DIY recovery from “terminal” metastasized colon cancer

Self-healing using a natural, holistic, nutritional approach

A rebel’s story by Dennis Robinson, Ph.D., © September 2007, edited, prefaced and published with special permission of the author copyright © 2007 Healing Cancer Naturally

“...cancer was the best thing that ever happened to me. [It] taught me much but I was born a rebel soul!”
Dr. Dennis Robinson

I will admit right here that Dennis’ story is the kind of cancer self-healing story I by far most love: here is a person who had and has the courage to think for himself and walk his own path, no matter what “authority” (in the shape of conventional doctors and otherwise) was trying to foist on him, such as holding out the questionable lure of another six months to live if only he’d follow their route of “profitable poisoning”...

Here is Dennis’ testimonial 16 years after the dramatic event.

Diagnosis, surgery & biopsy

16 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer (tumors in the sigmoid curve of the descending colon) and was told I could possibly live another 6 months if I took the chemo. Whether it was stage 1,2,3, or 4 (terminal) I do not know. I know only that the surgeon and the radiation and chemo oncologist present during the surgery all agreed that I would live maybe 6 months. That is if I took the chemo.

NO-BRAINER at least for me. I wouldn't take the chemo no matter what they said. I saw too many friends go that route and I preferred not to die like that.

So, fortunately I had paid attention in my short life and knew from my past friends’ experience that if ever confronted with this antagonist, I would take my chance with the cancer for there had to be a far better way to cross over to the other side of life than a dance with the chemo.

During surgery (simply because I did not know better at the time) they found tumors in some lymph nodes as well as others attached to the prostate and stomach. They were saying they thought other organs may be affected as well.

(Have you heard of the Richard Block Cancer Center in Kansas City Missouri? That is the home of Henry and Richard Block of H&R Block tax accountants. They are very popular here in the U.S. Richard started the center and had a board of five physicians. Three of these men were in the operating room. The surgeon, chemo guy and radiation guy. I found this out when I took my case before the board for a second opinion. They said there was nothing they could do.)

Biopsies showed malignant and of course they did not need to tell me when I came out of surgery because I could see it in their faces. They said I was in denial because I didn't cry or get mad.

I was thinking of what I was going to do. One night the nurses were talking that they should call my family because they didn't think I would make it through the night, but I told them to let me die in peace. I didn't want people there crying and all emotional about a natural event. As I lay there I just couldn't see myself dying. I knew I had to get out of the hospital or I would be carried out feet first.

Taking things into my own hands

The next day I hung the bags, one for urine, one for drainage coming out the left side of my abdomen, the huge IV in my neck, I hung these on the IV tree and began walking up and down the halls a few times a day. They were freaking on this, the hospital staff, but I was going to walk out on my own. After a week of begging the docs to let me go they finally sent me home.

The oncologist that administers the chemo told me all the things he would do but I told him no way I was going out of this life like that. He was an arrogant SOB. They called me at home for several weeks after, telling me that I was giving up and I was a coward. They could give me 6 more months, was I stupid?

I had a follow-up appointment with the surgeon a few weeks later, the day after I began my self-healing, and he told me, "the stronger I got from the diet and exercise, the stronger the cancer would get." He was brilliant. I still laugh at that one.

Back to Eden: my self-healing begins

The day after I was out of the hospital my best friend and his dad came to visit. His dad had a book called "Back to Eden" by Jethro Kloss written in the 1920s. It lay on my coffee table for a couple of weeks before I opened it and read his words. If I did the veggie diet and drank the violet leaf tea, it would cure the cancer. I began the next morning by boiling onions and carrots[1] and drinking a large pot of this tea each day.

The treatment I used changed as I was ready. I began the journey with Mr. Kloss's information. The violet leaf tea. Which I simply boiled in a big pot and then drank at least 6 quarts a day. A bit extreme but I liked it. Of course no sugar or sweetener. I ate only fresh fruit and vegetables for a few weeks, then began oatmeal in the morning. No sugar or milk, no poison. I put a little honey in the water as it heated and then stirred in the oats. Quick or regular or steel cut, it doesn't matter.

Then I started studying macrobiotics but they are biased and think they have the only truth. B. S. You take the good and spit out the bad, as in all things. But I learned about bean curd which I love. Brown rice which is Mother’s milk to us. The sea veggies, other grains such as millet and barley. Beans of all kinds. But that started a few months after I did the Kloss thing.

But I was very strict, I was wanting to live. I did not falter in the least. I gave up drinking everything but water and lots of it and the tea only. No fruit juice. No veggie juice. No vitamins or anything else.

I have talked with people about this for many years and the first thing I ask is if they smoke. If they say "do I have to stop smoking"? then I know they don't have the mettle to heal themselves.

What are you prepared to do for good health? I didn't drink beer, booze, wine, nothing alcoholic. I guess I was willing to do whatever made logical sense. I followed my path, when I learned about red clover and other herbs I incorporated them into my tea. Like the twig and stem kicocha or something like that (a macrobiotic thing).

Walking and visualization

I also began walking 3 miles a day and visualization, a change in attitude towards life and living. The daily walking was important, as was the visualization and meditation. I went back in my life and would visualize the people that I thought I needed to forgive and that needed to forgive me, of course in my mind. I asked them for forgiveness and forgave them. A clean mind is healing itself.

I also would remove my clothing in the woods near my home sitting on a high hill in the dirt as I watched the sun come up over the far hill and ask father sun to pour into me his energy and visualize that energy moving through my body.

“Only one kind of cancer”

I have learned there is only one type of cancer, it begins in the marrow where cells are produced and "cancer" as we call it is the body’s way of dealing with abnormalities. The cells find the weakest link and the body isolates these cells in the form of a tumor to save our lives. We need to work with the body’s natural healing system to rid ourselves of these tumors.

But it all starts in the marrow in the blood and by cleansing the blood we heal ourselves. Nature is very logical and very simple. We do not fight against nature but we bend to the wind and storms of life and we not only survive but we thrive.

So the tumors are only signs that your body is fighting a blood condition. It is producing unhealthy cells and the body is isolating them to form tumors.

About tumor stages:

Like cell counts, this is only relevant if you are in oncology treatment.

You cannot learn about cancer if you listen to what the AMA says about an illness they know nothing about. They are only selling drugs for the chem companies. It is all simple logic. I did nothing but what was logical. Someone asked me what my blood count was. I said I didn't know. So they said then I could not have had cancer. I did not take their treatment.

My healing from terminal colon cancer

It is a simple thing to be healed of cancer. It is the body that does the work, not my head. I only furnish it with the tools needed to obtain good health.

Originally I think my only thought was to die like a man. With my head up and a smile on my face. But I can assure you the chemo or radiation is no way for a person to live or die. It is barbaric and not even the bloodletters of the early centuries could match the AMA. The modern time quacks.

Hippocrates was a brilliant man and said it all, “let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food”. They take a hypocritic oath today, not hippocratic.

I think much of the healing was in the search for better health. I read about many "quack cures" and see elements of truth in all. What works for one may not work for another.

But the key element they all have in common. This is oxygen. You get this from walking and fruits and veggies and water. The herbs cleanse the blood and disease cannot live in pure blood. Just clean the blood and give your body the elements it needs to produce good cells.

If you look at my healing from a medical standpoint you would say what many doctors have said since then. "It is a miracle", "it was misdiagnosed", "I just got lucky".

I believe in only one God and that is this precious Earth Mother that gave me life along with that spark of energy from Our Father Sun. I wish I was lucky and win the lottery. But perhaps those doctors as learned as they were did misdiagnose my condition.

It was not an easy thing to do, to disregard medical advice and fly by the seat of my pants with what was my life, my future. What, me put my life in the hands of another? No way! But as I said before, I am a rebel spirit and as I said then and now like Frank sang, "I did it my way".

When I was 17 and in the Army, the doctors wanted to cut one of my lungs out. I said no way, I will die with all my parts. They even threatened to court-martial me for disobeying a direct order. But I was not going to let it happen.

At age thirty, a lung specialist said if I had the lung disorder I described to them, that there was no sign of it now. They told me at the time if I lived to be 25 I would be in an iron lung.

So you see I have always been a rebel and am here breathing air on terra to tell about it. Just because those people have been well educated according to popular thought from the "best Universities", they are only human and cannot predict the future. But that’s another story for another time.

My journey was interesting and I still claim that cancer was the best thing that ever happened to me. It woke me up out of my passivity and gave me focus and energy and an awareness of my character.

I was very proud to have embraced death as I gained my freedom from religion and so much more. Fear is what our Earth Mother cannot abide, she rewards courage and independence. I live my life as I see and walk my path as I am led by her wisdom.

Life goes on within you and without you so we need to live life while it is here. Cancer good or bad it is, as all of life, in how you look at it. For me it was very good and taught me much about myself. After all, it matters to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey that matters in the end.

Listen to your body & your intuition

You have to listen to your body. All people are different and if you touch mama she will not let you down. If you show her a pure heart and she knows you are serious then she will lead you down your own path. Even if you die in a week or a month or a year it is not a bad thing. I was ready, I faced it and did not fear the reaper.

I see the other side as another step in the journey of life. It is the promise of birth, we cannot run nor hide from it.

Tell people not to listen to humans but trust their intuition, trust their nature and trust Mother, she really does know best.

My brother’s cancer journey

My little brother was diagnosed last week with lymphoma and sent me this site today. My brother is insisting that he needs to use all he can to fight the cancer so he will begin his chemo Monday and though I have talked to him about this, it is his path to walk but I will be here to support him.

He has begun the veggie diet and is drinking a mixture of violet leaf, red clover blossoms, golden seal and chapparal. His attitude as well as that of his wife and daughters has done a 180 and they are positive and showing affection as I have not seen since their union 20 years ago.

I had a dream about 20 years ago and I saw my brother hanging from a rope or something around his neck choking him and I was standing under him with my arms wrapped around his legs trying to hold him up. But the water that appeared about me was rising and was up to my neck but I refused to let go and I awoke crying.

Maybe this is what that dream symbolized: I have to hold on to him and not let him go. I have lost a brother and a sister already to cancer. My sister told me she didn't like that stuff, referring to the veggie diet and the herb tea. Tumors in the lung. My brother it was tumors in the colon, he said he was too far gone for my treatment to help him. I was just lucky he said.

But before he passed he told another sister he was living with that he wished he could have listened to me and was strong enough to take that path.

It is sad when you have a cup of cool fresh water and someone you love is dying of thirst. You feel isolated and useless.

Update October 2007:

Progress is certain for my little brother. I told you he was diagnosed with lymphoma a little more than a month ago. Well he floundered a little and the docs had him scared and he did consider chemo. But they screwed up and decided to change his protocol and not inform him until he arrived and the doctor was nowhere to be found nor did he contact my brother until the next day about this.

So Don sought another doctor and they came up with a plan to take only the radiation in the radiation-chop the other doctor wanted to give him. So he took one treatment along with several bottles of sodium bicarbonate.

But he has decided no more he will go the regimen I have set him on and will take no more chemo. He says as long as he feels this good why should he take the chemo. So I am elated. My baby brother Don will live many more years and be able to see his daughters graduate college and get married and bounce his grandchildren on his knee. So life is good in my world.

Living today

I am now 54 years old and enjoy good health and travel each winter to South America. Last year I spent two months in Brazil hiking the amazon jungle and telling My Earth Mother how wonderful she is and how thankful I am for her and the beauty of life that surrounds me.

I visited the rain forests of Brazil last winter, I do not do cold. This started a couple of years ago while reclining on a beach on the island of Hydra while visiting Greece. I decided life was too short to make yourself bored. Why work so much and play so little?

The following winter I rented an apartment off the coast of West Mexico, a city named Manzanillo, a lovely port city with lovely beaches and people. I did lots of snorkeling and swimming in the ocean, it is so healing.

This past year I opted for Brazil and the jungle. I hiked through dense underbrush along the river and up a mountain as well as snorkeling in a river that showed a wide assortment of beautiful marine life as well as a few reptiles. Oh yea a little scary. But adventure is what makes life worth living. I am not afraid to die but also not afraid to live.

This next winter I will be taking the grand tour. I will begin in Mexico. From the border town of Juarez I will take the bus south and stay a day or two at a few small towns, whichever catch my eye at the time. And go south from there. I found a nice place to rent near a lake in Guatemala and may stay there a few weeks. But I plan to bus as far as Lima, Peru, with the exception of Panama into Columbia. You have to fly or take a boat to Columbia. It shall prove an interesting journey.

I will get that closeness to Mother that always makes me feel as though I am her favorite child. She will show me her most intimate beauty and I will be in awe of her magnificence as I am each day that I awake breathing air.

I believe she protects me so well because I do love her and respect her and worship her alone. This is why I do not like any religion because they look for a new heaven and new earth and the reality is that this is the only REAL EARTH, and if they do not appreciate this one, what makes them think they will appreciate a new one?

I do not worry about mankind's unfaithfulness to Mother because whatever they do to her she will survive, mankind may not but mother will develop another species and perhaps they will give due homage to their true God. So much for my Sunday morning sermon.

If you have further questions or comments I would be happy to correspond. I would be very happy to help anyone that wishes, and by all means, you can use my name, I am not ashamed of my life nor the path I travel. Of course you can add my e-mail if someone wants to chat. I am often friendly. My life is an open book and I enjoy telling of experiences. robin11drAThotmail.com

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1 Garlic, onion and other Allium vegetables have indeed been demonstrated to have anti-cancer benefits, and an inverse relationship between carrot consumption and the risk of certain cancers has been discovered as well, with some studies showing a cancer-protective effect of carrots such as against stomach and lung cancer. See

Effect of Carrot Intake in the Prevention of Gastric Cancer: A Meta-Analysis (this study showed an inverse relationship between carrot consumption and stomach cancer risk);

Is carrot consumption associated with a decreased risk of lung cancer? A meta-analysis of observational studies (this study involving some 200,000 individuals found that eating carrots may lower lung cancer risk);

Carrots, green vegetables and lung cancer: a case-control study (smokers who ate no carrots had a three-fold risk of developing lung cancer compared with those who consumed carrots more than once a week).

Also see the book "Curing Cancer With Carrots" listed under Inspirational cancer victors' first-person accounts in book format.

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