on Manda Koso.

Thanks to Manda Koso, a poodle with major fur loss and sore paws became symptom-free within two months.

Another dog with fur issues (constant scratching only made endurable by cortisone administration) had been treated in this manner for six months. Manda Koso finally freed him from cortisone dependency and its fur grew back.

A cat whose stomach had been bald for years grew back its fur after six to seven weeks on Manda Koso.

A cat with a sore on its head had been scheduled for operation. After being given Manda Koso, the surgery became unnecessary since the sore disappeared.

German veterinarian Dr. Helmut Zartner commented[1] that small animals, particularly those who were debilitated or had wounds which wouldn't heal, responded very well to Manda Koso applied to their mouth in small amounts (one gram) once or twice daily. They gained back the weight they had lost, their tumors shrank or completely disappeared.

After successfully using Manda Koso for many years, Dr. Zartner fully recommends Manda Koso to both humans and animals – including for preventative purposes.

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1 in the book Manda Koso: Heal Yourself, a free PDF which can be downloaded from a number of places online

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