Spiritual inspiration and cancer remission

excerpted from Ingrid Naiman’s www.cancersalves.com/checklist/spirit.html

“Permanent cure entails the discovery of the magic and mystery that make life inspiring. As I reflect on the people I know who have been truly cured, not people who have survived or experienced long remissions but people who are really free of cancer, I see that all are functioning at a higher level of insight and creativity than before their illness.

Many achieved their breakthroughs suddenly as a result of what might be called revelation; others achieved this gradually through spiritual practices that raised their focus from, to quote another author, 'the mundane to the magnificent.' I personally believe that there is a transcendental aspect to these quantum shifts of consciousness and that the focus entails a shift from overabsorption in the self to a greater level of selflessness and commitment to love.”

Compare Near Death Experience Followed By Cancer Healing and in a less esoteric vein, eminent alternative & conventional cancer treatment researcher Lothar Hirneise’s insight that "There is no spontaneous remission, there are only people who positively changed their life and regained their health that way.".

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