Journal of the ongoing alternative healing of a pancreatic cancer case

Supplements, diet, detox and determination: an inspiring (near-)cure

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All conventional treatment (biopsy, surgery & chemotherapy) refused

Since orthodox doctors rank pancreatic cancer among the most serious cancerous conditions, this testimonial of a woman who at the time of this writing is already nearly cured of this affliction furnishes another excellent example of what confidence, determination and the body itself can do to heal what typically is considered to be a hopeless condition.

About the patient

Irma Peralta
Age: 53
Height: 1.58 m (5'3")
Weight (prior to sickness): 78 kilos

Personal history:

  • Chronic cystitis since age 13
  • Uterus and one ovary removed for cyst formation at age 29
  • High blood pressure trouble starting at age 32, medically treated and then discontinued 4 or 5 years later due to the side effects of the prescribed medicine
  • Classified as prediabetic in 2007 with a glucose level of 145
  • Mother of 3 married children (ages 31, 29, and 25), 5 grandchildren.
  • Lives in Saltillo, Mexico

Situation prior to the detection of cancer:

  • Kidneys stable, very occasional cystitis
  • Glucose at 100 ~ 120, kept under control with herbs (Momordica charantia and Galega officinalis)
  • Blood pressure around 120/90 to 130/100

Chronological description of events

Initial weight: 78 kilos

May 07, 2009: hospitalized for a diagnosis of pancreatitis.

May 09: Under control after 2 days of absolute fasting, leaves hospital after insisting with her doctor to let her go.

Weight: 75 kilos

May 12: Reconstruction tomography shows a 17 mm tumor on head of pancreas with no apparent metastases. Informed via the internet about the minimum hope of success associated with orthodox treatments, the 95+% rate of malignancy, the high risks of surgery and even biopsy, the subsequent bad quality of life, the patient refuses it all: biopsy, surgery and chemotherapy.

May 20: she starts taking Escozul (blue scorpion venom solution from Cuba), 3 g of vitamin C, 900 mg of Cimetidine, curcuma, 3 g of PSP (Chinese mushroom polysaccharide), grape seed and green tea extracts.

These and other components will be part of her continuous treatment complementing that prescribed by Ricardo Moreno, her alternative doctor in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Knowing we were already fighting the cancer, we took a few days’ vacation to cushion the bad news and quiet our spirits.

Weakness, pain in the back, difficulty eating, total lack of appetite, steadily losing weight and energy.

May 25: visit to Dr. Moreno: applies IV treatment (undisclosed, probably some kind of low-dose chemotherapy), does blood ozonization, uses chiropractic to correct urine flow (probably the origin of her lifelong chronic cystitis), and gives a three-month treatment that includes herbs, systemic enzymes (Wobenzym), magnesium, Krill oil, bicarbonate taken orally, and Cholal for liver support. Explained that the goal is to detoxify and normalize bodily functions, and to kill parasites in the eliminatory organs.

Weight: 70 kilos

June 03: first taking of 5 Ladybel (Beljanski product from Natural Source, see bottom)

June 09: feels much better, gains appetite, gets more active, to the point of deciding to reduce Ladybel to 4 a day so as not to produce a hazardous euphoria. From that point onward, the doses of Ladybel will be adjusted between 4 to 5 daily according to the patient's observed energy level, as it seems directly responsible for it, but will not be suspended as the effects were so clearly beneficial.

Transition to a vegetarian diet, Muesli for breakfast (cottage cheese, ground flaxseed, fruit and raw oat), fresh juice almost daily (carrot, beet, celery and curcuma) and 24 to 30 apricot seeds a day (Laetrile/B17).

July 09: starts the use of coffee enemas to control pain in the upper back.

Visibly gets much thinner, grayish color of skin, continuous pain in the back controllable only with twice-weekly coffee enemas (using S.A. Willson special organic coffee).

August 24: second trimestrial visit to alternative Dr. Moreno.

Ultrasound reveals tumor reduced from 17 to 10 mm, with no sign of metastasis. Doctor applies hyper-thermotherapy, blood ozonization, IV treatment (low-dose chemo?), a round of cancer vaccination shots into lymphatic nodes and directly into pancreas. Worries expressed about overburdened liver not responding well and a chronic kidney infection since one year.

Weight: 64 kilos

Eight days of uneasiness after treatment. Changes in the supplementary treatment program: dandelion instead of PSP, and B complex vitamins added.

September 02: first taking of RealBuild (another Beljanski product from Natural Source) once every 5 days in an attempt to raise platelet count which her last blood test had shown to be low. Induces much better appetite the following day and a feeling of more energy after 48 hours.

September 17: following the 3rd taking of RealBuild, the patient reports her feces being a normal dark brown instead of very pale for the first time in many months, a sign of a better functioning liver/gallbladder. Indeed from then on, she will show signs of continuously getting better, gaining weight, with her skin slightly less grayish.

Changes to her supplementary program: added infusions of Pau d'Arco + cat's claw + berberis vulgaris, 300 mg CoQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, vitamin E, melatonin. Cimetidine suspended.

October 25 to Nov. 15: pain in back and digestive trouble appear only sporadically.

Weight: 67 kilos

November 18: visit to Dr. Moreno. Ultrasound finds no more tumor in pancreas, nor in any close organ: "tumors on the pancreas never stop growing", the doctor doing the examination comments, "it must have been a misdiagnosis". Our alternative doctor insists the cancer is still present, may appear somewhere else and must be actively fought for at least 2 years.

He applies IV treatment twice this time, plus blood ozonization, causing her to feel very poorly for the subsequent 2 weeks.

Prescribed medicines for the next 3 months include some herbal capsules to fight cancer, oral peroxide, increased manganese and other undisclosed solutions aimed at liver support, detoxification and killing parasites. Noted: blood pressure at 114/65, never before had her heart been so vigorous, previously always around 120/90 (a differential of 50 vs. 30).

January 10: a seasonal cold, always feared in those conditions. She receives an additional 3 g of vitamin C to make a total of 6 daily, 900 mg of Cimetedine before going to bed, no bath for 3 days and comes out very well on the 4th day. The immune system seems to be working well.

Supplementary treatment: hydrogen peroxide is not well tolerated and later substituted with 2 to 3 glasses of ozonated water a day.

Added 5 to 6 oz of Essiac tea as well as IP6; Ladybel reduced to 3 daily.

January 25: weight maintained at 67 kilos, excellent overall condition, no pain, good appetite, steadily gaining a healthier skin color since a month, back to quite normal now. A visit three days ago to a local doctor (generalist, acupuncturist and homeopath) for a minor revision. The doctor does not believe she ever had pancreatic cancer, he and a visiting professor specialized in endocrinology insist it must have been a diagnostic error, "she should look very thin and yellow with such a diagnosis"...


After 9 months of close observation, Irma's treatment seems to have been successful compared to the statistical average of 3 to 4 months’ survival. First came the shrinking and disappearance of the original tumor on ultrasound, then her continuously healthier condition without any side effects nor invasive conventional treatment such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.

Based on the information I could gather on the internet and scared by the bad prognosis for pancreatic cancer, we adopted a homemade treatment program which took all the essential aspects into consideration:

Stop the tumor’s growth and metastasis (Ladybel, diet, curcuma, Escozul, Cimetidine), induce the destruction of cancerous cells (Ladybel, curcuma, Laetrile), include an anti-angiogenesis component (Escozul), and strengthen the immune system (PSP, IP6, CoQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, melatonin); that treatment was followed in parallel to Dr. Moreno’s own.

After the first 4 months which showed tumor regression but much stress on the liver, the RealBuild fortunately (and unexpectedly) had a strongly favorable effect on the latter and marked a decisive turning point.

Much of the supplementary treatment was rotated every 1 1/2 to 2 months so as not to generate resistance in the cancerous cells, maintaining a balance of the same effects. Dr. Moreno also seemed to rotate his prescription every 3 months. His treatment was respected as prescribed except for two components which I had to replace due to side effects they caused (hydrogen peroxide and a cactus infusion).

Most of the items used in the supplementary program seemed to duplicate and reinforce the doctor's own. The Beljanski products, Ladybel and RealBuild, were noticed to have strong beneficial effects (readily observed as well as immediately reported by the patient).

With Ladybel (5 daily) the patient reported an immediate feeling of well-being, interest in eating and better overall body functioning. RealBuild seemed to "put the body in gear", so to speak, generating appetite, weight gain, and a functioning liver which marked the point at which recovery would start and never stop.

Irma's alternative medical treatment emphasizes detoxification and rebuilding the body's condition as a whole, with special focus on immunological and eliminatory functions and a controlled vegetarian diet.

This approach was indeed productive and made a very effective combination with the two Beljanski products: Ladybel as a strong cancer fighter, RealBuild as a regenerator (advertised as raising platelet counts, in the present case the effect was noticed on the liver, and the manufacturer commented that it had a regenerating effect on all organs).

To date (02/02/2010), the patient is not considered cancer-free yet by her alternative doctor but enjoys an active and productive life, was never hospitalized after the initial diagnosis and never suffered the side effects of conventional cancer treatment; she looks healthy and says she is feeling better than ever.


Dr. Ricardo Moreno practices alternative medicine in his small clinic in the mountains outside of Cuernavaca, a one-hour drive from Mexico City. He can be reached at rimosa14AThotmail.com
I personally believe Beljanski products to be of huge interest to cancer patients, and that they constitute a powerful addition to the alternative medicine arsenal. They were originally designed to be used in orthodox medical protocols, i.e. in combination with chemotherapy and radiation which they successfully complement.

Technical information on the products and the history of French researcher Mirko Beljanski from the Pasteur Institute can be found at www.beljanski.com/eng/index.html: a typical story of a great discovery being ignored due to politics, financial and personal interests, and well worth reading including the numerous detailed testimonials.

A special thanks to www.lef.com for their fabulous advice on handling daily and serious health challenges, and to mnwellness.org and cancertutor.com (among many others) for putting up such a wealth of information on alternative medicine and enabling everyone to take personal charge of their battle against cancer.

DOCTORS BAFFLED — "My cancer is gone!"
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Update January 2011 by Francisco Lubbert

"It has been about a year ago I sent you the history of Irma, my wife, whose pancreatic cancer had been successfully treated by alternative means only. Everything keeps on going well, she even looks and feels better than before her cancer (no more arthritis, less trouble with her kidney), although her doctor says to still do the full treatment, and that no cancer is gone for good before five years.

Next May is her 56th birthday, as well as two years with her cancer. We are Mexicans, so a big fiesta is coming up to celebrate both events."

Addendum by Healing Cancer Naturally

First of all, much gratitude is owed to Francisco for taking such careful notes of his wife’s healing journey and particularly for sharing it so others may benefit from what they have done to lead her back to health.

While herbal and other natural supplements can indeed be powerfully medicinal, it seems their effectiveness also depends on both the individual’s personal nutritional and detox requirements and (like with most therapeutic interventions), carries an element of the powerful placebo effect.

In other words, if Irma's system thankfully reacted very positively to certain supplements, this doesn't invariably mean that every person’s body will.

As with many cancer cure testimonials, perhaps the most powerful healing factor of all is evident in Irma's story as well — the determination to fight the illness from the start and to get well again, and the confidence (or at least strong hope) that it can indeed be done (compare Healing Cancer and the Power of Your Mind).

This determination, coupled with the strong support she received from a loving husband and the fact that she strictly avoided exposure to any of the highly toxic orthodox cancer treatments likely put all the chances on her side.

When you compare the above testimonial with the following much simpler[1] case history: exclusive Gerson diet therapy leading to full recovery from terminal pancreatic cancer, Dr. Hugh Faulkner's personal healing from pancreas cancer reported in his book Physician Heal Thyself as well as the testimonial found at Budwig FAQ: pancreatic and liver cancer, it highlights what much of this site is about:

The fact that in the final analysis, it seems to always be the body (and the awe-inspiring intelligence behind it) that heals itself. (For another pancreatic cancer testimonial, also compare Dr. Kelley's book "Cancer, Curing The Incurable Without Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation" — dentist Dr. Kelley cured himself of pancreatic cancer.)

Update 2019 and 22: Some sensational pancreatic cancer healings have been reported thanks to the Apán mushroom, to Homeopathy (yes!), and to Fenbendazole. For more approaches that have healed cancer of the pancreas, simply search this site.


1 and much less expensive to do since it involved neither doctor visits nor supplements, i.e. affordable to most everyone.

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